The History and Importance Of Eucatex

In late 1951, the first Brazilian company solely dedicated to environmental comfort, opened its doors. Located in São Paulo, Eucatex prides itself in being one of the few, if not the only, company to use eucalyptus as material to create its products. Products that they make include ceiling tiles and panels for third-party companies. From the late 60s to 1980, Eucatex expanded as a company from Brazil all the way to the United States, and also expanded its product line, introducing paint to what they distributed. Speed up to present day, Eucatex now exports to over 37 countries and manages out of four factories.

The president of Eucatex, and also a lawyer, is Flávio Maluf. LinkedIn points out that as well as being president of a major company, Maluf is a very successful entrepreneur. Born to Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf in 1961, you can find both of their names included in the Red diffusion of the U.S. Interpol where it remains to this day. In 2005, Maluf was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, but was granted an injunction due to lack of evidence.

Eucatex has participated in Forestry Partnership and Leasing since nearly the beginning of its debut. The owners of rural areas of Brazil partner with Brazil and acquire an agreement to lease properties of the company for a select amount of time. Value has also been known to increase of the properties belonging the owners.

A wide variety of programs has benefited from being partnered with Eucatex. The company donates to educational programs, athletics programs, and several others. The Environmental Education Program, also known as the ‘House of Nature’, is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the company. For more than ten years, Eucatex has helped students, collaborators, and groups dedicated to conservation. Most important, they have developed programs that shed light on the handling of forests and have trained educators so they are able to work with both students and in every day situations.

All in all, Eucatex is a powerful company doing many great things to help sustain the environment from being harmed further and keeping it safe. You can be sure that the company will continue to strive and grow, and its team will always be thinking of new and innovative ways to help keep the environment a beautiful place to live.

The Interesting Life Of Joseph Bismarck

First off, you should really follow the WordPress End of an Earring… it’s a fun and brilliant blog where you can find little gems like this one on Joseph Bismark. Here’s what I got from it…

As the managing director of QI Group, Joseph Bismarck is responsible for the livelihood of 1,500 employees spanning the thirty countries where the company has offices. At first, the stereotypical image of a world class CEO pops into mind, but after getting to know Mr. Bismarck, you find he is nothing like the brash, egotistical archetype. In fact, he is quite the opposite.

Bismarck entered into a Philippino ashram (monastery) at the young age of nine years old. There he learned the virtues of the monks and to this day practices his faith of The Absolute Truth. His daily life is centered around his deep spirituality which is reflected by his respect for his employees, simple lifestyle and humble demeanor. 

After leaving the ashram at seventeen, Bismarck co-founded the QI Group with Malaysian businessman, Vijay Eswaran in 1988. The company has interests in education, hospitality, direct selling, financial services and retail. Bismarck believes that each employee can and should go beyond the scope of their individual roles to contribute something greater to society. To achieve this, much of the company’s resources are spent in the personal development of their employees through an affiliate company called The V. The V conducts training boot camps, conventions and retreats to enhance employee’s skill sets. Bismarck prefers a consultative style of management and problem-solving. This approach is reflective of his humble nature and empowerment philosophy.

When not working on the complex issues a the multi-national conglomerate, Bismarck devotes a lot of his spare time to another affiliate named The RYTHM Foundation, which stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. This social responsibility platform is a mechanism to provide opportunities to achieve personal success and service for people in the poor and marginalized parts of society. 

Bismarck also is a frequent contributor to his spiritual blog (, practices martial arts and is a yoga teacher, and Vedic philosopher. 

Economists and its Impact.

An economist is a person who is really knowledgeable in the discipline of economics. These people study, develop theories and concepts about the world of economics and sometimes even apply their own theories. They work in various fields including government, the private sector and also academics. They study data and statistics and develop trends of the world’s economic status and attitudes of the consumers. They develop this information using their gained skills of statistical analysis and computer programming. By the end of the exercise, they give reports on their findings and give recommendations on how to make improvements and capitalize on the latest trends.

