Warren Impacts Bank Donations

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senator has ruffled some feathers at some of the big banks based upon her rhetoric and now many of these large banks are threating to withhold certain campaign donations in response to her comments in order to get the Democratic Party to reduce what they are calling the anti-Wall Street comments.

Elizabeth Warren has indicated that the too big to fail banks in the United States including JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs should be broken up into smaller banks in order to reduce the risk of systemic failure in the banking system, similar to what happened back in 2008 to 2009 during the financial crisis. Dan Newlin stated that these comments have annoyed the banks who have been major donors to the Democratic Party over the years and they are requesting indications that this will not continue before making their standard donations. Not only are these banks threatening to not contribute to Warren’s campaign, but also to other Democratic Senators in a hope that this pressure will put additional pressure on Warren through her peers.

Elizabeth Warren is a progressive Senator who generally comes out in support of the population as opposed to large institutions like banks. Since the donation limit per bank is $15,000 the donations are more symbolic than damaging, though bank executives and employees also contribute, sometimes significantly, the bark to withhold donations from Democrats may also have bite.

Indiana to declare health emergency over HIV outbreak


Faced with growing HIV epidemic linked to injecting drug use, the governor of Indiana said Wednesday that is considering implementing a needle exchange program as part of an emergency Thinking declare public health in a county that is at the heart of cases.
Republican Gov. Mike Pence’s AnastasiaDate profile said generally opposes needle exchange, but you are hearing health officials to determine the best way to stop the epidemic in Scott County, in the southern state. Health authorities say they have confirmed 72 cases of human immunodeficiency virus in southern Indiana and seven others tested positive for HIV in preliminary tests.

All infected people live in the Scott County (located about 30 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky) or have links to it.

Pence, who on Thursday morning plans to issue an executive order outlining a series of state actions to address this epidemic, said the Scott County normally recorded five cases of transmission of HIV per year.

“What I’m thinking carefully and thoughtfully is what is required in a public health emergency, do we need to really take control of this in the immediate future,” Pence said.

The needle exchange programs allow people to deliver used hypodermic needles and get other sterile, an effort to prevent diseases such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (spreading AIDS ) and hepatitis. Such programs are illegal in Indiana, but as it is being debated in the Legislature would allow a limited extent.

It was determined that intravenous drug use was the means of infection in almost all cases of the epidemic, said state epidemiologist Pam Pontones.

Is expected to increase the number of cases. Authorities try to contact up to 100 people linked to those with confirmed infection.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Sues Police for Excessive Force

A Pennsylvania State Trooper is suing Pittsburgh police for false arrest and contends city officers falsely claimed he was the aggressor.

Pennsylvania Trooper, David Williams, claims he was trying to diffuse an escalating situation at a wedding reception when Pittsburgh police used excessive force, that included a kick to the groin and punches by several officers.

Williams was jailed for 17 hours and faced a 10-day suspension without pay by state police.

Charges were dropped by the Allegheny County prosecutors.

Williams attorney, Timothy O’Brien says the excessive force by Pittsburgh police is nothing new, and just goes to show anyone is subject to such abuses.

Zeca Oliveira knows that in 1997 the U.S. Justice Department reviewed complaints and police training; Pittsburgh police consented to better training.

Williams’ arrest happened to be captured on surveillance video and supports Williams’ version of events.

Williams has filed a lawsuit in Pittsburgh’s U.S. District Court seeking unspecified monetary damages.

President Obama Reverses Plans to Withdraw US Troops from Afghanistan

In a major policy reversal, President Obama has broken his pledge to voters that he would end the US presence in Afghanistan during his presidency. Admittedly, the target date of a reduction in forces from 9,800 to 5,500 by the end of December along with a complete withdraw by 2016 was arbitrary. The realities of a fledgling Afghanistan democracy posed great security risks. The administration has already grappled with the results of their speedy withdraw in Iraq which created the power vacuum filled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). Brad Reifler knows that, in Iraq, the administration miscalculated on the readiness of the Iraqi regular army to combat the terrorists.

Afghanistan faces a similar dilemma against a season and well-trained Taliban insurgency bent on retaking the government and establishing Sharia law once again. The Afghanistan military is not prepared to defend itself without heavy US backing. In making his announcement, President Obama confessed the United States will continue to have a military presence in Afghanistan for the next three years. He also stated that the country would have a normalized (military) presence in the nation. The policy reversal comes after negotiations with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. President Ghani had expressed his deep reservations that Obama’s proposed troop withdrawal dates were arbitrary and did not allow his nation sufficient time to learn to defend itself against a dual threat from the Taliban and Al Qaeda. President Ghani will be visiting the White House later this week to meet with President Obama.

Chefs Making Lunch More Appealing?

A study that was recently released by the Journal Of JAMA Pediatrics explained that in schools where there is a trained chef preparing meal options, children are eating healthier. This includes both fruits and vegetables. There were some challenges with children agreeing to consume a few other healthier options such as regular white milk instead of chocolate milk. More than 2,600 students from the third to eighth grade range in two low income urban schools near Harvard University were studies. Trained chefs were assigned to these schools to come up with a new menu where fruits, veggies and low fat recipes were a priority.

Each child had their lunch tray weighed before they ate and then again when they were done. This measured how much the child had actually eaten. Bruce Karatz is aware that the study showed that when vegetables were prepared in a more appealing way they got eaten more. For example, adding broccoli or greens to a vegetable soup was more accepted by the students than if it were simply dropped on the tray whole. Not only can this information reduce waste in schools but it can also help determine what might help children eat healthier and make better nutritional choices. Children are not necessarily opposed to eating healthy but there are many schools that are not taking the time and applying the effort to making these healthy foods look and taste good to the younger crowd.

