Russian Companies Lend A Hand

Philanthropists all over the world have a combined sense of dedication, perseverance and an ambitious mind set that help them climb up the corporate ladder. Alexei Beltyukov has all these traits but also has the sense to help other struggling people who wish to start their own company or attend school to help their business related dreams. Helping the philanthropists of tomorrow is a large part of Beltyukov’s business life along with forming a company to help Russian start ups in 2013 along with separate company to help other smaller companies within Russia that are struggling financially and help them gget back on their feet.

Beltyukov is a well known supporter of expanding education and is dedicated to making more dreams a reality with the continued education of the business world for interested parties of all ages. He values education down to the core and is extremely proud that his recent endeavor,, has been getting a lot of attention from educators and EdTech experts. is an online homework space for high school students and is centered around progressive thinking and a growing mindset in mathematics. Instead of offering multiple choice answers to questions, Solvy requires the student to give their own answer and explain how they got there, which gives them more of an expanded understanding to the problem at hand instead of giving them a one in four chance to guess correctly.

The user can create and personalize learning exercises for their own personal interest but also gives a precise time limit for the assignment. Beltyukov hopes that becomes a household name in helping students learn and understand mathematics either for their own interest or to provide the extra help parents and schools cannot give. Solvy also uses real world math problems and gives multiple options of approach to the problem to find solutions. Another difference with Solvy is it actually interacts with its students and teachers unlike general online text books, so teachers receive a feedback report to track the student’s progress.

Alexei Beltyukov himself was an avid student and actually started his career in medicine before switching over to business. He graduated in 1997 with an MBA from INSEAD Business School and was quick to launch several business afterwords. He was a co-founder of Endemic Capital, a well known angel investing company, along with A-Ventures, and New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus. At the moment, he also serves as an observer on the Board of Directors of FORO Energy.

Beltyukov also helps the Russian government and provides them with economic advisement through the Skolkovo Foundation where he is the Vice President. The company provides grants and opportunities for a range of Russian citizens who need money for their developing startup.

Beltyukov is a man of many traits and expertise but his true heart lies in helping out other people be it through technology, a helping hand for their business or advise on how to save their current company. With his philanthropist mindset, Beltyukov will continue to strive for greatness.

Ads in Brazil: How To Achieve Your Advertising Objective

In order to sell products or services, you need to attract the right buyers. Your prospects will not know about your business, product or service if you do not advertise. One of the major objectives of advertising is to increase sales and profits. You can use online advertising to inform people about your products and services, and persuade them to make a purchase.

Popular online advertising strategies include search engine optimization, pay per click ads, content advertising, and link building.

Search engine optimization is the practice of using strategies, tactics and techniques to obtain a high-ranking position in search engines and increase the amount of traffic to a website.

Pay per click advertising is a form of online advertising that is used to bring traffic to a website, in which the advertiser is charged a specified amount when the ad is clicked.

Wikipedia postulates that content advertising is where an advertiser connects two different sources. Link advertising is where an advertiser connects to online shoppers from another site. Many times, businesses use online press releases, as well as a blog or content site.

There are many advertising and marketing experts out there that can help you achieve your advertising objective. These experts have the quality resources and skills to guide you properly and even create the right marketing plan for your business or offers.

Most professionals and experts offer free marketing evaluations, and make recommendations for improvement. The expert can let you know the weaknesses or what you need to change in your existing marketing or advertising strategies and suggest how these can be changed or improved by using his or her expert services. If you agree with the plan, or pricing, you can hire the marketing expert. Keep in mind, it is not a good idea to pick a professional based on a good looking or well-designed website. Most advertising experts have a good knowledge of advertising strategies and tactics that get results, and it is likely you would find them very helpful.

Claudio Loureiro Heads is a founding partner of Propaganda Heads, one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. The company was started over 25 years ago, in Curitiba. Today, Propaganda Heads has four locations in Brazil, and Claudio Loureiro Heads continues to look for ways to bring innovations to the country. As a an entrepreneur and advertising expert, Claudio Loureiro Heads keeps up to date on the latest technologies and new opportunities to grow and expand the company.

