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UPDATE 11/21/2016: Banking Scams Are a Thing of the Past thanks to The Midas Legacy’s approach to business >> read here.

The Midas Legacy is a financial commentary and advisory firm. They do not manage your money, but they do offer research services for individual investors interested in managing their finances themselves. They publish articles about ways to improve your life and your finances and offer a class to teach you how to make money on the stock market. Interesting articles explain complicated financial concepts so anyone can understand.

Physically located in Winter Garden, Florida, the minds behind The Midas Legacy are James Samson, Publisher; Sean Bower, Chief Editor; and Mark Edwards, Natural Health Expert. Mr. Samson has worked in trading, entrepreneurship, and real estate for 20 years. Mr. Bower is a business journalist who also has financial expertise and self-help interests. Mr. Edwards is interested in all things natural and speaks truths many corporations would like to keep hidden. Together, they create hip, interesting articles sure to improve your knowledge about many subjects, particularly finance.

One intriguing button on The Midas Legacy website is the “Retirement Calculator.” This is a simple calculator that you put in the figures from your real life to calculate how much you need to save, at what term of investment, to have enough money to retire. This would be good to know. Midas Premium is their “Wall Street Informer,” a monthly newsletter full of information and advice about your finances. The “Code Breaker” course teaches you how to win with stocks, including ways to predict trends.


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The Midas Legacy gives back to the community. They are regular contributors to the Florida Sheriff’s Association; the Give Hope Foundation, a Florida non-profit organization that provides support to central Floridian families battling childhood cancer; St. Jude’s Research Hospital, a pediatric hospital focused on children’s catastrophic diseases; the Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization for the benefit of wounded veterans of the military actions that followed September 11, 2001; the Salvation Army; and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The Golden Backdoor is what The Midas Legacy calls a “$6.39 business in a box,” a proven business blueprint for the same price as the #1 value meal at McDonald’s. This is an intriguing idea for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit; what do you think it could be?


The Midas Legacy and In-Depth Research Services

While The Midas Legacy is a firm that concentrates on research services, wealth management advisory is the main area of concentration for The Midas Legacy team. The Midas Legacy was launched in 2013. Investment research publishing is an enormous priority at this respected company. The Midas Legacy staff works hard to give people helpful and valuable financial news updates. The talents behind the company include a mix of gurus who have been mentioned by The Wall Street Journal, dedicated millionaires and even hedge fund managers. The Midas Legacy’s team is composed of some immensely capable traders.

The Midas Legacy’s achievements are no huge shock. The firm has significant amounts of empirical details on its side. The firm has been gathering this crucial information for many years now. That’s why The Midas Legacy’s staff understands tried and true techniques they are lucrative and reliable. People who are interested in modern investment studies and assessments often pay careful attention to The Midas Legacy. People who want to have strong understandings of the fundamentals (and beyond) of Wall Street also often pay attention to this noted firm.


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This company can be a major asset for people who want professional research services that are trustworthy. If you’re a committed individual investor who would like to have strong financial management skills, The Midas Legacy can come to your aid. If you’d love to run a business someday and have the urge to do what you can to strengthen your lifestyle, The Midas Legacy can aid you as well. This company also routinely helps people who are serious about self-improvement, plain and simple. Many people who are interested in getting on the speedy retirement path turn to The Midas Legacy for their insight and assistance. The Midas Legacy, in short, can be a helpful source of information for all different kinds of people.

The Midas Legacy has a number of impressive experts on its team. These experts include publisher Jim Samson, chief editor Sean Bower and natural health expert Mark Edwards. Since Edwards is a health aficionado, he can be an asset to individuals who would like to employ nature to enhance well-being. The Midas Legacy sometimes assists people who want to get over sicknesses by relying on the plentiful benefits of nature.

People can get in contact with The Midas Legacy by email and phone.


Grow Your Wealth Opportunities with The Midas Legacy

Finance, real estate, taking care of the self, entrepreneurship, natural health, and retirement are just a few of the areas The Midas Legacy helps people achieve their life goals. The Midas Legacy is a very successful shortcuts wealth management advisory group located in Winter Garden, Florida.

Why are they successful? The Midas Legacy utilizes experts in each field, combining the knowledge and power that the client can then use to create the life and wealth they desire. Some of the best stock market investors, entrepreneurs, and top selling authors contribute ideas, advice and products, bringing their experience to The Midas Legacy member.

How do they do it? Currently The Midas Legacy offers specialized research services that anyone who wishes to find success can utilize. Proven, successful, and beneficial resources are given to members to help them gain success and good health.

Who is The Midas Legacy for? Technically, the Midas Legacy is for everyone and anyone who wishes to better their life. However, new entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business and wealth opportunities and individual investors who are looking to manage their money more efficiently will see exceptional benefits. If someone wishes to live a healthier, happier life by eliminating toxic products and returning to a more natural way of caring for one’s self, there are experts on hand to assist with that as well. There are also resources that can assist a member reach their retirement goals faster. Combining all these factors in life, and improving upon each of them, is the main focus of The Midas Legacy.

