Sergio Cortes: The Best Michel Jackson Impersonator

There are many people who try to impersonate Michael Jackson today, but the truth is that none has come as close as Sergio Cortes has. Born in Barcelona, Spain, Cortes has decided to impersonate the late Michael Jackson from the way he dances to the way he dresses. What’s interesting is that he does not only portray Jackson in his attitude, but also physical appearance.
Sergio Cortes started impersonating Jackson as a small boy, although by then his intentions were not to look like him but dance like him. Coincidentally, he looked just like Michael, something that saw him draw crowds anywhere he visited. A local reporter went ahead and posted pictures and videos online, and Sergio became a star. His videos received a lot of recognition almost immediately, and he started receiving requests for shows. Millions of people attended his shows while only a teenager, which led to him realizing what a good career that was. As Sergio grew older with time, he started refining his moves and sound just like Michael in order to impersonate him completely.
Many people have tried to impersonate Michael, but what keeps Sergio Cortes unique is his ability to perform like him. A 44 years, he moves, looks and sounds just like Michael Jackson. He has posted hundreds of videos across different platforms in the internet, showing people his unsurpassed skills. He mimics all the dancing moves of Michael including the famous moon walk and sings all his songs, leaving the audience mesmerized. Today, Cortes lives and performs in Brazil, where he is considered a celebrity.
The work of Sergio Cortes is renowned by numerous fans in Brazil and South America. Most of his fans acclaim that he is the best impersonator of Michael Jackson, mimicking all he used to do. They love him just as almost as they did to the king of pop. All his performances have seen him gunner universal following, achieving an impressive 17,300 likes on his Facebook page. The Human Nature Live, one of his biggest shows held in Italy, proved that he could be the next king of dancing just like Michael.
You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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George Soros Perception of Global Markets Replication of 2008

George Soros, a philanthropist, and billionaire created the Open Society Foundation with the aim of improving the lives of individuals globally. Among other achievements, George Soros managed to bring accountability and transparency to extraction firms internationally. He is also the author of over fourteen books, including The Tragedy of the European Union (2014) among many others. Due to his vast knowledge on economics as a result of graduating from the London School of Economics, his essays and articles on economics, globalization and politics consistently appear in major magazines and newspapers throughout the world.
According to George Soros on Bloomberg, the global markets current crisis seems to replicate 2008 and for this reason, investors must remain cautious and vigilant China has been experiencing a serious problem on adjusting due to its currency devaluation. As a result, it has been transferring problems globally. In 2008, the world experienced severe financial crisis originating from the downward sinking of home prices which spread fast to the whole financial sector of the United States, and then financial markets internationally. The crisis did not only affect the financial sector but also negatively impacted on firms that relied on credit. Since banks could not trust individuals to pay back loans, they stopped granting loans forcing enterprises to regulate their cash flows. Due to the low credit level, the investment levels went down which then reduced the level of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The share prices fell throughout the world. The Dow Jones lost 33.8% of its worth in the U.S.

Germany, China, and Japan among many countries matched to the American financial crisis new trend as they got locked in recession. The export-oriented manufacturers from China and Japan suffered because their primary markets, the U.S, and Europe, reduced their demand for their products. The worldwide unemployment rate rose with the United States hitting 7.2% from 4.4% China did not experience double growth rate as seen before. Moreover, the developing countries lost their markets abroad and the foreign direct investment (FDI), withered. Since none of the world’s largest economies were economically stable, there existed no engine to bring out the world out of its recession. At the beginning of 2016, George Soros echoed the financial problems as seen in 2008. In China, housing boom resulted in real estate falling prices. The Chinese investors turned to stocks which led to stock index fall. The Chinese government then bought its stock market leading to a devaluation of the currency Therefore, the Chinese economy being one of the largest globally, it could trigger the 2008 global market crisis.

Finding a Great Attorney in NY

There are so many different types of attorneys in NY. Hiring an attorney can seem like a daunting experience especially if a person’s freedom is on the line. It can be quite scary to be put in a position where finding a good attorney can save a person from facing jail time or losing a large sum of money.

For the majority of people who have managed to stay out of legal trouble for most of their lives, finding and hiring an attorney can seem like finding a needle in a haystack, especially in a state as populated as NY. The first step to finding an attorney would be to network with people, say friends, that have actually had experiences where an attorney was required. Word of mouth and personal recommendations oftentimes are the best way to find a good and affordable attorney.

The next way to find an attorney in NY would be to do a quick and simple internet search from a phone or computer. By reading the online reviews about an attorney it is possible to get an idea of what accomplishments and acknowledgments they have received in the community, as well as client’s feedback on their representation.