Some Economists Think The U.S. Economy Is Not Growing Fast Enough

Economists around the country think the U.S. economy isn’t going to be brought down by China’s economic woes. Economists like Christian Broda say the Washington political gridlock should be our major concern. Broda knows what he is talking about. He is a brilliant economics professor and the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. Christian Broda looks at the whole economic picture and he says the United States must overhaul the tax code, and develop better trade agreements with other countries.

The current trade agreements are one-sided, and they must be reevaluated, according to Mr. Broda. He also said the American economy is growing, and we are creating new jobs, but most of the growth and the jobs are oil related, and that means the numbers are not an accurate picture of total growth. Broda also thinks the income disparity will become more of a factor in economic growth next year even though states and cities are raising the minimum wage.

The truth, according to Broda and other economists, is the American economy is in a stagnation period. Too many people are saving and not spending, and that limits growth potential. Plus the U.S. is not investing enough in its infrastructure, and that plays into the country’s growth pattern as well. The biggest issue with the lack of initiative concerning investing in the infrastructure of the country is the political gridlock, and that has the country in a state of uncertainty, according to many economists.

That uncertainty is playing out in the primary election process. Candidates with political backgrounds are being overlooked, and candidates with proven track records in business and other fields look more appealing to the American public. And that is a step forward in eliminating the silly backstabbing that goes on in Washington. Most economists think that the U.S. economy will not recover until the political gridlock is unlocked. That may not happen in 2016, but most people that focus on politics and the economy think the American political system will change within the next ten years.

When that happens, and the income disparity and the trade issues are corrected, the U.S. will begin to look and act like a thriving democracy again.

Successful CCMP Capital Manager Stephen Murray

Most people find that it is necessary to be able to save money as they work. Saving money allows them to be able to help deal with emergencies effectively. Someone who has saved up money is someone who will be able to cope with problems such as a temporary illness that makes it hard for them to get to work without facing severe fiscal hardship. Someone who have savings will also be able to do important life tasks such as retiring at the time of their choice. Saving and managing one’s savings are important goals that everyone will need to do in life.

Savers often find that they need help in managing their savings. The world of finance can be confusing if someone does not have a background in the field. Those who understand the capital markets can help others also manage their capital. In this way, both parties benefit. For a small fee, the owner of the capital can have access to someone who can help them meet their fiscal goals and manage their capital well at the same time.

Many people find that it makes sens to work people who know about capital management. One such person is the late Stephen Murray. Murray was a private equity investor as well as a well respected philanthropist who helped make the world a better place. Under his leadership, many companies thrived and had access to the kind of capital necessary in order to expand successfully. His work with charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation also helped bring joy to the lives of very ill children. Mr. Murray was noted for his work with CCMP Capital, a company this is focused heavily on the management of capital and helping people search for investment opportunities that can provide them with a high rate of return.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one of the world’s foremost equity firms. The company focuses on opportunities that can be found via the leveraged buyout method of capital acquisition as well as growth capital transactions designed to help provide capital growth for those who are looking for the possibility of impressive returns on their capital even in a down market. The company is a growing one with over fifty employees in many offices around the world. This allows company officials to stay on top of developments all over the world. It also allows the company to hire skilled and motivated professionals who want to help the company’s clients get the best investments. The result has been a company that has been able to do well for their investors and provide them with many kinds of important investment opportunities that have helped many investors do very well in the market.

Inspiration by Example: Yeonmi Park

I read Yeonmi Park’s story online and was nothing short of impressed by how much she has accomplished at such a juvenile age. She will be visiting the Depauw University to share her captivating story about her escape from North Koreas torturous grip. If you follow her on Twitter, you’ll know that the event is to take effect a day after her 22nd birthday and is scheduled to kick off at 7:30 at the Green Center’s Kresge Auditorium and is free for everyone.