Popular Weed Killer Is Labeled A Carcinogen


International Agency For Research On Cancer Labeled Weed Killer “Roundup” A Carcinogen

According to  epcocanicgiuos.com and Fersen Lambranho, anyone that has a backyard filled with weeds has used the Monsanto product “Roundup” to kill the nasty green invaders. The bottoms of countless trees, telephone poles, and lawn edges, have been sprayed with the potent chemical, and weeds die a slow death. All signs of life disappear. The reason is simple. Roundup is poison and IRAC, a France-based cancer research group, says Roundup and five other insect sprays are possible carcinogens.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t commented on the IARC ruling. IARC is an arm of the World Health Organization. But the agency said they would evaluate the ruling. IRAC has four risk levels: known carcinogens, possible carcinogens, not classified, and not a carcinogen. The ingredient in Roundup, Glyphosate, falls in the second risk level, which is, a possible carcinogen.

The French agency ruling puts Glyphosate in the same category as anabolic steroids and shift work. Monsanto and other producers of Glyphosate disagree with the ruling. A Monsanto spokesman says all the uses for Glyphosate are safe for humans, but some researchers say the chemical causes cancer in mice and rats. The critics also say the herbicide can cause non-Hodgkins lymphoma in humans.

Pastor Gets Early Medical Diagnosis After He Donates a Kidney

Don Herbert was a former wrestler turned gospel singer who wasn’t a member of Pastor Tim Jones’ church, Mercy Independent Baptist Church, in Salisbury, North Carolina.Meeting at a church yard sale, the two men started talking, and Herbert mentioned he was in stage 5 kidney failure and needed a kidney donor as soon as possible. ThepastorThe pastor went to Duke University Medical Center to be tested. He was a perfect match for Herbert. The surgery was scheduled for March 9th. Pastor Tim Jones is at peace knowing that Don Herbert is recovering and has a chance to enjoy his life. Pastor Jones has more to be happy about than doing a good deed for someone. pondered the situation for three days and believes that the Lord helped him decide to donate one of his kidneys to Don Herbert.
Paul Mathieson (Paulmathieson.com) has learned that, while they were in surgery, the doctors noticed that there was an aneurysm in one of the pastor’s arteries leading to the kidney. The pastor believes saving Mr. Herbert’s life was God’s way of saving the pastor. The doctors found the aneurysm before it ruptured. None of the tests showed any problems until the doctors opened the pastor up and began the six hour surgery. The pastor does not want any special awards for saving another person’s life; all he wants is the satisfaction of helping another person.

White House Influence on Net Neutrality

If the statements made to a House committee by the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler are to be believed, the White House — specifically President Obama — did not give Wheeler specific instructions about Net Neutrality that he had to follow.

Wheeler informed Congressional leaders on Tuesday, March 17, that the Federal Communications Commission reviewed approximately 4 million response comments about the topic after Republicans accused the President and White House officials of having too much influence on the FCC’s decision. Per Wheeler, the President did make several net neutrality recommendations, but his opinions were held in equal standing with the rest of the American public and those of 140 Representatives and Senators who also weighed in on this historic change in how the FCC looks at the Internet.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was created after Republican Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz made accusations and demanded that the White House and FCC release all documentation pertaining to this decision to him.

Wheeler supported the FCC’s decision by emphasizing that the FCC followed guidelines set by the the Administrative Procedure Act from nearly 70 years ago to obtain public opinion about this topic and then make a decision.

It is unknown if the Freedom of Information act changes proposed by the White House regarding blocking the release of White House email this week relate to this issue in any way.

Student Test Takers Monitored

There is growing concern over monitoring of social media accounts during student testing. Specifically, the education giant Pearson, is being challenged by some parents and school officials over the practice of monitoring given student social media accounts while they are taking the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College Common Core test, PARCC. A report by BuzzFeed News, states a New Jersey School District Superintendent voiced in a letter to other school officials that he found the practice “disturbing.”

Meantime, the Department of Education had informed the superintendent of Watchung Hills Regional High School that they were aware of the monitoring practice occurrence during testing.
In comment to the news media from Bruce Karatz, Pearson is reported to welcome ongoing debate and exploration into PARCC test administration. They see the monitoring as an effective means to ensure the security of the test, and fairness to all students concerned. They inform local districts of potential incidents of questionable cheating, and let the disciplinary actions be determined and initiated by the given municipality. Some feel students who oppose these means will retaliate by refusing to take the PARCC test.

If you can’t trust the Justice Department, well, you can’t trust anyone. U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen lives that motto. He doesn’t trust anyone especially the Justice Department.
He wants to know why three-year deportation reprieves were issued before he stopped Obama’s plan than spares around 5 million people from deportation. Make no mistake about it. The Texas judge wants every last one of those people gone, and he is prepared to fight Washington to get it done, and there are tons of attorneys that are backing him.

The Justice Department is comfortable in court. They have a plethora of legal excuses up their white-collar sleeves. DOJ claims 100,000 people got three-year reprieves, and they were given work permits under a 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That program was not halted by Hanen’s ruling. But the judge says the DACA program was a two-year reprieve and two-year work permits.

The 26 states that also want to rid the country of these 5 million people say the federal government misled the judge about the implementation process. Hanen’s injunction put a hold on DACA and other programs, but it appears the judge may be drawing social security before this case, and others like it are resolved by the higher court.