Omar Boraie Cares About Those With Cancer


Omar Boraie cares about new cancer treatments being developed, and he has shown that through giving a large donation to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. His donation will help people to keep developing new strategies for dealing with cancer, and the institute is hoping to soon be able to offer some new hope to cancer patients all over. They are developing some big things, and that is always great to know when it comes to something as scary and life threatening as cancer. And it’s good to know that someone like Omar Boraie cares enough to donate over $1 million to the institute.
It was reported on NewsWire that the institute has learned a lot about cancer through the years. It has been able to develop new ways of dealing with it, and it has been able to see many people come and learn a lot about it and how best to work with it and treat it. Omar Boraie has helped to make that possible, and everyone who is able to receive some of the new treatments that will be sure to come from the institute will have him to thank. They’ll be able to get the kind of help that they need in part because of his generous donation.
Omar Boraie is a great person with a big heart, and it is a good thing that he has done in donating to the institute. More people should do the same, so that Rutgers Cancer Institute can do even bigger and better things. The cancer institute is already doing a lot, and it will be great to see all that it comes out with and presents to the world one day soon. It is already giving the highest quality cancer care, and that is a truly great thing to see.

Ken Griffin Is The Chief Executive Officer of Citadel

Harvard College is arguably the best college on this planet. It is one of the oldest colleges as well. Many of the world’s greatest leaders have attended Harvard because it prepares its students so well for the real world. The value of a degree from Harvard of any discipline speaks volumes to employers and interviewers. One can go very far with a degree from Harvard.

Mr. Ken Griffin went to Harvard College and graduated in 1989, and has recently given one hundred fifty million dollars in one donation to the prestigious university. The financial aid office was named after Mr. Griffin, as the Griffin Financial Aid Office. The donation of his is meant to go to students in the form of Griffin Scholarships because the price of Harvard is simply far out of the budget for many students and they require a substantial amount of financial aid in the form of Griffin Scholarships.

Mr. Ken Griffin earned a bachelor’s in economics. This helped prepare him for the business world. Economists know the ranges of production or investment that are best for the success of any business. Mr. Griffin started his own investment firm called Citadel in 1990, one year after he left Harvard College. He had around four million dollars to translate into capital for the company in the charter. Citadel now controls about $21 billion in assets, and first controlled only one billion dollars worth of assets in 1998, eight years after the inception of the company.

Mr. Griffin is one of the richest people in the world. He ranks around number 65 on the Forbes 400, which is a listing of the top 400 wealthiest people in the world. Mr. Ken Griffin’s net worth is hovering somewhere between six and eight billion dollars. Mr. Griffin would have a whole lot much more money but he has given so much money to great causes and bought so many expensive, multi-million dollar art pieces that he does not have as much money as he could. But, one billion dollars is a tremendous chunk of money, let alone six billion.

Mr. Ken Griffin likes to be involved with politics. Ken has given money to many politicians to help their campaigns. Eric Cantor and Mark Kirk have received verbal support and a few million dollars for each person. Mr. Bruce Rauner was the recipient of a donation of more than $2.5 million. Mr. Rauner was running for the title of governor of Illinois, which he ended up winning thanks to the amount of money that Mr. Griffin donated to him to really get his campaign kickstarted.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin has bought many plots of real estate. One of his most recent purchases that has been in the news is a purchase of a $200 million apartment tower that is currently under construction. Mr. Griffin is rumored to have spent around $125 million on about four properties in Florida that were near his birthplace of Daytona Beach, Florida. Mr. Ken Griffin has had an amazing career.

QNet and Co-Founder Joseph Bismark

Founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong, QNet is a direct–selling company, based in Hong Kong and is the largest subsidiary of the QI group of companies. The company’s line of products includes fashion accessories, nutrition products, home care items, weight management products, luxury goods and personal care products. Offices of the company extend to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, India, and Thailand.