North Korea has kept itself away from the public eye for a while. The country is known for communism and has been in the public eye for mostly all the wrong reason. North Koreans are brought up to believe living and dying for the North Korean regime was the purest form of life.

Park was one of the believers, inspired by “the Titanic” one of the greatest love stories, Park somehow found her way out of North Korea and lived through it. On March 30th, 2007, Park, and her mother crossed a frozen river endless geographical barriers at night to get to the Chinese border with the help of illegal smugglers. After crossing over, one of the smugglers forcefully wanted to have sex with Park but later raped her mother after reasoning with him. Her father had succumbed to illness after his arrest and had felt that going along with them would only slow them down, but he managed to join them later

Her sister had escaped earlier and had already crossed over through the Chinese border, but they never got a hold of her and assumed she was dead. In China, her family went through a lot of ups and downs trying to stay hidden away from the authorities. Her father later died at 45, and they buried him without a formal burial as they feared any suspicion from powers that be. After laying him to rest, they traveled by bus to a Christian missionary in the port of Qingdao.

With the aid of Christian missionaries, Yeonmi Park and her family traveled through the Gobi desert to Mongolia. On reaching the Mongolian border, they were threatened with deportation back to South Korea but after reasoning with the guards, they soon found themselves on a plane to Seoul

Park has since lived a life of activism championing the cause of North Korean refugees. She is also a flourishing reporter and has appeared on many global talk shows

Park’s life has been a source of inspiration to many across the globe and has become a voice for the oppressed. She was featured on BBC’s top 100 women and at such a tender age, we have yet to see how far she will go.

3 Reasons to Stay Calm As Stock Market Shakes

For many investors this is definitely not the best way to end the summer. Historically, the markets do not move much in the month of August. This year the markets decided to take a different path, as the S&P 500 index plunged 9% for the month and 8% for the year.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking the end is near and the country is fast approaching another recession. It is true that a falling market damages consumer confidence while the media is sprinkled with scary headlines, but in actuality the market does not always reflect what’s really going down in the economy.

Here are three reasons not to freak out and call your broker about the latest market quakes.

1. U.S. Economy Is In good Shape

Production does not exactly match that of decades past, but as a whole the economy is still growing. Almost 1.5 million new jobs have been created this year, and over 11.5 million jobs have been created over the past five years. In addition, the housing market is improving, auto sales are on track for a memorable year, and consumers are spending more. Experts believe there to be a mere 8% chance for another recession, and it’s important to remember that market declines usually just reflect worries of the economy.

2. The Fed Can Intervene

Many believe the current market slump, a manifestation of China’s recent market decisions, mean a global recession or something similarly ominous is coming. In the unlikely event that this idea comes true, the Federal Reserve has a few weapons they can use to minimize any damage. The Federal Reserve has been hinting at hiking up interest rates for some time, but in the event they need to, they could reverse their decision and create a tightening cycle. The Fed could also resume quantitative easing, a policy it cut last year.

3. Bargain Time

Small traders and heavy hitting investors are already on the hunt for stocks and assets that have fallen in a way inconsistent with their fundamentals, and which are likely to recover. Japanese and European stocks will regain ground quickly because their central banks are more likely to employ aggressive stimulus tactics, as opposed to the U.S. U.S. stocks are notorious for being heavily valued, and while it might not be time to buy the dip just yet, that time will eventually come.

One financial expert on wallstreetjournal, Christian Broda, strongly believes the U.S. dollar, along with U.S. stocks and assets will bounce back above any lost ground. Christian Broda is a University of Chicago academic and later became a professor for the university for many years. The optimistic hedge fund manager is currently a researcher at the National Bureau of Economic Research and is the associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics.