Experts such as Jim Sampson, a publisher and successful businessman, regularly contributes articles relating to real estate and retirement. Mark Edwards is a nationally recognized health expert who shares his knowledge of natural cures and common food issues through multiple articles on natural living and health.


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The Midas Legacy doesn’t just assist their members achieve goals, it is also known for giving back to organizations and charities so they can reach theirs. Several well known charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals, the Salvation Army and the Wounded Warrior project are just a few. They have even reached out with donations to local law enforcement groups, such as the Florida Sheriffs Association.

The Midas Legacy makes it easy to join so everyone can take advantage of what they have to offer.

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Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Gives Back

Talk Fusion, the all-in-one “Video Marketing Solution” has been dedicated to helping people since its inception back in 2007. Any size company, from a home based business to a large corporation can find a monthly plan that works for them. The video plans start at $25.00 a month and range to the all inclusive custom plan at $75.00 a month. The company offers video email, video newsletters, sign up forms, live meetings and video chat.

Talk Fusion is all about changing lives and that isn’t just talk. The company’s passion for service starts at the top with CEO & Founder Bob Reina. According to an article at, he has donated to multiple charities, including a stunning $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay  His other contributions include saving animals and helping out an Indonesian orphanage.

Bob’s goal was to help charities and nonprofits achieve theirs, not only through his personal donations but by way of his associates as well. He developed a program that allows his associates to donate one free Custom Monthly Plan to a charity of their choice. The Custom Monthly plan is the best plan offered by Talk Fusion and includes the whole package of marketing services offered, plus one custom video email per month and private labeling for email and newsletters.

In addition to this program, the same dedication to community involvement is being carried out by company associates all over the world. This involvement has assisted many in crisis, such as those affected by natural disasters. It all began with Bob Reina’s vision to help others and to see others pay it forward.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner with Goettl

The owner of Goettl Air Conditioning offered a few tips for people utilizing an air conditioner over the summer. Goettl Air Conditioning owner Ken Goodrich came up with the following six most helpful tips.

The very first tip from Ken Goodrich is to check your filters on your air conditioner. Clogged up filters can result in tight air flow, and therefore not enough cool air is outputted from the machine.

The second tip is to keep curtains and blinds shut closed. This keeps sunlight off of the machine and helps to keep the air cooler.

During hot months you ought to skip out on using appliances during the hottest times of the day. Using cooking appliances, laundry machines or dishwashers increases the heat in the air and makes your air conditioner work all that much harder. Using a microwave or cooking on a grill may be the better choice for cooking during the hotter months.

You may want to add a programmable version for a thermostat to your air conditioner. Keep the thermostat at about five degrees from the usual temperature that you prefer. Don’t go too chill with your air conditioner. Too low a temperature may result in you using too much energy to make your machine chill the air.

Put ceiling fans into your home to help make the air from your air conditioner better move about the room. This helps disperse it to all areas of the space and makes the room cool down quicker.

The sixth tip to having your air conditioner regularly maintained. To have the machine serviced at least twice a year will prolong the life of your air conditioner and give you the best possible air conditioning results for your home during the hottest times of the year.


Goettl Air Conditioning Owner Ken Goodrich Doing an Amazing Job

Ken Goodrich is a passionate, creative, ambitious and hardworking entrepreneur who has experience of servicing air conditioning machines since his childhood. He is the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning firm which was established back in 1939. He grew up in Las Vegas where his father trained him how to repair air conditioning machines. When he bought the Goettl air conditioning firm in 2013, he said he did it to honor his father who trained him to service Goettl air conditioning machines.

Ken Goodrich through PR Newswire, revealed that the business has gone back to Las Vegas by opening a new office in the city. The main aim of doing this is to service the higher Las Vegas, Henderson, and Nevada locations and to offer HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement. This will create more job opportunities for local HVAC technicians. Ken Goodrich has said that the veterans will be offered training and then be given relevant tools for repair work.

Goettl Air Conditioning owner Ken Goodrich rewards Veteran, College of Southern Nevada student

Goettl A/c was originally developed by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939 and established it in Las Vegas Valley in 1968. As an outcome of the economic downturn, the business left Southern Nevada in 2007. Ken Goodrich acquired the Arizona Company in 2013 and in April 2016, opened a branch workplace in Las Vegas his hometown, where his love of the Goettl item first started.

Goodrich said that he used to hold the flashlight when his father went out on evening service phones call to fix a/c unit. While working, the soft-spoken patriarch imparted understanding and knowledge that would remain with Goodrich for life: “When a person requires aid, you respond right away, not when it’s convenient for you,” his father advised. He told him to constantly do the best thing; constantly do what’s right and that the Goettl Iron Horse is a great device; nothing else even comes close. These words made Ken to be passionate about servicing a/c and lived to desire to have the job as a career.

Goettl Air Conditioning is the best in servicing air conditioning machines, and they have evenly distributed their technicians to handle different areas of Las Vegas. They also do regular maintenance on the machine to ensure it gives the best services for a long time. They also provide oversight on how to use the machine and the factors to look for to notice machine malfunction. Goettl ensures customer satisfaction is their priority and that the services they give are incomparable with the rest. The company has initiated new programs to make the service a long time career to the willing individuals.


