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Angela Koch, CEO Of The U.S. Money Reserve reveals one of the greatest ROIs for her company is investing in their employees.

Angela Koch is the sole female CEO in the precious metals industry, currently leading the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Reserve is a private distributor specializing in U.S. government-issued platinum, silver, gold, and legal tender from the U.S. mint. It has been helping and has already served over 500,000 clients, over the years.

Koch, drawing on wisdom gained during her own inspirational journey, believes in making the employees an asset of the company. Koch believes that a lot of organizations only focus on sales and marketing without any invested interest in their employees growing in knowledge and personal development. For Koch, that is where it all begins. She believes in inspiring her employees to be more than just a voice on the phone.

One of the first things Koch’s company tells her employees is that when they come to work, they will learn all of the company’s material, how to run a system and how to better serve their customers’ needs in order to meet and exceed those needs to the highest extent.

Koch strongly believes that investing in and taking care of her employees, allowing them to develop professionally and personally, will bring a great return on investment and improve the company overall.

Her journey to becoming CEO

Koch, without completing her degree, had to drop out of college due to her personal experiences. Koch got married and had her first child soon after she left college. Her now ex-husband was spending a lot of time teaching classes to further his career as a club pro. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

This left Koch in a position where she had to work and take the responsibilities of home. She struggled to find her way, but she never gave up. She took on two, even three jobs at a time, working for various electrical companies, pharmacies, and even a Jewish Foundation.

No matter where she was working, Koch took it upon herself to learn everything she could about every industry she worked with. While working at KLA-Tencor where she was in charge of acquisitions, mergers, and strategic planning, she met a coworker who asked for her help in certifying his ranch for non-hormone treated cattle.

While Koch was going through the processes and drawing up the documentation, Koch realized that defining a process and using technology to put that process within customer service was her passion. It was after that defining moment that Koch transitioned to working for the U.S. Money Reserve, eventually earning her way to a role as CEO of the company.

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