QNet business model is that of a multi-level marketing company and the company employs independent representatives to market their products to others who are interested in becoming representatives themselves, and also to consumers who are interested in purchasing the company’s products for their own personal consumption. Representatives are paid a commission that is based on the volume of sales they make for the company. This direct selling strategy has generated for the sales representatives, a means of self-employment that can contribute to the country’s economy. Regulation is being formulated in many of the countries QNet operates, to set clear guidelines for the operation of MLM companies, to regulate their operations, provide assistance for the direct selling industry and ensure their business interests are being served.

One of the co-founders of QNet is Joseph Bismark, who is not only a corporate businessman but also a spiritual leader who has inspired many of his corporate employees with his dynamic leadership style. Bismark’s early years as a child, from age nine years until he was seventeen, were spent in an ashram monk retreat in the mountains of the Philippines. His education there included classical guitar, yoga, and martial arts. These skills are a far cry from what are typically needed in the corporate boardrooms, yet he was able to apply the principles he learned as a child to the corporate world he entered at QNet.

Bismark believes that teamwork brings great strength to an organization. His wants to see all his employees succeed and wants them to grow along with him and the company. He feels that can be achieved by providing the encouragement and the helping hand his employees need to excel at whatever they wish to master. His employees acknowledge the respect with which he treats them and they recognize that his success has in no way tainted his core values for which he is well recognized. Bismark has established many philanthropic associations and gives a lot of his time to the Rhythm Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group of Companies.

North American Spine – Continues To Expand Beyond Dallas

North American Spine is very excited about the expansion of their facilities into the Las Vegas out from their current headquarters of Dallas. North American Spine is the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope procedure which is a minimal invasive spinal surgery treating chronic back pain. Approximately eight thousand procedures have been performed. The procedure has an eighty-two percent success rate. Out-of-pocket costs have been reduced over a five year period through medical visits and medications. Other treatment options are CuraSpine where patients receive decompression procedures that help to relieve pressure on spinal nerves and SecuraSpine that helps with stabilization with smaller incisions which offer less chance of complications and shorter recovery times.

PR Newswire reports that Dr. Satish Sharma, North American Spine’s new partner physician whose experience and skills will be a real asset to an already talented team of physicians and specialists. Patients will be treated at Red Rock Surgery with post-ops and consults at Advanced Pain Management Center. He will offer plans for patients suffering chronic pain that has resulted from a wide range of disorders and complications. Dr. Sharma started his education in India then finished post-doctoral training at Weston Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburg, PA, he did a pain management fellowship at Allegheny General Hospital in Pennsylvania. He is double boarded in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, a diplomat of American Board of Anesthesiology. He was a pain management physician and anesthesiologist for several years and then in 2006 he came to the Advanced Pain Management Center.

North American Spine physicians are experts trained in numerous fields, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery and Intervention Pain Management. Their goal is to alleviate patients pain with tiny incisions and with state of the art visualization they are able to provide minimal invasive decompression and or stabilization with the least invasive procedures possible.

The experts working with North American Spine practices use the most conservative procedures possible to achieve superior results.

Beside the new facility in Las Vegas, we also have locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas and Houston, Texas and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We want the patients to know they are our top priority and the goal of North American Spine is to provide a modern approach to treatment in a comfortable setting and to work to help control our patients pain and give them control of their lives.

Bernardo Chua Makes Takes His Vision to a Global Audience

There is a lot of admiration for businessmen like amateur photographer and CEO Bernardo Chua in the business world today. He is someone that has a vision for what he wanted to do with his company OrganoGold. This is what has allowed him to set his sites on a global audience. He has become someone that is well known for discovering a company that has been able to provide a lot of great products to a growing consumer base.

