Kyle Bass Claims Recession is Coming to America

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who rose to fame by predicting the 2008 financial crisis. He’s ringing an alarm again. In a recent Fox Business News interview, Mr. Bass claimed there’s a 40-50% chance of a brief recession in the United States.

The crisis is likely to come from Asia’s credit bubble that has been forming for the past decade. He feels the crisis will unwind in the next couple of years, and will impact countries outside the region, including the United States. But, America is only likely to suffer a bit.

He’s actually not the only well-known investor to issue such a warning. Not long ago, George Soros has warned investors as well.

While Kyle Bass is a recognized persona in the investment world, he’s also a controversial figure. When his investment performance declined, Mr. Bass resorted to tactics many consider to be quite unethical. Together with Erich Spangenberg, he began to sue pharmaceutical companies over patents and then shorted their stocks. (Shorting involves betting on declines of stock prices.)

These challenges were undertaken by a forefront organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Unfortunately, these lawsuits only delayed the time the drugs could be taken to the market, thus endangering lives of patients.

That’s not all. Previously, as a shareholder of GM, Kyle bass blamed the victims of car accidents involving GM vehicles by claiming they weren’t using the seat belts properly, or that they were drunk. The deaths actually resulted because of faulty power steering and airbags used in GM cars.

Mr. Bass also came to defense of the Argentinian government. When Argentina defaulted (again) on its sovereign debt, the bondholders obviously sought to recover some of their investments. But, Bass called them immoral people who keep poor counties hostage. It came out that he has had some close relationships with the Argentinian leaders.

Kyle Bass, born in 1969, is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Dallas, Texas.

Getting Out Of The Traditional Feminine Ensembles

A number of ladies have not completely adopted the athleisure trend apparently for sticking to their heels, dresses and cardigan kind of way. However, they have not realized what they are missing for not trying the new trending style on especially with the sunny weather that will include continued sweating and workouts. Athleisure is the new fashion thing previously adopted by women in their 20s but turning out to be the new style enhancing comfortability. From a release in Bustle, athleisure doesn’t mean that one has to be necessarily working out to wear sneakers and leggings. There are ways on to rock with athleisure like during indoor weekends, hanging out with friends, going on a date in addition to attending dancing sessions or clubs.

Athleisure has been greatly a thing for Facebook fans a women retail shops majoring on sportswear for women. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of the retail shop which was initiated in 2013. Already it has been very influential in France, Japan, Canada, North America and France. Every month Fabletics releases a new fashion majorly to inspire women especially in workouts and giving them the courage to participate actively in kid games, office movement and regular workouts in the gym. This should happen on Instagram without them getting afraid of sweating because the sportswear has been made to allow the sweating.

Fabletics has been a great inspiration for women on, very month Hudson releases a new design of outfit majorly from her closet and gets it out for all. Fabletics considered the tough schedules of women in all the outfits made and has also added personalization in all the sportswear made. Fabletics is also a subsidiary of Just Fab and original fashion line and has also facilitated the release of sports fashion line for men. To buy items from Fabletics one requires a member registration which is a monthly subscription.

The subscription is not renewed any month one feels like not buying anything g new from Fabletics. Fableticas also distributes its athleisure clothes globally through shipping, and one can have delivered them at a certain cost. New members joining Fabletics are welcomed with special offers; Fabletics offers quality sports wears that are a variety for each lady’s taste.

Polar Halts Beer Production

There have been a ton of problems in the country of Venezuela recently, as the economy is going through extreme problems, there flat out is not enough water and food, no internet and facebook and medicine can hardly be accessed. There is a lot of concern that the country is not going to be able to survive a hyperinflation state that appears to be on the way in the near future, and to make matters worse, some of the major businesses in Venezuela are stopping production. Venezuela’s biggest producer of beer, Cervecería Polar, is stopping making beer for the time being. This is due to the fact that they are stating they do not have the ingredients to actually make their beer, which really shows how devastating of a time the country is currently in. If one of the biggest companies can’t even get proper access to ingredients to make their products, one can only imagine what is happening to every day people like Norka that are looking to buy groceries. There have been a ton of food and water trucks that have been taken over and robbed as of recent, with people stating that they have no other choice but to do what they have to do in order to feed their families. Polar has shut for the meantime because they can’t get access to ingredients that they need imported, but there is no determining time table in terms of when they will be back yet.

