What a Hillary Clinton Nomination Means for Moms of Little Girls

On Tuesday, June 7, Hillary Clinton officially became the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. For the first time in our nation’s history, voters will have the option of choosing a woman for President. Say what you will about Hillary – love her, hate her, or just wish there were different choices – this is a big deal, and people are taking notice. You can read more at www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hillary-clinton-2016_us_57578847e4b08f74f6c09657.

I grew up being told I could be anything I set my mind to – a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut. I had parents who believed in me and supported my dreams. Luckily, most of the professions I dreamed of holding had wonderful examples of strong, competent women who had already been there. What strikes me today are all the little girls who over time have dreamed of being President. Did they have people who told them they could be the first? Or were they surrounded with people pointing to the glass ceiling, telling them they could be anything they wanted to be – as long as it wasn’t President, because that is just out of a woman’s reach.

Tonight I will put my own two daughters to bed. Two young women with amazing potential, who haven’t even begun to dream all their dreams. I will kiss them and tell them to dream big, because ANYTHING is possible. Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, one thing is for sure – at least now history will be there to back up my belief.