Downtown in New Brunswick is boring no longer!

the New Jersey Spotlight

New Brunswick downtown area used to be boring and ho hum, but now it has a new skyline and a new image, and has more potential than ever before. In the past, the area fought off the challenges of neglect, lower property values, and rises in migrant populations, but then businesses like Johnson and Johnson committed to stay there and investors got more confident in the area’s potential, and the area began to improve by the middle of the 1980s.

Part of that improvement is being made by companies like the Boraie Development LLC, which is run by Omar Boraie, who is the president and founder. The Boraie Development and real estate company has more than 30 years’ experience, as well as having excellent reputation and the highest sales volume of its area of expertise.

One of these developments they are responsible for that is bringing good things to the New Brunswick downtown area is the Aspire, a privately established, 17-story residential luxury high-rise near the train station. Omar Boraie says it is one of the most stylish housings in the area and it begins leasing this spring.

It features a green design, roof with patio and garden, a community kitchen and lounge, as well as a 24/7 doorman, and residents get the advantage of onsite parking, and a fitness and yoga center.

Omar also begun to buy neglected areas of property along Albany Street, which is the main street leading into the downtown area. When he opened up Albany Street Plaza Tower One in 1988, it brought in lots 1st class office space.

Fifteen years later he opened Albany Street Plaza Tower Two, then in 2007 he put in the One Spring Street condominium so business people would also have housing options.

These buildings are helping to spruce up the downtown area of town, and a lot of that success goes to Boraie and his real estate business. In fact, they plan to build a third commercial site soon and wish to attract businesses like those in the tech and biological science niches who will benefit from being close to Rutgers. With all these great new buildings and businesses, New Brunswick has a chance to end up being the epicenter of the entire state of New Jersey.

As you can see, Boraie has the area’s best interests at heart, as shown in the article appearing at the New Jersey Spotlight that talks about their company and others who are helping New Brunswick downtown to improve.

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New York Real Estate Vacancies Reach A New High

New York City has reached a number of apartment vacancies that has not been seen in years, and the city has many developers who are scrambling to fill these vacancies. Companies like TOWN Residential are working diligently to fill these vacancies, and filling those vacancies in conjunction with commercial developments is the route these developers are taking. This article explains how the New York City real estate market will be filled up again with developments from TOWN Residential.

#1: TOWN Residential Develops And Sells Homes

TOWN Residential, a NYC luxury real estate, spends quite a lot of time working with home buyers, and their clientele are often given places to live that are close to new developments from TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential has created many commercial developments that will change the face of New York City, and their clients may choose places to live that are in brand new communities created by TOWN’s team.

#2: The Rise In Vacancies Speaks To High Prices

The high prices that are found in the city are hard to ignore because people in New York cannot afford places that were once in their price ranges. The budget for someone who has been shopping in New York has been cut by a high percentage, and many of these people have moved out of the city to find lower prices. The people who are looking for affordable places to live are more consistently leaving the city.

#3: Foreign Money May Be Leaving The City

Foreign investors who may be leaving New York City are taking quite a bit of the money out of the market, and that money is driving up prices. People who are left in the city cannot afford to stash their money in New York real estate, and the middle class buyer who is hoping to live in the city has been left holding a much larger mortgage note. TOWN Residential is working with investors as much as possible, and the money that is brought back into the city could help bring prices down.

There are several reasons why the real estate prices in New York City are rising and leaving untold vacancies. There are many vacancies that cannot be filled with the common middle class buyer, and those buyers cannot afford to buy in this climate. Companies like TOWN Residential are helping bring buyers back into the city to help lower vacancy rates back to their previous levels.

US Money Reserve Joins Austin Police: Operation Blue Santa

Operation Blue Santa is a non-profit, community driven corporation based out of Austin, TX. It is governed by a board of directors that is staffed entirely from volunteers and the Austin Police Department. Austin Police Operation Blue Santa began in 1972 when two officers realized that there was a desperate need for families that didn’t have the means to provide food and gifts for needy families around Christmas. It started by only providing 20 families and has grown to support more than 5000 families this year. This is only possible due to the goodwill and grace of Austin’s citizens, businesses and civic groups. One more organization joining the contributors is the US Money Reserve by way of a GoFundMe sponsorship. With so many contributors this year it is expected to be one of the most successful years on hand.

