Jury Returns with Verdict In

Retired Navy SEAL and “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were only trying to help the very troubled Eddie Ray Routh, when the former Marine shot and killed both men. On February 2, 2013, at the request of Routh’s mother, Kyle and Littlefield invited Routh to join them at the Rough Creek Lodge and Resort shooting range for some recreational shooting and to talk to the distressed vet about his PTSD. Aware that Routh was suffering from some traumatic issues, Kyle had no idea how deeply disturbed Routh really was when he described him as “straight-up nuts” in a message he sent to Littlefield.

Routh knew that what he was doing that day was wrong, when he turned on Kyle and Littlefield at the shooting range. Jurors in Routh’s murder trial disagreed with the defense’s claim that he was insane at the time of the shootings andhanded down a guilty verdict. The capital murder conviction mandates an automatic life sentence for the 27-year old Routh since the prosecution removed the option of the death penalty from the case.

Routh was clearly traumatized from his service in Iraq and also from the time he spent in Haiti in 2010 following the destructive earthquake that struck the region. However, his mental disorders, agitated by his drug and alcohol abuse, did not cause him to loose site of his judgment between right and wrong. Routh told a police lieutenant that he had, “taken a couple of souls and had more souls to take.” It’s quite possible Routh may have taken even more lives if he hadn’t been caught quickly said juror Gianfrancesco Genoso.

How You Wash Your Dishes May Contribute To Allergies

A new study that was recently published by the Journal Of Pediatrics has suggested that parents who choose to wash their daily dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher may actually be lowering the risk that their child could develop allergies. The thought process is that children who are protected from bacteria by way of sanitized items ensures that they will not be susceptible to immune intolerances later on according to experts like Flavio Maluf.

One thousand children were followed in Sweden and certain behaviors were followed such as whether or not parents purchased eggs farm fresh or from the store, was milk pasteurized or not and where did meat come from. Fermented foods which contain high levels of beneficial probiotic bacteria was also followed. One of these other factors that was followed was whether or not parents in those homes washed dishes by hand or not.

It was discovered that in households where dishes were hand washed, children had less allergic symptoms over time. These allergies included sinus symptoms as well as eczema and asthma. While it cannot be determined exactly if this process is what affected the statistic but sanitizing dishes by hand could leave behind bacteria that might actually be beneficial when consumed back into the body later on.

Alaska has gone to pot!

Alaska, which is known to be a conservative leaning state, has most recently joined Colorado and Washington in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Alaskans aged 21 or older may now grow, and carry marijuana, although smoking it in public and selling or buying the product remains illegal.

This rural area will undoubtedly be viewing marijuana plants in local gardens. Six plants are allowed of which three can be flowering. Although marijuana cannot be sold it can be shared or exchanged with other adults of legal age. Harvested marijuana, or pot as it is also referred to, is limited to one ounce for legal possession.

The Justice Department is looking into potentially positive aspects of Alaska’s legalization of marijuana. An article in Reuters discusses the potential drop in drug related crimes including selling to children . Local law enforcement emphasizes the importance of public safety and ticketing those driving under the influence of drugs said Genoso.

Legalizing marijuana is a major victory for recreational users, and if all goes well the State regulators will be drafting rules on the taxation and sales of marijuana. The result would be a new and legitimate source of jobs and income. The success of this new law may lead to business applications to sell marijuana in February 2016.

Michigan Doctor Refuses To Treat Newborn Because Parents Are lesbians

Couple Hand Picked The Doctor Months Before But The Doctor Changed Her Mind

The power of religious beliefs makes people do strange things said Brad Reifler. Even doctors aren’t immune to the idealistic separation that some church members practice. Doctors take an oath to serve the people regardless of their beliefs, but religion tends to get in the way of common sense at times. When it does, the oath becomes only lip service.Jami and Krista Contreras found that out recently when they took their 6-day-old baby to a doctor they had picked from a group of doctors before their baby was born. This particular doctor was their first choice because she took a holistic approach and used probiotics and natural oils.

The doctor who agreed to treat the baby changed her mind the day of the first visit because she “prayed” on it and decided she couldn’t treat a baby with two mothers. The doctor knew months ago that Jami and Krista were lesbians, but for some reason “praying” changed her mind.

She defended her actions by explaining how she is a loving doctor who cares. Really? Sound like Dr. Roi is very selective in her caring. The Contreras’s baby is just a baby. She has no particular sexual preference.

Scott Walker Says He Doesn’t Know If Obama Is Christian

Scott Walker, widely considered to be a top tier candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2016 has said that he is not sure if Obama is Christian. He also says that he believes that it is questions like that which make people dislike the media.

Basically, Walker does not want to have to answer the question about Obama’s faith. He probably fears that saying Obama is a Christian will anger some in his base. At the same time, saying that Obama is not a Christian could draw criticism.

Bloomberg.com goes on to report that Walker says that he does not believe the issue is important at all. He says that you could go to Wisconsin and ask one-hundred people about this question and none would find the issue to be important. He does not want to speak on it and would rather answer other questions.

Bernardo Chua believes that this kind of question has grabbed more attention in large part because of comments made by Rudolph Giuliani that he believes Obama does not love America. It has opened up a new round of Republicans having to answer the tough questions about what exactly it is that they believe about the President. Scott Walker may not be interested in answering such questions, but he can only blame others in his party like Giuliani for having to face this issue right now. It is something that is still developing right now.