He started with coffee, and people caught on to the mushroom for the OrganoGold products that play a part in alternative healing. Bernardo saw the growth that was happening with this new style of coffee and he decided to produce a plethora of different products that were linked to the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom. This was risky, especially to a growing fan base of American consumers. People in Asia where aware of the Ganoderma lucidum and the healing that is associated with this, but many American consumers of coffee and tea did not know about this mushroom. It was a bold risk that Bernardo Chua took to enlighten the world on products with ingredients that were difference from anything else on the market.

It was a challenging task because Chua has to present the product in two different ways. He had to emphasize the Ganoderma lucidum ingredient as something that would prove to be a helpful product to consumers. Chua also had to advertise the products from OrganoGold as products that would be delectable as well. It would be hard to sell coffee and tea that was associated with good health if it did not taste good. There are far too many coffee companies out there for consumers to choose a bland beverage. Luckily, Bernardo Chua had the foresight to offer rich coffee with coffee beans that were Organic. These coffee beans would prove to be delectable ingredients that would make people perk up and speak about the OrganoGold brand in a very positive manner. This was all part of the charm of the marketing process that Bernardo Chua put into place.

He has become someone that is able to thrive in the business world because he knows how to position himself and his company. He started with coffee, transitioned into tea and now he has generalized health care products. This was a smart move because he started with healthy ingredients and expanded the product line beyond beverages. People were already familiar with the Ganoderma mushroom because it was part of the core product line. Chua found a way to extend the success of the company by endeavors into a whole new product line. This was a wise idea that has allowed his company to grow. Keep up on Bernardo’s career on Facebook.

Eric Pulier and Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation Upholds Strong Values
Computer Science Corporation provides exceptional solutions and services to each and every one of their clients. This is a company that is lead by a CEO who has strong values and does ensure that the mission of this entire corporation is upheld with the utmost integrity. This corporation is led with a strong commitment to provide every client with 100 percent satisfaction. This is a company that has a mission to be a global leader that can be fully counted on to offer technology-enabled business solutions for each client. This is a corporation that does have a clear understanding their clients.

Every Client Will Receive Facts
Computer Sciences Corporation is a company that will ensure that each and every client is offered the facts in an upfront manner. Clear communication with straight clear facts is a vital aspect of the way that this corporation conducts business. A client will be included in an environment that fosters trusts with each client. Straight speaking and information that will be backed up with the facts.

A Corporation with Experience
CSC is an established company that can provide each client with over 50 years of experience. This corporation had started in the year 1959.Success has played a vital role since it opened the doors to an amazing company that is run with a strong sense of integrity. This company began with the idea to start a different type of business that proved to be highly valuable to their clients. This company had a dream to fill their clients programming needs while providing a high level of sophistication in every way. This corporation has been around long enough to ensure that experience is provided with all services.

Eric Pulier is a Man of Many Talents
Eric Pulier has an incredible background. He is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a public speaker, and a founder of technology companies. He attended Harvard University from 1984-1988. Mr. Pulier is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA with his four children. He is indeed a man of many talents and has been a part of many ventures within the digital evolution.