When you hear “US Money Reserve” you automatically think gold coins and precious metals. That is not the case when it comes to the US Money Reserve. Each year the US Money Reserve contributes to more than 70 non-profit organizations around the country and quite a few in Texas. Some of these causes include Austin Pets Alive, Austin Zoo, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Austin Children Shelter, Autism Society of Greater Austin, Bikes for Kids, Big Brother Big Sisters of Central Texas and many, many more. Their contributions have helped so many across our great land. Below are some links to learn more about the US Money Reserve and their many contributions.

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Things You Never Knew About Solo Capital


One of the fears most entrepreneurs encounter is the fear of failure. Although this is a force that comes as a result of various factors in a business, it can turn out challenging to handled failure as most businesses will collapse totally. Managing a business to achieve the desired outcome could mean more than just channeling materials and money into it. Information is among the most valuable assets you can acquire for your business and this is what many fail to acknowledge. Due to market volatility, it is necessary to search for the right information in time so as to make timely decisions. Lack of skills and expertise on various issues should not derail you from achieving your goals. You can delegate different roles to well trained professionals who will help make things happen for you. Solo Capital is among leading companies that have been able to offer help to individuals seeking to make their businesses stand out.

Solo Capital has also been able to offer help to upcoming business people who are struggling to understand the modern market. The company is made up of well educated professionals in various field, who have been able to work together to create unique products that are ideal for the market. Solo Capital is a well organized company that is focused on delivering the right information at the right time. They offer a number of services in the business world. Consultancy is one of the areas they have been able to handle seamlessly and are working tirelessly to ensure each of their clients gets unique products that can help them stand out in the market. Solo Capital has been offering promotions and offers that have helped young entrepreneurs who cannot afford huge budgets, something that has earned the company a positive reputation in the market. You can get in touch with other services offered by checking their website.

Security is one of the essentials that helps a business t o proceed seamlessly. Many businesses have failed due to lack of proper security and due to poor handling. This is a fact that Solo Capital has highlighted as among issues that make it difficult for a business to succeed in the ever soaring competition. To help solve this issue, Solo Capital has offered various software to help secure the systems of different customers. Get in touch with Solo Capital on Twitter or you can like their Facebook page.

Sergio Cortes: Alleviating Pack Pain With Exercise

“In actuality, swimming is one of the activities suggested for individuals who have constant back pain” remarks Dr. Sergio Cortes. Swimming is a limited impact exercise, unlike running, for instance, where the back muscles feel the activity in a stressful way with each step.

“Swimming fortifies the abdominal muscle area and tones your back. Also, with swimming, you have to learn breathing procedures that are beneficial to improving posture,” said Dr. Sergio Cortes. Swimming is an exercise that can be done throughout the year. Swimming regularly can make a large contribution to improving posture and alleviating back pain.

By adding cycling to ones routine, posture can be improved. However, it is important to remember that riding in the city is bad for the back, and can contribute to back pain. “What is better for the individual is to go to a rec center and pedal on an exercise bike, so you can adjust your posture in a natural way” explains Dr. Sergio Cortes. Having professional supervision while exercising is constantly suggested because back pain issues can be aggravated or made worse when starting new exercise routines.

Pilates is one of the most ideal ways to exercise and improve posture. Indeed, one of the principal benefits of Pilates is realignment of the spine. Also, “Pilates is adaptable and can be adjusted to suit the needs of particular back pain issues that one may have” explains Dr. Cortes. “More than realignment of the spine, Pilates improves breathing and helps to strengthen and stabilize the muscles of the spine” explains Dr. Cortes. “Pilates is a decent approach to strengthen these muscles and keep away back pain for a couple of weeks after exercise with minimal impact on the spine”. Pilates exercises do not require additional weights, but uses the weight of the body to tone muscles. “It is an ideal way to help alleviate back pain,” says Dr. Cortes.

Yoga is a set of stretching exercises that are incredible for back pain and to calming the anxiety the everyday. A portion of the exercises should be possible to perform at home, with the proper amount of caution. But they should be done properly to avoid aggravating back pain issues. You should tell your yoga educator which exercises you think help your back pain the most. It is essential to discover whether any yoga position is increasing back pain discomfort or helping to alleviate it.