Textor Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed

The lawsuit filed against John Textor and his colleagues from Digital Domain has been dismissed by a judge in Superior Court because the suit did not have any real merit. The suits were filed by a law firm that is known for filing against executives, and Textor was accused of fraud and negligence. This was first brought to us by PR Web, and the suit is one that was sitting underneath the surface of Hollywood as it slowed down the works for many productions.

These lawsuits all seemed to be copies of one another, and lawyers for Textor saw that they were often just carbon copies that were designed to make it hard for Textor’s lawyers to fight all of them. This is a victory for people who are fighting in court for their reputation, and Textor was able to come out on the other side with his reputation in tact.

When people are taken to court by phony lawyers, they need to remember that this is the story of someone who was able to get from under these terrible accusations.

The Dorchester Collection becomes a World leader under Christopher Cowdray

Becoming the Chief Executive Officer of a chain of luxury hotels may seem like a difficult thing to do for many hotel managers, but Christopher Cowdray has accepted the challenge of turning a group of individual luxury hotels into a recognizable chain. Educated at Columbia University in business management, the Zimbabwe born CEO quickly headed up the ladder of the luxury hotel industry and was promoted from his position as the manager of The Dorchester in London to his current role in 2007. Cowdray was charged with the task of creating a single brand identity for the Dorchester Collection and overseeing the expansion of the chain across the globe.

Cowdray has taken his task and developed the Dorchester Collection brand with relish, overseeing the brand to become known around the World as the individual identity of each hotel was maintained for guests to enjoy. Cowdray has developed a number of luxury options for guests and sees the individual service provided by each member of staff from himself to the back of house staff in each hotel as important in creating the perfect atmosphere. Understanding individual guests needs has become a major part of the process Cowdray has undertaken as he looked to create a brand known for providing the best in customer service in a crowded and growing marketplace. Fighting the growing trend for luxury boutique hotels, Cowdray understand the needs of the individual are always the most important aspect of a great hotel stay, which can mean lowering air conditioning temperatures for certain guests and providing iPad’s for room service options.

The brand developed by Christoper Cowdray will also be guarded by the CEO as he hopes to make sure the identity and luxury status of the Dorchester Collection is protected into the future. Cowdray believes to many luxury hotel brands have set about an expansion plan that sees their hotels located in areas that do not suit the needs of the brand or the traveler. The Dorchester Collection will only move into markets customers wish to enter and at a rate that maintains the highest levels of luxury and service.

The Vision Of Vijay Eswaran

The vision of Vijay Esawaran is one that goes far beyond managing a large business. It is a vision that goes to the heart of the needs of society. Asia is the most populous continent on Earth, and it is a place where many people are wanting for jobs. Vijay Eswaran knows that these people need all the help they can get, and he started a company that provides them with jobs they can do from their own homes.

The Assistance

When people are being assisted in finding a job, they simply start an account with QNET. QNET produces all of the products that the workers sell. The workers purchase all the products from the company, and the workers sell the products on their own. These daily use products are easy for people to sell in their communities, and they can sell them for a 100% markup. This means that the people who are working for the company make a good profit on each item.

The Business

When people are managing their own business, they will find that they can sell their products for any price they like. They are going to decide how much money they can make, and they can discount products when they know that they need to make some money. This is just like managing a large store, and that is why QNET works so well.

Vijay Eswaran knew that the growing population of Asia was going to need jobs, and the lack of industry in some places was going to make it hard for people to prosper in their own hometowns. Vijay Eswaran gave these people jobs that are going to make it much easier for them to make money. They can easily work on their own schedule, work with their family and support their community in many ways.

Are Your Dollar Store Products Safe?

Probably not, is the answer to the title question. After a new report by The Campaign for Healthier Solutions was released, consumers discovered most of their favorite Dollar Store purchases are not safe.  That includes toys, household items, school supplies and jewelry.

The various types of Dollar Stores that have popped up across the nation has been an answer to prayers for many consumer who are struggling to make ends meet as consumer advocate Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG has noticed for quite sometime . A dollar for this and a dollar for that has allowed many families to have the basic essentials and even a few treats. Now we are finding out our dollar was buying much more than we bargained for, it was also purchasing toxins that can cause a variety of illnesses.
One of the main toxins discovered in the Dollar Store items is called phthalates. A dangerous chemical that has been linked to birth defects, cancer and diabetes. Polyvinyl chloride plastic is another dangerous toxin found in many of the Dollar Store products, polyvinyl chloride plastic has been linked to asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Powerball Winners Split Half-Billion Dollar Prize

Three lucky people will have to split a half-billion dollar prize from the Powerball.

They were the winners of the lottery on Wednesday evening and officials said the winners were identified in North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico, although it is too early to know their identities. Twitter.com has already been blowing up about the news.According to Paul Mathieson, the winning numbers were 25, 11, 54, 13, 39 and Powerball 19. According to Texas officials, the lottery tickets was sold at the Appletree supermarket, a Food Mart in Princeton, located 50 miles northwest of Dallas.

The lottery reached a value in cash of $381 million, representing the fifth largest prize awarded in US history.

The award was growing in the last two weeks because there has been no winner.

Experts estimate that each of the winners will receive a prize equivalent to about $ 175 million each.

If they ask for a lump sum payment, each winner would get $ 101,626,000 – before taxes.
Another option is to order 30 annuities that may be change over time, as prescribed in the regulations of the Multistate Lottery Association.

The Powerball is played in 44 states, including Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.