FullCycle’s New Green Energy COO

Sam Tabar has recently been named as COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. He has long been working to establish a key role within the company so this news comes as no surprise. Tabar’s new role will see him in a role in which he works with a talented senior leadership team that will successfully deliver the company from high cost operations into a low cost and sustainble route. CrunchBase implies Tabar plans to eliminate processes that, pollute the environment into a new mode of operation that will rely on lean initiatives that take advantage of the green economy.

Tabar has been employed in many industries. Much of his career management budget strategy for financial institutions has seen a long track of success due to this shrewd analyst abilities. When he was head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch, he provided fund managers targeted introductions to company investors. These valuable resources included endowments, foundations, pensions, in addition to other funds that would successfully grow the organization and its surrounding family offices. He has also been known for consultation on complex operations. Tabar was able to build both back and front office teams during this period.

Prior to this period, he was named Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group, which is known as the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. In his role with this company he was able to manage all the facets of a global marketing effort, giving him a reputation within the financial industry as well-versed in international financial and investment trends. In addition to the years of financial management experience, Tabar has also worked as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

Currently, Tabar is using his business knowledge to benefit trade in the world of hedge funds. He is a capital strategist that is known for making his first big move through major investment in THINX, a startup specializing in a fantastic vision: support of women in Africa and Asian nations. It is clear that in addition to his financial prowess, he is a man that cares about world issues.  He talks about his causes often on Twitter.

Throughout his career, Sam has demonstrated his talents by working with several different countries. Throughout this time he has been able to learn several different languages. Tabar is fluent in French as well as Japanese. Being a native English speaker, he is always looking for new ways to understand and analyze international markets and trends. As COO of FullCycle, Tabar can hopefully guide the company into a more green brand that is of international appeal.   Contact Sam through Thumbtack, whether you need attorney services, or investment advice.   Otherwise Mr. Tabar is also available on his official website.

The Beauty of Lime Crime

Priding itself on being “Makeup for Unicorns” Lime Crime is the brainchild of Doe Deere, a beautiful Russian woman who is just as unique as her name and brand. Since its’ launch in 2008, the line has been cruelty free, and in 2012 it took the plunge and went totally vegan.

Not for the faint of heart, this particular product line is all about taking chances and going bold. Perhaps one of the most coveted products is Unicorn Lipstick, which comes in shocking shades such as My Beautiful Rocket, a vibrant orange. The ultra-pigmented lip product has been seen on the beauties of Instagram, making it a cult favorite. Perlees are another great option for that pretty pout, and come in many metallic shades that are sure to please. Velvetines mimic the luxurious texture of rose petals on your lips, and come in a wide variety of gorgeous shades, so whatever your poison, something is sure to please.

Lime Crime doesn’t just do lips. Eye palettes and liners are also available in the online shop. Adorable packaging and district color choices set these eye shades apart from anything you will come across in Sephora or Ulta. Chartreuse and silver liners pack a punch, and will have those baby blues popping at your next event. Doe even stocks a basic black for when you would like to create a more conservative look, you can see that on her Lime Crime blog.

With a good selection and fantastic color choices, Lime Crime is definitely making its’ mark in the makeup world as Twitter users are finding out. Place your order today to try out a daring new look that everyone will take notice of.  Be sure to check out what fans of Lime Crime are doing on Tumblr.

Venezuela Deals with Energy and Water Shortages

Droughts bring with them many unexpected problems. Among the issues the people of Venezuela are dealing with are drought-induced electricity woes. Coal and oil are not the primary sources for electricity is. The country is heavily reliant on hydro-electricity generation. Ironically, Venezuela produces an enormous amount of oil, but the oil seems to be directed more towards export sales. Possibly, the hydro-electricity generation concept by David Osio was developed so Venezuela would have more oil for export.
The plan worked well according to Osio, but then the worst drought to hit the nation in 47 years struck. The extremely limited amount of available water has now made electricity generation critically low. This has led to a national crisis the government is trying to get a handle on.

The government of Venezuela has a very unique approach to fixing the current situation. Three-day weekends are in effect to help conserve energy. With businesses closed, a lot less electricity ends up being used. How well this ends up working out remains to be seen.

New Board Members Add Their Skills To Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Charity

The neurological condition autism can cause major issues for both the individual affected and their family, particularly as those affected are usually diagnosed during childhood with this medical condition. PR Newswire explains the Autism Rocks charity founded by Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah has made such breakthroughs in its fund raising that new members have been appointed to the board of trustees; Pete and Will Best will bring their own skills in finance and the music industry to the charity famous for organizing invitation only events by major global stars.