Nobilis Health, Leading other Healthcare Companies in Mergers and Acquisitions

Healthcare entails the treatment and prevention of disease, illness, or injury in addition to mental or physical harm in people. It is provided by practitioners in medicine, allied health, and nursing. Practitioners in Optometry, dentistry, and psychology among other health professional can also deliver healthcare. Additionally, healthcare includes delivering primary, secondary, and tertiary care. Healthcare providers play a critical role in a country’s economy.
Several companies offer healthcare products and services that address different health conditions. Healthcare companies provide medical equipment, services, and biotechnology to health facilities. In addition, diagnostic laboratories and drug manufacturing fall within this category. Of late, the US healthcare market has been flooded by technology companies. This shows that there is room for growth in the industry that is competitive. Highest standards of operation should be observed.
In the last one year, many healthcare companies have registered impressive growth in the market. Many have experienced skyrocketing sales like McKesson. It has been a period full of activity with several mergers and acquisitions being witnessed across the country. The consolidation mood by the American insurers has been high. Many companies had a busy time adjusting to the Affordable Care Act requirements.
Two months ago, it was announced that Aetna was planning to acquire Humana for a fee of $34 billion. Anthem too laid bare its plans to purchase Cigna for a fee of $54 billion. When combined, the two companies cover a population of around 90 million. The good thing about the mergers is that they strengthen operations of the merging companies but reduce the number of big players in the healthcare industry within the United States. However, the mergers have been brought about by necessity because of the Affordable Care Act that makes it hard for the healthcare companies to prices of their products arbitrarily.
There are companies that are doing great right now going by their financial results and the growth of their operations. One such company is Nobilis Health Corporation. For a long time, the company has had a steady growth with its stock showing positive signs more than any other healthcare company. Nobilis is a full-service healthcare development and management firm. It owns and operates surgical hospitals and ambulatory hospitals in some areas of the United States. Nobilis Company has a strong record in mergers and acquisitions. Some of the acquisitions that it made include its First Nobilis Hospital, which it acquired in September 24 at a consideration of $7.5 million. Recently, the company announced that it had acquired 60% stake in addition to management control of the Freedom Pain Hospital that is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Nobilis Health Corp uses an innovative marketing approach known as the direct-to-patient system. The strategy focuses on a set of specific procedures that must be observed by the local physicians at all the Nobilis Health centers. Nobilis manages ambulatory as well as acute care facilities. It also manages ambulatory surgery centers in Dallas, Scottsdale, Arizona and Houston. In the recent past, the healthcare has developed interests in one urgent care clinic and two imaging centers in Houston.

Crystal Hunt Surpasses Expectations In Magic Mike XXL

In 2015, the producers of Magic Mike XXL were excited to announce the newest member of their cast, Crystal Hunt. This prominent team of movie developers including Gregory Jacobs, Nick Wechsler, Reid Carolin, and Channing Tatum, acts as a women empowerment liaison by hiring the world’s most renowned female actresses such as Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell, Alison Faulk, Carrie Anne Hunt, Sharon Blackwood, and Vicky Vox who proudly sustained relationships with each other on the set. With profound experiences in television, pageants, producing/directing, and advertising, Crystal Hunt is a natural choice for propelling the creation of Magic Mike XXL.

Throughout the career highlights you can find on her Vimeo page, Hunt has utilized her ingrained talents to excel in the acting sector. Moreover, her experience is primarily rooted in movie and television production as she has starred in many popular films and series like The Derby Stallion, One Life to Live, CMT: The Greatest, Sydney White, Guiding Light, NYC Underground, and 23 Blast. She also participated in many prominent commercials during her early pursuits such as the anti-drug NSYNC advertisement as well as The Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary celebration. As an award nominating actress (2005 Daytime Emmy Award/Soap Opera Digest Award), her rapid success on Instagram encouraged her to co-star in a reality television series known as Queen of Drama. During the production of this popular reality show, she works with Vanessa Marcil, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Bree Williamson, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Chrystee Pharris, and Lindsay Hartley to develop a revolutionized drama pilot. Alongside her performance in Queen of Drama, she oversees the creation of her first feature film, Talbot County with long-term colleague and actress, Diana Ramirez. She also remotely manages her premier pet shop, My Pets Dream Boutique. This luxury cat/dog store is currently located in Clearwater, Florida.

About Magic Mike XXL
Directed by Gregory Jacobs, Magic Mike XXL follows a group of retired male entertainers (King of Tampa) who reunite to perform one last performance at the Stripper’s Convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Throughout their road trip to this popular event, the friends visit Jacksonville and Savannah to renew relationships with old acquaintances. This entertaining movie is sure to appeal to a variety of avid movie watchers. Along with the female cast previously mentioned, the film stars Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, Joe Manganiello, Michael Strahan, Donald Glover, Kevin Nash, Gabril Iglesias, and Dashaun Williams.

