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Vinod Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group. He is a self-made man with an incredible story to tell. He managed to turn a $100 loan from the bank into a viable and highly successful business that sold for $680 million dollars.

His company at that time filled a need for businesses looking to connect to other businesses in marketing. His company was InfoUSA which specializes in marketing data and targeted lists for salespeople.

In addition to InfoUSA, Vinod Gupta acquired other information technology companies.
His current company is an investment firm. They offer venture capital for new technology companies. They also buy businesses and use IT to make them successes.

Originally from India, Vinod Gupta studied technology at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. He went on to study agricultural engineering and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in technology. After relocating to the U.S., he earned a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA from the University of Nebraska.

Vinod started his career as the marketing research manager at The Commodore Corporation, a mobile home manufacturing company in Omaha. In his position as a marketing research manager, he discovered the lack of data available and started compiling lists useful for salespeople to contact other companies for business.
He soon founded his first company which was Business Research Services & American Business Lists. The company’s services grew in demand and popularity with salespeople and small business customers.

Today, Vinod Gupta spends his time with long-term planning for the future. When asked for advice to help young entrepreneurs, he suggests market testing whenever considering new products, ideas, or technologies. He also notes the importance of being very frugal with funds when you are running a startup business. The whole goal is to make money and expand the business. It’s important to be knowledgeable about cash-flow.

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