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian medical executive. He is the former Brazilian Secretary of Health. He’s currently a hip surgeon executive director in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Source: Sergio Cortes Oficial

Treat Your Dog Like Family With Beneful Varieties

Every holiday is special in our house, and we try to make it special for our dog, also. We buy him a stocking, and we stuff it for him, we saw this on Youtube. We put Beneful Dog treats in it last year, and he loved it. It makes him happy to see us care so much for him, and a happy dog is a healthy dog in my opinion. I bought him Beneful Baked Delights last year. We bought the kind called Hugs, which were made with healthy ingredients. He loves to have a treat after we go on our morning walks, and it makes me feel good because he deserves it. He never complains about the snow like my children do! I usually keep another kind of dog treats in the jar on our counter in the kitchen. The kids like to feed our dog the treats from the jar after dinner. After dinner he gets one treat from the jar. Since he only gets one treat we try to switch which kid gives him the treat because we like to be fair, and they like to make our dog happy with the treats, also. Our kids really care about their dog. I know this because they make drawings of the dog, and they hang them on the refrigerator, which is just sweet if you ask me. We always put Beneful Dog Treats from Amazon in the dog cookie jar. We usually put the Healthy Dental Ridges in the jar, so we know our dog is getting the proper care that he needs. We often buy Beneful for our dog’s dry dog food. We buy the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. We have tried a few different flavors. He had the Healthy Puppy kind when he was younger. Then, we switched him over to the Original blend that is made with real chicken. He never complains. In fact, he’s happy every morning when I fill his bowl with yummy kibbles. The second they hit the bowl he is ready for them. We love our dog, so he we treat him like he’s part our family.

Why London Vacation Rentals Are Great For Travelers

Traveling is a pretty hefty experience and many people have had trouble finding the right place to travel just because of the fact that they need help finding a great rental. Vacation rentals are definitely the best option just because of the fact that they give you the freedom and space that you wouldn’t get with a hotel room. This is why I chose to make use of WorldEscape when I began to make plans to travel to London. London is a beautiful city and I’ve always wanted to go there for my own benefit, but I never thought it was possible just because of the fact that it required a lot of planning.

The fact that I could use a service like WorldEscape and know that London vacation rentals were just there in front of me allowed me to plan out my trip overseas and feel fully confident in what I was doing. I knew that my rental would not only fit my budget, but it would be beautiful, clean and offer all of the different amenities that I knew that me and my family needed. There are so many different types of rentals and WorldEscape makes it easy for you to find one that is within your budget.

Traveling wasn’t such a big deal when I began to use a site like WorldEscape. I booked my entire rental online, making it easy for the process to be done and over with in a matter of minutes. Now that many of my friends are looking to travel to London themselves, I have continually told them about WorldEscape and want them to have the same type of experience that I had just because of the fact that it can eliminate a ton of stress and annoyance. There is nothing worse than planning out a trip and knowing that everything is going to go well for you. This is what has caused me to use WorldEscape with fantastic results and it is a service I know that I am going to be using for many years to come the more I travel.

A New Financial Deal Signed Between Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG Bank and the New Mining Bank



Marcio Alaor is a Brazilian citizen who is known for his experience in investments undertakings. Alaor has contributed so much to Banco BMG’s bank success. He is a committed and hardworking investor who possesses great teamwork values. Alaor currently serves as the Vice President and an Executive Officer of Banco BMG bank that operates in Brazil.


  1. Marcio Alaor works under Ricardo Guimaraes, who has been the Chief Executive Officer of this bank since 2004. Marcio conducts all special operations of this bank including loans distributions. Marcio has made remarkable developments in the Brazil industries. He once invested in the meat industry and got back a lot of investments.


According to news, Banco BMG recently signed a commercial agreement with Itau bank, which will make a formation of a large firm. According to Marcio Alaor, the banks proceedings will not change. The normal operations of Banco BMG bank will continue as before. Alaor stated that the Itau bank would contribute to the growth of Banco BMG bank.


Alaor depicted that the newly formed bank would majorly focus on payroll loans. The partnership agreement was also confirmed by the Banco BMG president, Ricardo Guimaraes. Ricardo illustrated that the new Company started with a significant cost of one billion U.S Dollars.


According to Executive Alaor, the new Itau bank will manage and control 70% of capital and voting rights, whereas Banco BMG will control 30% share capital and voting rights. This decision was made after a negotiation between the Executives of both sectors.


  1. Alaor said that the partnership will attract more investors and customers into the business venture. He also depicted that the new bank will help generate more investments and expose the bank capabilities to the outside world.