Sanjay Shah funds his work with Autism Rocks from the personal fortune he built as a financial expert working on the London markets for some of the world’s best known financial institutions. Shah found himself wanting to spend more time with his family towards the end of 2008 and decided his best option to achieve this goal was to form his own consultancy and investment business, which became Solo Capital.

Solo Capital has now become a major force in financial circles after it began operating in more than 30 countries to offer consulting skills for clients around the world. Sanjay Shah is the founder and owner of over 30 companies that he operates from his headquarters in London and offices in Dubai. Solo Capital is the major business of the former medical student who abandoned the journey to become a doctor when he discovered he was better suited to a career in finance.

Autism Rocks has become a major force in raising funds for autism research as the charity attempts to ensure diagnosis occurs in individuals as early as possible in their life; Autism Rocks has provided major funding for researchers at Cambridge University who are looking to find the best ways of supporting families following an autism diagnosis. Pete Best will join the board of trustees after a successful financial career he recently departed to focus on philanthropic opportunities; Pete’s brother Will has spent the majority of his career as a music promoter and journalist who will work to make the concerts of Autism Rocks as successful as possible.

According to George Soros, the 2016 Global Economy Resembles the Economy of 2008

Billionaire George Soros spoke in front of an economic forum recently in Sri Lanka and what he had to say was not as positive as one might have hoped. Mr. Soros is a financial and economic entrepreneur who began his career in 1979. He earned his place in the investment market when, in 1992, he made one million dollars in a very risky venture. He has advanced and earned a brilliant reputation in the field of investments and finances.

Mr. Soros is an expert with immense knowledge concerning international economics on Politico. reports that at this seminar, Soros spoke about the present financial circumstances surrounding the globe and compared them to the conditions of the economy right before the crisis of 2008. He focused on global currency, stocks and bonds and the commodity market, saying they were way out of balance.

George Soros spoke about China being in the midst of a tremendous shift in their economy. “The entire country is shifting from investment and manufacturing to consumption and services,” says Mr. Soros.

Asian countries, including China, are experiencing changes with the decreasing value of the yen also contributing to the problems. China has lost $2.5 trillion as the country has been forced to close down trade exchange for two days.

More predictions from Mr. Soros are creating a worldwide economy structure that looks frighteningly like that of 2008. Here are five additional points that he made.

1) Gold is at all-time high prices that are soaring over $1,100 per ounce. American is no longer based on the gold standard.
2) There is an index that assesses the level of fear in society, and it is called the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index; it is now up 13 percent.
3) Treasury Bonds show projected price changes through a Merrill Lynch index, and this index has risen over six percent in 2015. Merrill Lynch is one of the largest and trusted investment firms in the country.
4) Interest rates through the People’s Bank of China have been cut to record lows in order to attempt to restore the Chinese market.
5) The authorities have already added billions of dollars to equalize their economy during the transition of their economy.

Mr. Soros considers himself an active liberal on, and he participates in politics by contributing millions of dollars to the leaders he believes can effectively lead America. Recently, he contributed the largest amount on record, which was an $8 million donation for pro- Hillary campaigns. This is the largest amount Mr. Soros has ever contributed to a single candidate since 2000.

These economic predictions have stirred controversy in the financial community so that measures might be taken to turn the market around before another crash occurs.

Beneful Treats Match the Quality of the Highly Rated Foods

Purinastore’s premium brand known as Beneful is an extremely highly rated dog food that focuses on providing a balanced and healthy diet through the use of fresh meats and a variety of vegetables. Beneful has multiple dry and wet food options that are customized to meet the needs of every dog owner. The feature a variety of meats such as chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and salmon. Purina carefully crafted this line of premium foods to meet the increasing demands for upgraded and healthier options for knowledgeable pet owners. The line is receiving high praise and what’s even better is they have a entire line of Beneful dog treats as well.

Finding dog treats that are just as well-crafted as the premium foods can be difficult. Beneful has come out with several options for treats that cater to different sized breeds , are made with natural ingredients, and target health teeth and gums for your dog. The Beneful “healthy smile” treats: help to reduce plaque and tartar build up, but also help to support strong bones and fresh breath.

Beneful also boasts a line of treats on Walmart called “Baked Delights” which are healthy options that offer up a large variety of savory flavors that your dog will love. Baked Delights “Heartfuls” have apple filling and real bacon, the “Hugs” are made with beef and cheese, the “Snackers” have real peanut butter and cheese, and the “Stars” have both bacon and cheese, and chicken and cheese. The “Baked Delights” line of treats are very highly rated and dog owners are giving positive reviews by the dozens.