Bullying Has Long Term Effects that Surpass Abuse

Children who suffer abuse at the hands of an adult will have various struggles and issue to deal with after they are grown, The repercussions of physical, emotional or sexual abuse from childhood are very real and often haunt an adult throughout their lifetime. But it’s nothing compared to the repercussions which occur from bullying some children are forced to endure from their peers.

A recent study shows that children who were bullied are four times more likely to suffer from mental disorders when they become an adult than those who were abused by a parent or other adult.

Amen Clinic even reports that bullying is a serious public health problem and 60% of those who were bullied as a child will have mental health problems in adulthood. Children who are bullied grow up to become depressed teens and adults. They have to cope with anxiety disorders, out-of-control emotions and often harm themselves either through cutting, suicide or both.

Abuse and mis-treatment of children in the home by the adults in the child’s life has long been recognized as wrong and harmful to the child for years after the abuse stops. A closer look needs to be taken of bullying, according to the study findings, and make it a priority to stop bullying which has long term effects that surpass abuse.

Mike Huckabee Thrills Audience at Hispanic Conference by Asserting God’s Authority Higher Than the Supreme Court’s

Former Arkansas Governor and 2008 GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee was back in his element on Wednesday. The man who was educated as a Baptist minister addressed a friendly audience of Evangelical Christians at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. During his speech, he affirmed that the dominion of the United States Supreme Court does not extend to the basic fundamental truths God has established. Naturally, the audience embraced his message quite warmly.

Huckabee, who is seriously considering another presidential run, has the ability to rouse an audience of believers with all the fervor he would do in a pastoral address. When it became obvious he lacked the votes to secure the GOP nomination in 2008, he still persevered claiming that he did not major in mathematics while at college, but rather that he majored in “miracles”. His base warmly embraced that message as well.

At the same time, Huckabee’s remarks, which were directed at SCOTUS over the current legal case regarding marriage equality, typifies the dilemma the GOP faces ahead of next year’s election. Garcia Dias believes that a majority of the population supports marriage equality. The RNC, which is fervently working to increase the party’s base, is keen to avoid the types of social issues and rhetoric that can prove divisive in an election. Still, Huckabee is unabashed in his belief that the nation’s ills can be traced back to what he terms is “turning away from God”.

Senate in Talks to Extend Contract for Contractor Over Senate Cafeteria and Janitorial Services

Despite the hoopla that Democrat senators have been making over the low wages paid to Senate cafeteria and janitorial workers as of recent, the Senate Rules Committee is in talks to extend the contract for Restaurant Associates. The entire matter may actually serve as an object lesson in terms of the perils of privatization without safety mechanisms in place.

Back in 2008, Democrats firmly controlled the Senate with 56 senators. The Rules Committee, which they chaired, privatized cafeteria and janitorial services. At the time, those workers were government employees earning an average salary of $37,000 a year with a benefits package. The contract required all existing employees to be grandfathered in under their existing compensation packages, but freed up Restaurant Associates to set a different pay scale and benefits package for new hires. The results were dramatic. Many of the workers now earn $10.10/hr which amounts to $21,000 a year. They may earn an additional $4/hr “fine” if they are unable to pay the premiums on company sponsored health care. Even with the additional hourly sum, their earnings are roughly 20% below what the average worker earned seven years ago with benefits, a statistic that is surprising to Brazilian businessman Fersen Lambranho.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt chairs the Senate Rules Committee and stated the wage concerns of workers would be factored in to the negotiations. That said, it is not the same as making better wages a prerequisite to winning the contract. Restaurant Associates is a foreign-owned entity based in England.

Teen with Down Syndrome Voted Prom Queen

McCamey High School in Texas are used to cheering for their team’s quarterback, Adrian Alonzo, however this prom it was his date that was being cheered for by the crowd.