Christian Broda is one such economist. Currently, Duquesne Capital management is run by him as the managing director. Earlier on, he worked in one of the best schools of business as an economics lecturer at University of Chicago. He is also a writer and has published many books on finance and trade. His publications have also been published on numerous journals. Currently, he is working as a hedge fund manager. He is a member of the National Bureau of Economics and an editor at the Journal of Development Economics. He has been awarded two grants by the National Science Foundation to support his research and he has also been named as the James s. Kemperer Scholar of the Year.
Mr. Broda on worldstreetjournal believes that the US Dollar will still remain the world’s currency of choice despite many people saying that the Dollar is on the verge of losing its status as the “super currency”. He has gone to encourage investors to continue making investments on the dollar saying that the currency will get through the rough patch. He has also supported the bank of Japan despite the fiscal collapse.
Most economists usually work alone as the views of one economist are not necessarily the views of another. However, from time to time the work with other economists and statisticians. Economists normally dictate the path their careers will take. They choose between taking a focus on mathematical techniques and a more layman way of explaining to people the economic impact of certain activities. Their profession is not dictated upon and there is no need for having a license to become an economist. What is mostly required is the academic qualification of a degree or masters in economics from a recognized university.
Economists have a great impact in the society as they give direction on the path which should be taken if an economy is to thrive.

Madison Street Capital – Highly Respected Chicago Investment Bank

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm with international activities which is based in Chicago. The company is a partner of many firms and seeks to provide the best outcome between transactions. They are registered with FINRA as a broker-dealer and are involved in multiple sectors. Madison Street Capital takes a unique approach in allowing investors to get to know management of the companies which they invest in.

Providing Credit and Advisory Services to Businesses

One service which Madison Street Capital offers to it’s institutional clients is that they provide credit to businesses, and guarantee the credit which they offer. These loans are private placements which enable their institutional clients to expand operations through mezzanine lending. They also place knowledgeable advisors with their portfolio companies. These advisors are able to serve as experienced intermediaries between companies and investors. These advisors seek to provide the best outcome for everyone through their ability to perform expansions on their portfolio companies.

Completing Successful Mergers and Valuations for Clients

Companies which are looking to merge operations can also have a merger completed through Madison Street Capital. The company does more to prevent over-valuation of their companies than any other investment bank, so they always use a strategic approach to creating realistic pricing expectations. They use multiple methods for predicting the future value of a company, such as by using either a LBO (Leveraged Buyout Analysis), Discounted Cash Flow, M&A Comps, or Public Comps model. The combination of these models ensures that the valuation is more likely to be accurate. They take into account their client’s goodwill when determining the valuation of the company as this can be a very important factor in client’s long-term success. Most often, compensation is on a per-share basis which includes a wide mix of stock options and other means of evaluating the value of their companies.

Independent, Honest Valuations

Madison Street Capital is fully committed to independent valuations and investment banking services which firms can rely upon for accurate and honest valuations. It is through attention to detail that Madison Street Capital has managed to achieve a significant level of success in the international investment banking and lending business. The company has a huge international presence in Africa, North America, and Asia. This international exposure is a direct result of the company’s prestige and experience in emerging markets.

There are clear benefits to doing business with Madison Street Capital with it’s extensive insights and experience in the investment banking industry. Deals are more likely to be successful because of their unique approach to valuations and ensuring success. All parties are typically satisfied with the outcome of many operations.

A Conversation on Entrepreneurship

There are several standard reason that people become entrepreneurs. These reasons are credible and are often predicated on selfless issues. This means that people that are simply out to make a quick buck may need to try a different outlet. The power of entrepreneurship is readily seen in the American economy. Over 90 percent of the tax returns that were filed last year were filed by small business owners. These are the true job creators, but they are also the least known operators in that economy. These people are savvy business owners that have to perform as often family finances and lifestyles are on the line. However, they still enter the game because of the following reasons in many cases.

One of the main reasons that people take the path to entrepreneurship is because being an entrepreneur allows people to direct their own outcome based on hard work and ingenuity. The ability to control one’s own destiny is dream for most people in the workforce, but many people still would rather give up some control for a considerably smaller but steady income.