Blending Profession And Philanthropy

In Brazil, bank BMG is in the list of leading banks because of its focus on developing various strategies that can be able to maximize on the available opportunities in the market. The bank thrives on profitability obtained through the loans they offer and by reaching out to many customers as possible. BMG is a family business whose control falls under the Pentagna Guimaraes family. In the 1980s, BMG financed heavy and light vehicles, making the bank to grow to be a leader in the finance market. The company began issuing payroll loans to its target markets in 1998 that became one of its core practices.

BMG unified its business with Itau Unibanco SA in 2014 who they had been in an association agreement from 2012. The unification was of significant importance to BMG as it was able to concentrate on developing products such as BMG Empresas, Payroll Credit Card, and used vehicle financing. Under the leadership of able executives such as Director Marcio Alaor, the bank has established a significant market share presence. Marcio Alaor is the Vice President of BMG who helped the bank to rise to the top in the area of providing pay roll bank loans. The Vice President of BMG has managed to maintain a conservative profile, but still focuses increasing profits for the bank.

Director Marcio’s generosity and philanthropic activities have led him to be a very valuable member of his community. Marcio Alaor uses his wealth and influence as the Vice President of BMG to help in improving small scale farming within the San Antonio community. Marcio’s contribution in improving the state of farming in San Antonio Hill led him to be the recipient of an inauguration award at the 33rd annual Farming Exhibition in San Antonio. Part of the reasons that influenced him to receive this award was because of his efforts in planning and financing of development farming projects.

Essentially, Marcio’s passion is to assist locals to develop their areas through farming through his profession, which has made him win the souls of political figures. His time at BMG has been fruitful as the company has been able to make impact in the local communities through their unique products. Director Marcio Alaor blends his profession with philanthropic activities very well as they complement one another in making him be a remarkable business leader. Clearly, Marcio is likely to make more impact at BMG and his local community going by what he has been able to achieve so far.

A Look At The Growth OF MLM Company QNET

QNET is a multi-level marketing and direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company, which is a subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies, sells various products including luxury goods, personal care products, nutrition products and home care goods. The company was founded by the Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, Dr. Vijay Eswaran.

The company uses direct marketing and multi-level marketing to sell products. In founding the company, Dr. Eswaran sought to leverage the power of people inherent in direct marketing with the wide reach and pervasiveness of the internet.

QNET was founded as a company that would integrate e-commerce and a direct selling force. Dr. Vijay Eswaran left corporate America to return to Malaysia to start the business. At the time he started out, the Asia was experiencing economic troubles. Further complicating matters was his lack of funding as well and connections.

Not one to give up easily, he sought out like-minded partners. They brainstormed on how best to serve others while standing out from the competition. He acknowledges that achieving success has been tough. However, the businessman who is also a motivational speaker and best-selling author thrives on and embraces challenges.

Since the company was started, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Within two years, it emerged among the top three distributors based on sales volume worldwide. It now has offices and operations in various countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Ivory Coast, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.

Over the years, the company has increased its presence globally. This has been achieved by opening new offices and through franchising. The company also works independent contractors worldwide to help it serve and even larger market.

As the company has grown over the years, it has had to invest more not only in distribution but production capacity as well. The company has been establishing manufacturing plants in an effort to keep up with growing demand.

In one of the greatest marketing push and strategy by QNET, the company signed a 3-year sponsorship deal with Manchester City. QNET touted the partnership as a great fit due to alignment of values and histories.The strategic partnership offers great value to both the Manchester Football Club and QNET. It helps increase the visibility of QNET worldwide and further grows the brand. Working with MFC has enabled QNET to reach more consumers and independent representatives worldwide.

Given the track record of the company, the future is promising for QNET. It is one of the nimblest DS-MLM company and is constantly seeking ways to be more efficient and successful. Despite its small size compared to giant MLM companies, it has successfully been giving them a run for their money since its inception.