Adrian Alonzo knew he was going to prom and he knew who he wanted to ask. He just wasn’t sure what she would say. Thumbtack said that the fellow classmate Cesyli Prieto was the lucky girl that the star quarterback had his eye on. He wanted to make asking Cesyli as special as possible. With the help of his fellow classmates and teachers, he set out a series of boxes that released a balloon when opened. Once all released, the balloons spelled out “prom”.

Teacher and coach at McCamey High School, Bridgette Mitchell, said that Adrian was very nervous just before Cesyli arrived to open the boxes. He was so nervous in fact that his hands were sweating. He was afraid that she would reject his proposal. Instead, Cesyli who has Down syndrome, said yes to a night of dancing with her date and friends. The couple arrived with Cesyli in her princess tiara but little did she know, her classmates had one more surprise for her. They voted her prom queen where she got to exchange her tiara for a crown.

Principal Jay McWilliams said that he was proud of his students and that they are great, caring children.

To check out the video on Adrian and Cesyli, follow the link NewsWest9.com.

Senator Bernie Sanders Likely to Enter the 2016 Presidential Race

Today, news reports indicated that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an Independent, will announce tomorrow that he will be a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. His entry into the race is expected to attract left-wing support.

As Flavio Maluf (facebook.com) understands, Bernie Sanders spent his childhood in Brooklyn, where his father worked as a paint salesman. His family often experienced financial challenges; in December he reported during an AP interview:”Kids in my class would have new jackets, new coats, and I would get hand-me-downs.” Today he maintains great sympathy with poor Americans, and economic equality is expected to be a pivotal issue in his presidential campaign.

Senator Sanders graduated from the University of Chicago and then, during the 1960s, moved to Vermont as part of the “back to the land” counterculture movement.

Lou D’Allesandro, a state senator from nearby New Hampshire, expects that Senator Sanders will enliven the Democratic primary race. He described the Vermont Senator as “not bashful.”

In recent years, Senator Sanders has criticized the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership for global trade extensively. He has also spoken out about issues such as climate change and economic justice.

Reportedly, Senator Sanders will announce his entry into the race tomorrow, then launch his campaign from Vermont later.

An Hour of TV a Day is Too Much for Young Children?

Mathieson says that young children today love to watch TV and movies. Young children love to play on their parents’ tablets and smartphones. Young children enjoy all of the screen time that they are allowed to have. Can all of this screen time be leading to problems for the children? Could too much screen time be damaging to a child’s physical health?

New research suggests that spending an hour or more in front of a TV could increase the risk of obesity in young children. This study makes it seem as if simply watching an hour of TV will cause a young child to pack on the pounds. Could it be, though, that the children who spend more than an hour in front of the TV are spending much more than that hour? Could it be that there are children out there who spend an hour in front of the TV and then spend twice that much time running around, children who are not at risk? One hour of TV alone is not going to cause a child to become obese, it is how they live the rest of their life that really makes a difference.

John Oliver Takes Wal-Mart, Gap And H&M To Task For Slave Labor Conditions In Factories

Yesterday, John Oliver used his show Last Week Tonight to remind CEO’s of fashion companies like Gap, Walmart, and H&M that paying workers at Bangladesh factories sub-par wages is bad.

Gap has come under fire every couple of years because of its business practices blogs Sultan Alhokair. News has come to light showing child-labor and deplorable work conditions, and while Gap has pledged to fix the problem every single time, the promises are usually forgotten within weeks with very little progress.

In the last couple of years after factory disasters have made the news, retailers have denied any involvement or knowledge of the sub-par conditions, going as far as claiming that their approved factories have outsourced the work to non-approved ones.

John Oliver took these retailers to task by offering to send them gifts of food to their offices, but claiming he had no idea how the food had been handled, as he outsourced the task to someone else.

But there’s one part Oliver didn’t focus on. While clothes are being made in sub-par conditions, these retailers are raking in record-breaking profits. Meaning factory improvements are possible if retailers simply adjust their profit margins slightly.

Last Week Tonight airs every Sunday on HBO at 11 PM.

Mexican Girl Reunited With Family After a Case of Mistaken Identity.