The new bank was referred to as the mining bank will mostly focus on payroll loans and other general services. According to Guimaraes, new investors attracted to the bank operations will generate Banco BMG bank an estimate of 30% shares. Alaor confirmed that Banco BMG bank had already made an investment of 29 billion U.S Dollars.


According to financial analysts, the new bank will take the lead in the stock market, a scenario that will place Banco BMG bank in a better position in the banking system as compared to other banks.


For more information regarding the new agreement signed between Banco BMG and the mining bank, open the following link


In conclusion, the new partnership signed between Banco BMG bank and Itau bank will help the Ricardo Guimaraes’ bank open new business ventures and receive recognitions at international level.

The Adam Sender Contemporary Art Collection

What does it take to become an art collector so significant in the world of artistic endeavor that the collection itself becomes as well known as the artist?
Is there a specific set of skills at looking at a particular piece and being capable of spotting art world trends before the average populace note the direction?

Unlike most people who buy art on a piece-by-piece basis, it takes a plan for formulating multiple acquisitions that result in the intelligent building of a collection. Skill set includes being able to research and evaluate an individual work and then form a meaningful grouping–a collection. The collection is the result of the ultimate purposeful purchasing of the emerging trend by the specific artist(s) that commands premium attention in that the work is as excellent as the balance in which it is presented.

Great collectors become as widely known and respected as the collection they present. Education may very well be part of the key accrued from the knowledge of well known experts, curators, and other collectors.

The art of collection can easily become a passion which may take on a life of it’s own as it did when high end and well known art collector Adam Sender mounted an exhibition of works in one of his Miami homes several years ago. The 70 works shown in various rooms of the home were culled from over 1,000 pieces in that collection and included a piece by Richard Prince called “Spiritual America”, a photograph of Brooke Shields as a child standing in a bathtub. The piece was artfully placed in a bathroom.

Adam Sender, in his middle 40’s, was well situated to begin a contemporary art collection following his success as a hedge fund manager and was in the unique position of gravitating towards artists well on the road to stardom. Sender discovered he was a skilled investor as well as gifted in knowing which pieces were worthy of being collected. He has been amassing his collection over the last two decades that include the conceptualism and minimalist movements. His trove includes the Cindy Sherman photograph known as Black Sheets. Indeed, one of the few collectors to mount an appreciation for women artists, he has also acquired works by Mickalene Thomas, Barbara Kruger, and Sarah Lucas and believes the work of women artists should not be discounted because of the artist’s gender.

Sender began a sell down of 400 of his vast collection of works by 139 artists through Sotheby’s auctions in the spring of last year in an 18 month campaign to release his works and reduce his holdings.

Choice pieces from the Sender Collection continue to be offered in 2015.

FreedomPop Gains New Funding After Black Friday Deals

FreedomPop has brought consumers some deep discounts over the Black Friday shopping period of 2015. The company has only been around since 2012, but they have made some serious achievement since then. They are now a valuable company that has some serious investors, and they pass a steep savings to consumers. Consumers enjoy a free phone and internet service with the basic plan that FreedomPop offers. They can purchase devices in order to connect to FreedomPop’s network, or they can connect with their current devices. The company also had a great savings to offer consumers who were interested in buying a new device. This article will outline some of the funding they have received, the company’s plans and their recent discounts.

Discounts For Black Friday

Consumers that started with FreedomPop over the Black Friday period would have experienced a great initial month of the service because they were giving away a premium service to new customers that signed up with a new device. The service of the free plan is 500 talk time minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB. However, the deal for new customers during the holiday shopping period was for unlimited talk time, unlimited text messaging and 1 GB of data for internet usage. They were also offering new customers serious discounts on the purchase of a new device. They were selling a Samsung smart phone and a Motorola E smart phone. They were discounted at low prices, for example, the Motorola E normally goes for $230, but they were selling it for $40.

Funding And Structure

The structure of this company is that they buy large amounts of data usage and network usage from large phone companies, and they sell it to consumers at a discounted rate. The discounted rate is free for the basic plan, so consumers stand to save a huge amount of money on their normal phone services. People can also add the free service on top of their normal service. The funding that FreedomPop has recently earned will helped them spread their services further. They will continue to grow internationally and within the United Stated. They received an undisclosed amount of money from Intel Capital, and they received $30 million from Partech Ventures. The company is becoming more valuable, but the CEO has no plans to sell the company yet. They plan to keep growing the phone enterprise.