Take attorney Ross Abelow for example. Doing a simple internet search for NY attorneys will show that he is a highly sought after lawyer who practices in the realm of divorce and entertainment law. Combing through his information, one can see that Ross Abelow is highly acclaimed and works at a top-notch law firm in NY. There are several magazine articles about this attorney that give potential clients a great insight to who he is and how he operates.

Ross Abelow is such a successful attorney that he is often called on to give advice to new lawyers just starting out. Finding work as a new attorney in NY is a dog-eat-dog experience and Ross offers tips for those just getting started. He offers great advice on what law firms are looking for when interviewing new candidates. The competition in the job market in New York is always an obstacle and it seems this applies to attorneys as well.

There are so many attorneys in NY that researching and networking provide a way to weed out the best for individual circumstances. For those looking for a high-end law firm to represent their needs, all one has to do is look for the most widely acclaimed attorneys in that particular area of law. Most firms have attorneys representing most every branch of law.

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How Ross Abelow Helps Divorcees and Enternainers from Ross Abelow

Queens of Drama Pleases Fans, Features Actress Crystal Hunt

The hit reality TV series “Queens of Drama” features Crystal Hunt and other former daytime soap opera television stars sharing their unique talents in real life. Hunt and co-stars Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Bree Williamson portray versions of themselves in this fictionalized TV drama services that has received rave reviews from both fans and media critics.

Queens of Drama premiered with 10 episodes during its first season that premiered back in April 2015. Today, the stars carry on with season two of this 30 minute reality show on the POP television network.

Crystal Hunt shines in Queens of Drama

Although Hunt portrays herself on the TV show Queens of Drama, she often tells fans online that this is a “scripted” reality program that blurs the lines between real life and fictional life on television. For instance, Hunt says she is very vocal when playing herself in Queens of Drama; while also noting how she “expands on my soap persona.” In fact, Hunt told online media that she was thrilled when she co-stared with famed Dynasty TV star Joan Collins who was also over-the-top when portraying “real-life” soap stars.

Longtime soap star Hunt popular as ever

She played Stacy Morasco on the top daytime soap opera “One Life to Live,” while Hunt also stared as Lizzie Spaulding on “Guiding Light.” While Hunt was featured in both of these dramas during the 2003-2010 time period, her actual career in show business dates back to TV commercials when she was just a little girl starting out in television. Today, Hunt sites her standout work on the daytime soap “Guiding Light” for allowing her more options in show business. Hunt earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for her standout role as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light.

Overall, there are many fans of Hunt’s who are happy that she’s still on TV; while portraying herself in the hit reality show Queens of Drama.

Business Success With Wikipedia Pages Created By Get Your Wiki

When sitting down at a computer to complete a search of some sort, most people will utilize a search engine in order to find the information that they are looking for. When a search is completed, there are usually some websites that are considered very credible and they usually show up towards the top of the results list. One of these such websites is Wikipedia and it has become a way to market and promote a certain brand or name. 

The Credibility Benefits Of Creating A Wikipedia Page

Having a Wikipedia page brings a level of credibility to your brand because not every brand you come across will have something like this. This is a credible online presence that people will feel they can trust, and then they will trust your brand based on this content.

Enhancing Visibility

The more of a presence you have online, the better. In addition to your main website it is beneficial to have social media accounts, LinkedIn accounts and a Wikipedia page will bring your brand full circle. You may have the content created for you or you may create it yourself, but people are getting the impression that Wikipedia is endorsing you in one way or another based off their including you as part of their website. The more visible you are online, the more business you can generate.

For those professionals who are looking to reap the benefits of Wikipedia but do not feel they have the time or the skill to create a page while avoiding breaking the site’s strict policy regimen, there are resources available that make Wikipedia creations simple. A Wikipedia writing service such as will take the guesswork out of creating your page and you can rest assured knowing that your content will be successful and professional. The best part is, Wikipedia does not charge you to have a page on their website. This is basically a free marketing tool that you can simply utilize. Therefore, you should make the most of it by finding qualified Wikipedia writers for hire from trusted services like Get Your Wiki. Click here to read what others are saying about Get Your Wiki.

