Bizarre Environmental Trends: Pink Slugs, Jelly Lakes and Sick Butterflies

In California, the Hopkins’ Rose nudibranch (sea slug) has a population that correlates to ocean temperatures. But lately, these spiny, hot pink little blobs have experienced a rise in numbers and been found in northern waters outside their normal habitats. The nudibranchs favor warm water, and the water’s getting warmer thanks to a number of different causes.

As I’ve seen from Lee G. Lovett’s trips to California, the beaches enjoy warm and lively waters. However, some regions suffer water that barely sustains life at all. Thanks to acid precipitation killing fish and destroying calcium all over North America, many lakes now play host to jelly-coated organisms with low calcium requirements and resistance to acid.

In the air a literal butterfly effect has taken place among monarchs. These beautiful lepidopterans migrate annually to breed amongst milkweed plants. But a combination of decreased annual milkweed and increased tropical milkweed in home gardens have stalled migratory patterns.

Lacking the struggle of travel, weaker specimens stick around in the gene pool and all those butterflies congregating in one place turn a butterfly breeding ground into a haven for parasites. Sedentary monarchs suffer infections at five times the rate as their traveling counterparts.

The Antique Wine Company

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For some individuals who do not know exactly what to purchase, The Antique Wine Company provides something that is known as a Grand Chateau Series. All of these come with handcrafted wine cabinets that are designed to hold 18 bottles of specific wines, most of which were crafted between the 20th and 21st century. There are different models available from The Antique Wine Company, with 141 consecutive vintages that start all the way back in 1868. This way, it is possible for such a wine collector to sample different wines from nearly 150 consecutive years. This really is an amazing thing to do as a person, especially someone who has a refined pallet for their wine, is able to identify how the wine has evolved over the years, in terms of complexity, aroma, flavor, body and other elements of the wine.

Now, The Antique Wine Company also focuses on providing the very best individual wines in the world as well, and it recently set a record for the most expensive bottle of wine, which it sold for 75,000 pounds for the individual bottle.

Worried Parents and Unvaccinated Schoolmates

Journalist Tamar Lewin described one Californian father concerned over the continued health of his formerly leukemia-stricken son. Though in remission, this 6-year-old boy must attend school while unvaccinated, risking the chance of gaining the measles or the whooping cough from other unvaccinated schoolmates. Many parents are oblivious to the risk, seeing as they willingly choose to leave their children unvaccinated. In this article, Carl Krawitt’s opinion on his son’s environment posing a life-threatening danger is made known.

Carl Krawitt made an understandable stance in his opinion regarding vaccination. He wants his children safe and healthy, and he would willingly vaccinate all his children, if only his son was able to receive vaccination. As Bernardo Chua understands it, the news of the measles outbreak came from Disneyland. Worry turned to fear, and Krawitt transformed into a powerless dictator, speaking out about unvaccinated children.

The other side, where parents refuse to vaccinate their children, posed a compelling argument against the treatment. All parents with newborns have heard about normal, well-functioning children turning autistic after receiving their measles vaccinations. These parents care about the safety and health of their children as well. They simply believe differently than Krawitt.

Krawitt has suffered much already, but he has no authority to dictate how other parents medicate their children.

Parents Outraged by Elementary School Authorities Requiring Their Children to Drop Their Pants for and Inspection


What possible reason does a school official have for requiring a student to drop their pants for an apparent inspection? None! Parents in Gustine, TX are outraged, and rightfully so, over the fact that their elementary school aged children were told to do just that.

Someone with an obvious behavioral problem has been smearing feces on the gym floor at Gustine Elementary School. And, for some ludicrous reason, some of the school staffers who were fed up with the offensive violation of school property decided it was fitting to require students to drop their pants for an “inspection.” What evidence had they hoped to find by degrading these young American citizens, we are in America folks, is beyond me.

11-year old Eliza Medina is one of the students who the school so maliciously violated. When speaking with reporters, she said “I felt uncomfortable and I didn’t want to do it.

Parents teach their children to be wary of strangers, hopefully they still do at least. But, it’s a real shame that parents now must also tell their children to also be cautious of school authorities. Parents, please talk to your kids, and make them intensely aware that they have the right to refuse to do anything deemed inappropriate that is asked of them, by anyone. Sergio Lins Andrade says refuse, and ask to speak to your parents immediately. Learn to question authority, especially when you are innocent.

FreedomPop Is A Great Way To Save

I live on my cell phone, and I also have a tablet, a laptop, and a smart TV. I need the internet in my home constantly, because I’m always on one mobile device or another. It got worse when I purchased a smart TV, because then I wanted to stream movies through my TV, so I could watch them when I got home from work. I am very tech savvy, and I had joined a company that was supposed to give me unlimited internet. Things changed over time, and unlimited internet became only a few hundred gigabytes a month.

I figured that I could live within the means of my limitations, and even with my excessive internet use, I never went over my limit. My problem was, my bill was still pretty high for the internet, and each month the price changed. I never got the same price for any two months, even though I was with the company for one year. I was not very happy about the price changes, and I never could get a straight answer, as to why the price kept fluctuating. I decided it was time for a change, after my contract was up. My company did beg me to stay though.

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