Why Evolution Of Smooth Has Take Over The Lip Balm Market

Millennial Women Made It Happen

Evolution of Smooth is currently one of the most popular brands among Millennials in general. Not only is it an exceptionally popular brand of lip balm it has even expanded beyond this title to compete with brands from entirely unrelated industries. There is something about EOS that Millennials, particularly the young women that EOS targets, strongly identify with. The idea behind Evolution of Smooth, targeting Millennial women, was a risky one, but it has proven successful as far as anyone can see.

Taking Social Media Storm

Much of the success of EOS relies on the witty marketing campaigns the company relies on. Founded in 2007, EOS lip balm was created during the dawn of the social media age. They quickly latched onto the likes of websites and apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram early on to reach their target demographic on their own territory. Millennials aren’t particularly fond of television or other traditional media outlets. Reaching them requires a strong focus on online hangout spots. Just like celebrities are reaching their fans primarily through their social media these days, EOS is reaching its fans through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Expanding Beyond Lip Balm

The lip balm market simply isn’t enough for EOS. They are actively pursuing the expansion of the Evolution of Smooth brand into other areas of the personal care market to solidify their overall brand popularity. There are now EOS lotions and shaving creams for their loyal customers to pick up along with their favorite lip balms. The same appeal of EOS’ lip balm applies to their other personal care products. All ingredients used are natural and there are never any animal byproducts included. In seven short years EOS has managed to take the lip balm industry by storm. They have taken over the shelves of major realtors such as Walgreens, Target, Well and Walmart. Millennial women have found something that represents who they are and it looks like they aren’t giving it up anytime soon.

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