The next reason is also a driving force in people’s decision to take this path. Often the only method by which people can do what they love for a living is to make their passion a viable business. However, they should be hardened in the fact that hard work and determination may eventually return their own personal dreams versus those of the people that they work for.

Still, many people are driven to entrepreneurship by the desire to build something positive that is sustainable. Often this can be for selfish reasons, but overwhelmingly it is done to further the betterment of community versus personal gain especially in the small business realm. However, leaving a lasting legacy does fulfil some personal goals.

Additionally, people do want the potential for unlimited growth. Careers have caps on earnings that are insurmountable in some cases. The restriction in earnings causes even professional to become entrepreneurs within their professions. Doctors and lawyers as well as many other professionals start businesses because they can earn more in that environment.

Marc Sparks
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks understands what it takes to transition into becoming a successful entrepreneur. This successful entrepreneur is now at a level in is life that he can devote time to furthering the opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Among his many fruitful efforts is a program that makes successful entrepreneurs available to these novice entrepreneurs. Because of this program, these entry level entrepreneurs gain experience that would have formerly taken them many decades to learn. Entrepreneurs often work 50 hour days for 20 to 30 years. Gaining this type of experience through mentorship is social entrepreneurship at its finest.

Your Online Reputation Matters

Online Reputation Managers play a much bigger role than the average person might think. In fact, the fact that many people have not heard of such a title means that they are doing their jobs correctly. An Online Reputation Manager’s role is to influence a company’s or an individual’s online reputation and protect them against any possible negative reviews from unhappy customers.

When many people get bad reviews or comments, their first instinct may be to just ignore it, or hope that it goes away. Unfortunately, deleting it can invite more unsavory comments and ignoring it can do the same. Online word travels quickly and one bad review can catch on fast. Many online businesses are small and the owners can become defensive over ill words. This can be even more dangerous because responses are often more emotional than they need to be. The problem has now become two-fold and it is harder to get under control.

All businesses have to deal with anonymous and named reviews and all companies have to deal with these comments in some way or another. Smaller businesses are advised to cultivate responses across a number of review sites that way the impact of a negative review is significantly smaller. The bigger the business the harder it is to manage the online presence. This is where an Online Reputation Manager can come in handy.

Crisis Expert Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs which expertly fixes online presences and offers second chances to those who deserve them. While Darius usually assists high level clients, his advice can help people across the board. He advises to be proactive in business by building a fortress around one’s profile. Take personal information offline and change your password often. Any social media should be made private and cleaned up. The cleaning should include future maintenance where any questionable content should not be posted. Darius specializes in reserving bad media, but the best method is to stop it from happening in the first place.

There is no doubt that bad things are going to happen. A negative review will come through no matter how hard you try to please everyone and no matter the size of the business. With advice or personal assistance from people like Darius Fisher, there is always a fighting chance. Online Reputation Managers are a valuable asset to any business in today’s world. Your reputation is important and one upset person shouldn’t ruin it.

There is a huge Shortage of Qualified Workers in the Home Construction Business

Construction companies like the ones Kenneth Griffin owned are beginning to really fall behind in meeting the home construction demands primarily due to the lack of skilled workers that are available. Home construction fell as low as it has ever been recently in June, and June is typically the busiest month for home building. The Building Companies state that they have a serious lack of workers that are qualified in this field of work. This statement has been verified by many financial sources saying that the shortage of skilled workers in the home construction business has effected companies throughout the entire country.
The unemployment rate in the construction business has continued to rise due to the fact that companies are having difficulty hiring qualified workers to aid in building the rising demand for homes. Despite the fact that high schools across the country have been offering students training programs to get them certified in home construction; these programs have not been putting enough qualified workers into the companies. Primarily construction companies in the South are suffering more than companies in states such as Maryland due to the fact that the home demand is not continuing to rise. However, in southern states such as Texas where the home demand is rising, the companies are seeing major shortages in skilled workers to meet these demands. This is greatly effecting their home construction business, and causing the companies to take losses financially this year.