Figures of Finance: Brian Bonar

As the CEO, CFO, President, and secretary of Trucept, Inc, Brian Bonar is a notable figure in business. His yearly salary is estimated at $860,571. He also owns a restaurant called Bandy Canyon, where he employs world-class chefs to create one-of-a-kind dishes.

He drives the company’s vision and innovation with his valuable insight. He is committed to assisting companies in increasing their revenue streams while also being efficient. Employee happiness is also a metric that he believes in. Engaging the workforce to be more productive is about creating an environment of trust, motivation, and continual learning so that employees continue to perform at a high level with low turn over.

Nightforce is a very successful b2b SAAS application company that was founded by Brian. The company was acquired by TiMax Capital in 2011 and since then Brian has served as an advisor to the board. It is seen as a revolutionary product, and he was instrumental in bringing it about. The innovation seen in the products with which he has been involved is at the highest levels.

He has received numerous awards, such as the Marcus H. Thomas Award for Excellence from Vanderbilt in 2004. He previously worked at the startup called TimeMind, in which he was CEO and before that he served as the director of marketing. His tenure at the company helped him land in a list of the top 100 executives in his industry that year.

His assets under management have reached an excess of $55 million as of 2012 and he continues to grow the net worth of the company. Much of Brian Bonar’s compensation derives from bonuses due to high performance. With over two decades of experience in finance, his experience is admired and sought after.

When he was at TM, he only had a few years to turn the company’s financials around and create a booming internal company economy. To save costs, he implemented new techniques that cut down on production time and allowed the company to leverage its assets. He did this via relations with investors, legal advisory, and planning the company’s finances based on historical records on modeled futures. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

Brian Bonar has been a strong advocate of the practice of the governance of corporations. Thus, he has worked diligently with the board of his current company to see that regulations remain strong and powerful enough to curb any kind of corruption or misleading financial statements. Recent scandals in the finance industry have led him to protect his company from similar issues. In 2014, he received the award for “Best Financial Catastrophe Prevention” within any top 500 investment company.

Instilling The Importance of Serving Others

Having worked his way to the top, proving his success is Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran who is the Executive Chairman of the Qnet, a Hong Kong based direct selling company owned by Eswaran’s the QI Group.

Born in Penang (one of Malaysia’s thirteen states), Eswaran graduated to earn a socio-economic degree from London’s School of Economics. After graduation, he worked a variety jobs which ranged from picking grapes in France to a driving a cab throughout the streets of London. Deciding to further his education, he enrolled in Southern Illinois University in 1986 where he graduated with an MBA. At this point of his life, he became involved in multilevel marketing (MLM) as he took a position with the U.S. company Synaptics. After returning to Malaysia, Eswaran considered MLM more in detail and soon he founded the QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran’s father, the late Pushpavathy Chinnaiah always hoped that his children would serve others in need and he made it a point to instill in them how important it is to give. Similar to his father’s teachings, Eswaran has did the same, particularly as he established the QI Group, since it allows individuals throughout the world to work at their own business as independent representatives. Here these individuals sell (and purchase) the company’s products, while establishing networks that will help them achieve a better way of life. Some of QNET’s products include vacation packages, watches and energy and nutrition products to enhance well-being. As the representatives refer products to their network of customers, they receive compensation. To help keep them motivated, Eswaran frequently participates and speaks at various conventions that include cheering rallies and training sessions which are attended by about 8,000 of these independent representatives.

One the most fascinating among Asia’s businesspeople, Eswaran has made sure to instill a philosophy of caring in his businesses. This can be seen in his forming of the Vijayaratnam Foundation, RYTHM Foundation and Taarana. These organizations focus on philanthropic activities that centers on children who are economically disadvantaged, require specific educational needs and those who may benefit from youth empowerment and mentoring. Recently the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute honored Vijay Eswaran with its Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership during its annual Malaysian Education Summit. They presented this prestigious award to recognize not only the success of his Quest International University Perak but his positive leadership skills. Vijay Eswaran is a well known businessman and executive.

