What EOS Did to Beat Chapstick

EOS is the second best-selling lip balm in the world, beating both Chapstick and Blistex for the top spot. Evolution of Smooth is a relatively new brand, bu they nonetheless made a fierce impression when they hit the market. Today, the brand sells more than 1 million orbs of lip balm weekly, earning their spot at number two.

Many people wonder how a brand like EOS lip balm could come and sweep Chapstick off the charts, but it isn’t hard to tell that the brand delivered a product that customers wanted. Chapstick led the lip balm charts for so long because there wasn’t any competition. When EOS came along, it was refreshing to get a new product. Customers wanted something different; something that made them feel modern and appealing. EOS brought flavorful lip balms made with natural ingredients to life, and women couldn’t be any happier with that delivery.

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EOS is a fun, lively brand that devotes their time to their products, and delivering what consumers want. You can survive only if you give the people what they want! EOS uses high-quality ingredients in their lip balms, but doesn’t increase the cost. And, since there’s no harsh or harmful ingredient inside, users can get their lip fix any time, without worry. The brand listens to and engages with customers and consumers, and always keeps the fun in beauty that should always be there! Visit the Evolutionofsmooth.ca website or Amazon.com to purchase EOS products online.