I Don’t Believe That Any Dog Food Is Better Than Beneful

I am probably the biggest pet lover that I know, and some people even think I’m obsessed with my pet. Maybe I do go a bit overboard when it comes to my pet, but I have no children, so I have to spoil somebody. I wanted everything to be perfect for my pet, including the food that he eats. I was mostly worried about the food I was giving to my pet because I heard that the wrong food could make him sick. I took a step that most people would never take in order to find out if the food I was giving my pet was any good.

I was using a local store brand of dog food, and I didn’t think much about using it. Only because my dog started to stray away from his bowl when it came to mealtimes, that’s the only reason I thought about the food I was feeding him. I decided that I would try the food for myself to see if it was any good. I know it sounds gross, but I did check it out, and dog food is supposed to be consumable for humans. After taste testing the food, I could see why he didn’t want to eat it.

The ingredients on the side of the dog food bag was not impressive, and I decided I would get a dog food that was a lot more wholesome. I chose to get Beneful because I learned a lot about the brand by going online to their website. I was so impressed with all the information that I found about Beneful that I chose to go and buy a bag. Same as other bag of dog food, I made it my mission to give it a taste, so I could see if it was something that my dog would like.

I’m almost ashamed to say that I actually liked how meaty and soft the dog food was, and the nutrients that is in the food is everything that my dog needs. I didn’t bother taste testing any more food, I just gave it to my dog. He absolutely loved the food, and the way he went about eating it was different than how he was eating food before. No more wasting food, no more going hungry, and no more letting bags of food sit in my closet until I had to buy a new one.

My dog absolutely loves Beneful, and I’m one of the few pet owners to say that I love it as well because I know that it’s a good tasting food, and it’s nutritious for my dog. Unlike many of the other dog foods out there, Beneful ensures that the ingredients are exactly what a dog needs. If I didn’t take time to read the previous ingredients on the bag of dog food I used to buy, then I would never know how good Beneful really is. I would suggest to other dog owners to just purchase Beneful because I believe it’s the best dog food around.

Houston Real Estate Is Beautiful

There are so many beautiful homes and buildings in Houston. It is a beautiful city, and all of the architecture makes it that way. The Houston real estate companies have to do well when they are able to sell some of the larger, beautiful buildings in the city. There are some buildings that are worth quite a bit. This city is a special place, and even the houses are places to feel proud of. Anyone would feel good buying home in this Texas city.

There are many people who work to sell the homes and building in Houston, and there are many people who work on restoring the buildings and making them into thriving businesses. Haidar Barbouti is one of the people who loves the charm of Houston. He owns the Highland Village, a beautiful piece of property that has many shopping centers in it. He has done a lot with the piece of property over the years. He has brought in new shops, and even a restaurant that he set up himself.

Many people are doing a lot to make Houston be as beautiful as it can be. They are doing all that they can to make it a thriving city, and to show that through the buildings in which it is built up of.

S’well bottles pass consumer test on local news

One of the staples of local TV news channels is the consumer testing reports that take place throughout the year. As the height of summer was reached KWCH12 decided to put the S’well water bottle and its revolutionary technology to the test against a traditional plastic water bottle. S’well has recently been made available Online for prices ranging from $25 to $45 for different sizes of bottle and have stated the technology included in the bottles keeps liquids hot or cold for 24 hours.

To test the claims of the S’well bottle makes on their Wikipedia page, a viewer was given a S’well bottle to use and had the temperature of the liquid inside checked on a regular basis as she went about her daily business. The viewer began by following the instructions included with the S’well bottle and saw an initial temperature of 40F recored for her ice cold water. A traditional plastic water bottle was also filled with water suing the same instructions as used for the S’well bottle. After a day at work the viewer arrived for an evening workout and carried both the S’well bottle and traditional plastic water bottle for the temperature to be tested. The water in the plastic bottle was recorded at 79F and the S’well bottle water at 41F.The viewer described the two options with the S’well bottle providing the more refreshing drinking option. Over the course of 24 hours the water within the S’well bottle rose just a few degrees and showed how well the bottle can maintain the temperature of ice cold drinks held within it.