Review of How White Shark Media Complaints are Handled

White Shark Media has been recommended by a majority of its customers due to the high number of leads it offers to their businesses. These leads have led to the exponential increase in sales and expansion of such businesses. However, there are also several complaints that this company has received and their way of handling them has helped the company become much better in the end. Below are some of the typical complaints that White Shark Media receives and the actions they take to handle them.
Customers Losing Touch with their AdWords Campaigns
Small business owners had a difficulty reviewing reports or knowing what was happening with their AdWord campaigns run by White Shark Media previously. This was because of the reporting procedures the company had undertaken initially. In order to handle this issue effectively, White Shark Media, came up with a new way of ensuring that each of their client receives a thorough explanation of all their campaigns ins and outs.
Communication was not good enough
Communication is an important task for consultancy agencies and clients felt that in the past the White Shark Media communication was not at its best as they had to pass via the receptionist first. The company handled this issue by implementing monthly status calls that are scheduled using an online conference tool referred to as GoToMeeting. This allows the company to share a screen with their customers who are able to see everything that the company would be doing. It also implemented phone systems that had direct extensions of their individual contact person. Clients are given the contacts of their contact person as well as their supervisor to allow seamless communication.
Old Campaigns performing well than the new Optimized Campaigns
Clients always complain and criticize the company’s overall competency. This is because they expect the company to always develop campaigns that perform way better. The company adopted two procedures in order to ensure that every client tastes success in their campaigns. The company ensures that any existing campaign is actively in use in order to produce a better performing one. It also brought in supervisors who always provide feedback as well as supervise all the campaign management.
Campaign been created on the Company’s Account
The company started a procedure to be used by new clients so as to start their campaigns from scratch for their new AdWords accounts that had just been created. However, some clients seemed not to be happy with this as it seemed counterproductive especially when a campaign that still exists is doing well. The company handled the complaint by letting its customers continue using their own accounts if they had previous campaigns that had performed greatly.
The company has also signed with Marchex for the provision of Call Tracking for customers whose most business comes through the phone.

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Let The Experienced and Trusted Hand Of Majeed Ekbalhas Direct Your Earthquake Relief Contributions

Majeed Ekbal has has taken the plight of the victimized citzens of Nepal to heart in his moving appeal to raise $1,000,000 in relief funds via a plea posted at GoFundMe. Mr. Ekbal has pledged to personally administer the fund in his crowdrise campaign.

Majeed Ekbal’s View from Here from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Nepal is in urgent need of medical and disaster relief as a result of the disastrous 7.3 magnitude earthquake that devastated the area in 2015. The added publicity and attention his efforts will bring to the funding campaign will help spur public interest and increase contributions to this worthwhile mission of mercy that has affected thousands of unfortunate victims, killing over 200.

Majeed Ekbal has has personally invested a sizable amount of dollars in the future of the victims and is determined to do all he can to make sure that the funds collected will go toward additional medical and ongoing disaster relief efforts.

A question many would-be contributors have is: Who is Majeed Ekbal has?

Mr. Ekbal has is a successful Chicago real estate investor and a prominent figure in the area of digital marketing where he has made a name for himself in the digital marketing area. His reputation as a Humanitarian precede his efforts in Nepal. His ongoing pursuit to come to the aid of disadvantaged women and children locally as well as in international markets.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

As a person of Nepalese heritage and a gifted business person, he is considered a master of client relations and business development for special projects. Those qualifications make him the perfect choice to direct a humanitarian project of this magnitude.

You are urged to join the efforts of Mr. Ekbal has and help the unfortunate Nepalese earthquake victims. Direct your inquiries and contributions to With your help and Majeed Ekbal has’ determination and experience the $1,000,000 is within grasp. You can make a difference.

Where Brian Torchin’s Career Has Gone From Here

Brian Torchin is no doubt a notable name in the healthcare industry. He is a managing partner at HCRC, a healthcare, staffing solutions firm. The firm is involved in marketing towards employment opportunities in the healthcare industry as well as other forms involved in the sector. Through his company, Brian Torchin offers search services for employment seekers as well as careers consultation for those interested in applying their skill in the healthcare industry. Due to his efforts, he is considered one of the most experienced professionals in the growth of healthcare recruitment counselors.

Clients and colleagues have described Torchin as the most reliable resource person when it comes to the provision of comprehensive solutions. He is also known to be consistent in churning out a qualified pool of candidates to companies seeking the help. Torchin is a detail oriented individual with a positive outlook in business and life in general. He has slowly built a mantra of ascertaining and building long term relationships with those he comes into contact with. He works hand in hand with his clients and while at the same time being respectful of their wishes. This is what has set him apart from the rest.

Brian Torchin has a client base of over 200 based in Canada, United States, Asia and Australia he’s said on Google +. He thrives by collaborating with various groups, enterprises and organizations that are involved in healthcare. Since the inception of the private firm, Torchin has been known to be a team player and applies methods of consultation, expedience and direction. Despite the busy schedule in his life, shows throughout his career that he still gets time to publish articles on the firm’s blog. His topics are diverse and touch on various topics that range from online marketing, hiring nurse practitioners, physician assistants and tips on how to get the best employees.