Eswaran feels that a company is not a success, but rather its people are. Having been a businessman for years and working with a variety of individuals, he has found that the traits he values in others are those of honesty and good work ethics.

Several Economists Say The U.S. Economy Is In Serious Trouble

Most people in the United States don’t realize it, but we are slowly breaking down our own economy. In the past 30 years, more than 16,600 American companies have been sold to foreign investors. Christian Broda, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management says Japan and China would never sell their companies to foreign investors. Selling American companies to foreign investors means the technology developed by those companies on as well as the profits made by those companies go overseas. The U.S. economy is feeling the impact of these transactions, according to Broda, and some economists that think like Broda say the selling of America has to stop. Another interesting point about selling American companies to foreign investors is most of those investors have no problem moving those companies to other countries so they can take advantage of third world labor wages.

What’s happening, and most Americans don’t know it is, Americans work for foreign-owned companies that set up operations in the United States, so Americans don’t work for Americans anymore. They work for foreign investors. The U.S. Constitution was designed to protect Americans from trade and other related issues involving foreign powers when it was first designed, but that is not the case any longer. America has given the World Trade Organization the power to pass rules that govern corporate issues.

According to several economists, the U.S. doesn’t produce the products needed to sustain life, and debt has taken over the country. The government is in debt, and China holds most of the notes on that debt. The government borrows money just to pay back the loans they already owe. Our economy has become a service economy filled with low-paying jobs. Our manufacturing base is a wreck, and our democracy has become an oligarchy.

But economists like Broda think we can reverse the situation. We can increase taxes on imports. We can develop better regulation when it comes to foreign commerce, and we should stay out of costly wars that don’t concern us. But the biggest thing Americans can do to rebuild the country is, bring American back to the people. Economists say get rid of government waste, and lazy, complacent politicians. Put a stop to lobbying groups, and bring the people not fast-track money into the decision-making process. Some economists think 2016 will be a year of political change, and if Trump has anything to do with it, it will be.

Beyond A Pretty Picture

Discussing art can be complex as it does and is many things. It can even inspire a life and encourage one to achieve great things. Art can encourage passion and one to take action.

For many people, they thrive on art due to the way it makes them feel. Sometimes a bit of these feelings may impact them to design their own masterpiece which could range from dancing, enrolling in art school to setting goals to be a real estate tycoon! Art can virtually be what anyone desires it to be. The wonderful thing is that art allows one to visualize what is outside of the image that is drawn, letting one’s mind and thinking to steer where it might not normally. Of course not all art can make one feel great, instead some works may cause individuals to feel uncomfortable. This can result from perhaps viewing abstract because its pieces do not portray anything or anyone that is fixed or definite.

When one ponders the idea that art can be motivating, one of the first people to come to mind is Adam Sender. This hedge fund manager of Exis Capital may have been aided in investment selections from the inspiration he received as some pieces surround him and his many computer monitors while he was out on the trading floor in his New York City Office. He seems to have been born with an inside ability to choose great contemporary pieces of art, just like the investments he has chosen in his successful career.

Like choosing a hedge fund with high performance, Adam Sender has selected works that have assisted him in owning one of the most diverse and large art collections done by up and coming artists. One of the pieces that are owned by this young buyer of contemporary art is by Cindy Sherman, called Untitled #93 (Sherman however refers to it as The Black Sheets). It is an amusing photo of a woman who appears to have woken up in bed but is still painfully suffering from a hangover so she is contemplating to pull her bedsheets back to cover her head (Sender bought this in 1998). Sender also owns Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue created by John Baldessari, known for merging language and photography into many of his unique works. Adam Sender alsowas discussed by BusinessInsider.

As one works at buying, selling or just enjoying art, it is important to review the value that is incorporated into owning a one of a kind creation that may feed one’s soul, allow grace into an environment and uplift a spirit. Art can definitely be a unique form of communication stemming from one human to another allowing us to thrive!