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Overfull inboxes are a common issue for many workers. Up to 28% of a workweek can be used in sorting through email. Unroll Me is a tool that can help workers sift through the email and get back on track.

It is a free service that will unsubscribe users from recurring emails. When we browse websites, we often give out our email to get access or free products. This can result in hundreds of unwanted emails, and Unroll Me has an easy to use process to get off these lists.

Users give email information, and the software will scan through the emails that you are subscribed to. Then, it gives you a list for you to go through. You can choose the email notifications you want Unroll Me to unsubscribe you from scrolling through and checking the boxes. If there are any that you want to stay subscribed to, then you also have that option.

Those that you want to stay subscribed to become part of a roll-up, which is a daily email that you can read that condenses the information and saves your inbox space. You can choose whether you receive this email in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Unroll Me also offers a service where it will periodically email you, updating you on how many subscription email services you are a part of.

Unroll Me is a solution to one of the most common problems in the modern work world– emails that you don’t want to read, or don’t have time to read. What could have taken hours in following links or sending unsubscribe emails now takes only a few seconds. Link the service with your email account, and see all of those pesky email subscriptions out of your inbox in a matter of clicks. Best of all, the service is free for everyone.


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