Brian Torchin has dedicated his time to ensuring that other medical practitioners get access to a useful service by finding new opportunities. At the moment, HCRC has its operations outside their main headquarters in Philadelphia. Although Torchin still practices Medicine as a chiropractor, he has a background in physical therapy and sports medicine. With these, he has managed to improve the lives of others through his selfless service to his clients, colleagues and the community as a whole. The health industry looks up to the services and intellect of people like Torchin in order to improve even more.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG

Ricardo Guimarães was born in 1951 at a town called Belo Horizonte. According to wikipedia, he is Flávio Guimarães Pentagna son and grandson of Antônio Mourão Guimarães, the prime founders of BMG conglomerate bank.
Banco BMG consolidated was a financial institution of the BMG Group, based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The Bank is the main business of the BMG Group having its consignment lending operation as its main focus and a pioneer in its niche market. Banco BMG also operates in vehicle financing through Banco Schahin in personal loans and CDC, through Banco GE operations aimed at suppliers of large companies, investment for individuals and companies as explained in blog.dino.
Earlier in 1980, Ricardo Guimarães began working in the family business as a mere office assistant and eventually, in 1988, he graduated in business administration from UNA, Brazil according to He received the town hall to honors degree on April 1990.
In the year 2011, Ricardo Guimarães became the businessman and chairman of BMG, succeeding Léo Bourgeois de Castro to lead the family business. The ceremony to his crown as the next chairman was honored by the president of the house, Léo Bourgeois de Castro who went on to front the work of his colleague. During the ceremony, Léo Bourgeois de Castro cited the great work done by Ricardo Guimarães at Clube Atlético Mineiro from 2001 to 2006 as the president. The parliamentarian expressed his confidence and satisfaction with Ricardo’s passion acknowledging that in 2004, he was awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit. This is explained in
Ricardo Guimarães was a successful businessman who achieved brand loyalty and ethics, in addition to supporting the fond of all sports (national sports, Basketball, athletes, tennis and volleyball). He also manage to initiate, develop and sponsor direct investments associated with all walks of people. In fact, in 2010, Ricardo Guimarães created the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund in football athletics. In the same year of its creation, Ricardo Guimarães invested more than R $ 20 million to buy the economic rights of several athletes who were at work in eight clubs.
Ricardo Guimarães was committed to the development of sports and his work was viewed as the seal of commitment and citizenship. He was the example of the society. He had withheld and continued the tradition started by his grandfather front as he made Belo Horizonte their professional and family roots.
In the year 2012, Ricardo Guimarães mediated an agreement between BMG and Banco Itaú Unibanco SA for the supply, marketing and distribution of payroll loans in Brazil, resulting to the formation of a joint venture code named, Banco Itaú BMG Payroll SA. Later in 2013, the two institution signed a business utilization agreement that concentrated payroll loan operation in the joint venture. This investment was very huge for the company as it allowed it to own a total and voting capital of 40%.

Investment Banking and the Changing Market Structure

Hedge fund managers are critical to the success of their firms. A hedge fund is typically only as good as the talent that is running the business. Hedge fund managers typically have a tried and true strategy that they present to the investor. Many newer banks managing hedge funds go out of business relatively quickly. Roughly one third of all hedge funds disappear after three years. The average lifespan for a typical hedge fund is around five years. Some business analysts on insidermonkey argue that the industry is in desperate need for newer talent. About a third of all hedge fund assets are managed by businesses whose founders are over the age of 60. Roughly two thirds of all assets are managed by businesses whose founders are over the age of 50. The industry is also seeing record high levels of turnover. Running a hedge fund is also more complicated than ever. The technology available in 2015 makes finding the best stocks to bet on easier, but this comes at a price. Many of the most successful hedge funds already have access to this technology. This technology also arguably makes the whole investment field a lot more complicated. Very little has changed in the way stocks function. These large investment businesses still logically select stocks that they think will provide them a significant return. The underlying nature of the business model is exactly the same. The way these businesses do their investing has changed a lot. Citadel is a bank that’s been in business for a long time. They run one of the most successful hedge fund businesses in the industry. Ken Griffin is the CEO. He is also one of the richest men in America. His business has survived both bull and bear markets. He is frequently interviewed on news channels because he correctly predicts the way markets perform. Griffin’s business models on turtle trader have adapted to the changing market structure. He started his business with a convertible bond arbitrage fund. His model is different in 2015. He will often hold onto stocks for up to a year and a half.