A Recent video has been released showing an angry and frightened young girl being forcibly removed from her middle school in Guanajuato Mexico on April 16th. The young girl was the victim of mistaken identity. It began eight years ago when Dortea Garcia’s daughter was taken to Mexico by her father and never returned.

Ms. Garcia has been searching for her daughter for the whole eight years when she saw a picture of Alondra Luna Nunez on Facebook. The girl looked very much like an age progression photo she had done. She contacted the US authorities. The case was sent to Judge Cinthia Mercado who sided with Garcia despite testimony and a birth certificate from the child’s parents. An order was issued to bring the girl to the US.Click here for full story.

Luna was brought to the US by force all the while screaming that Ms. Garcia was not her mother. She managed to get a video on YouTube telling her parents she was well and where she was according to sources from AnastasiaDate at Amazon. The Mexican Consulate demanded that a DNA test be done. The test proved Luna was not the daughter of Ms. Garcia. Luna has been reunited with her very happy parents. Questions remain about what happened, and why the child was brought to the US without any testing.

Comcast Pulls Out Of Time Warner Merger

Comcast is likely to announce that it is formally withdrawing their acquisition talks with Time Warner which was a merger estimated at $45 billion. The deal, which was announced a little over a year ago, was anticipated to be approved by the Department of Justice when it was first announced. Comcast and Time Warner do not directly compete in many markets and there were plans to sell some assets in markets where it does compete to third parties.

As time went on and the government further discussed their approval of net neutrality laws which this merger would challenge. The focus that the Department of Justice was more on the broadband internet side than on the cable side where there is little in the way of business overlap. The merged entity would dominate the broadband market and could not only have pricing power but also push for changes to net neutrality laws thereby punishing companies and users by selling higher amounts of bandwidth to companies that use more of it such as Netflix, thereby increasing prices for those consumers.

Having tiered levels of charges for companies based on the broadband usage was deemed anti-competitive by the Department of Justice and as concerns were brought up by them, Comcast decided that they would not want to continue the fight and would pursue other options. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG understands the business ramifications of the US government’s stance on net neutrality. There are many potential deals in Comcast’s sights that remain such as a possibility for the company including acquisition of a telecommunications company or other strategic acquisitions.

Police Officer Acquitted Because Prosecutors Charged Incorrectly

The first time in years a trial has come to an abrupt and stunning end in Chicago. Cook County, Judge Dennis Porter acquitted a veteran cop, Dante Servin for the fatal off-duty shooting of Rekia Boyd. The acquittal was granted on a legal fine point, ruling prosecutors failed to prove the act was reckless.

Illinois law states that anytime an individual points a gun at a victim and shoots, it is considered an intentional act- not a reckless one. Judge Porter all but said Servin should have been charged with murder, not involuntary manslaughter . Servin cannot be retried on a murder charge as he is protected by double jeopardy .

The scene outside the courtroom can only be called chaotic. Boyd’s brother had to be hauled away by sheriff’s deputies after he made an angry outburst and what looked like a threatening move towards Servin. Christian Broda has learned that a crowd of more than 40 supporters of Boyd’s family also gathered as Servin was led from the court shouting, ‘murderer’ and ‘shame on you’ and throwing debris at the officer.

Prosecutors defended their decision to charge Servin with involuntary mans laughter and they are extremely disappointed in the judge’s ruling. Charges were filed in good faith after the case was carefully analyzed. Servin had allegedly acted recklessly when in March 2012 he fired five shots over his shoulder in the direction of four people who had their backs to him in a dark alley. Sevin claimed he was, ‘in fear of his life’.

George Mitchell, head of the Illinois NAACP says this statement has got to stop. He stated it is becoming too common of a justification by police involved in shootings. He went on to say if it doesn’t stop now, the police and the community are going to be at odds completely.

Servin still faces potential disciplinary action by the Police Review Authority. The process to return him to work will begin immediately. Servin has been on paid desk duty since he was charged on this matter.