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NutriMost Supports Healing not Stealing

NurtiMost Wellness and Weight Loss Company has brought a lawsuit against a competitor. A company called Healthy Living is accused of adding NutriMost’s advertising and testimonial video to their own website. They only replaced all references to the company NutriMost, with the words “Can’t Lose Diet.”

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Their small, undercover move may have gone undetected for a period of time, however, they kept the part of the video showing the founder and creator of NutriMost, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, explaining his NutriMost system.

Dr Ray, has a chiropractic practice located in Penn Hills, just outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Dr. Ray has been in his chiropractic business for more than 30 years and practices what is called “pastoral medicine.” This type of medicine combines scriptural health wisdom and leading edge science, and is not to be confused with state regulated services.

The NutriMost company believes that there are 5 essentials to all healing and that God put inside all of us the power to heal any condition we may possess. Dr. Ray refers to himself as an instrument of God and he has been tasked to deliver this powerful, pastoral medicine message to as many as he can, while he is still alive. His motivation to create a website promoting his method was to reach people globally and not just locally.

Dr. Ray has followed the legal procedures to stop Healthy Living from using his video. Healthy Living was served a cease and desist letter warning them to take the video off of their website. Instead of removing the video, they simply replaced it with a shorter version.

Dr. Ray continues to fight this process and seeks to be awarded $300,000 for the theft of the video and the damage to the reputation of his company NutriMost.

Learn more about Nutrimost:

Makari Changed My Life


I used to have dark spots on my arms, I guess from the sun. I don’t know how they got there, but I tried everything on the shelf in my local convenience store. Nothing worked.

A girlfriend of mine suggested I try Makari’s toning cream.

When I went to their website, they made it really easy to browse and find what I needed. While I was there, I ended up picking up a few other items that were recommended to compliment the toning cream.

Three nights a week, I rubbed the toning cream on the dark spots of my arm. I wear long sleeves to bed, because my husband likes the room cold when he sleeps, but I don’t know if that made a difference. They say you should put socks on after you rub lotion on your feet, so maybe the long sleeves work like that.

Anyway, the spots were much lighter after I used a bottle of the cream. It wasn’t long before they were gone. My only regret is that I didn’t think to take before and after pictures to compare.

All of Makari’s products use all-natural ingredients, which was really important to me because I didn’t want to be putting chemicals on my skin that I didn’t recognize. I’m sure somewhere out there is a chemical that burns when it lightens your skin. This cream was very soothing and felt great.

I also recommend their hand and body lotion, which smells amazing. Since you can only use the toning cream three times a week, the lotion helps you stay in the habit on the off days. That’s not to mention the main benefit of using it four days a week: your skin will feel amazing.

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The Youth of Today Help Save Man on Brink of Disaster

Schools are out for summer in many places and teens are able to roam around at will, putting the fear of God into elderly folk out for a stroll as they zoom by on their skateboards. “I blame the parents!” or “In my day…” are regular lines thrown after them in disdain.

Two Northern English teens, Kian and Ellis, have helped redress the balance by talking a man down from a bridge from which he intended to jump to his death.

Alex Brown, the mother of one of the two boys, is quoted as being extremely proud of the pair, but perhaps she should get credit too.

Taking pride in your children is so much easier when they do something good, but this parent has clearly instilled compassion and a sense of right and wrong into her child for a very long time. That sort of automatic reaction doesn’t get built in overnight. Well done, Alex, your hard work just paid off!

If the two boys had done nothing at all, avoided the situation and just walked on home, then no one would have been any the wiser. Likely though, there would be a dead man in the news instead of a pair of heroes.

Doing the right thing as a parent is often hard. Seldom are parents rewarded with such dramatic results and life changing outcomes.

These two have made international news and can say with pride, “We saved a man’s life”.

Experienced Schoolteacher Doing More for our Children

‘The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.’ ~Author unknown
Sudha Ramaswami is one such teacher, whom most parents would be happy to know is in charge of their kid’s education. The second-grade teacher from Jersey City who has been at it for 16 years recently released a book ‘Help ever, hurt never’, the second in a five-book series. This new title is the second in a series she hopes will impart good morals on her students and children all around the country. In 2015 she released her first book, “Fancy Anansi”, a story based on African folklore.

Speaking to the media, Mrs. Ramaswami states that her intention is to release a five book series exploring and imparting lessons on five human values, ‘telling the truth, doing the right thing, peace, love, and non-violence. The new title ‘Help ever, Hurt Never’ addresses doing the right thing while Fancy Anansi dealt with telling the truth. Ms. Ramaswami describes the overall message of her book as “Do something good for someone else when you can ‘. It is one for children of all ages, not just the 3rd grade- 5th grade age group it is targeted.

The story of Help ever, Hurt Never, follows two friends Manny and Sammy, who are very good friends when Sammy asks Manny for help cheating on a test, a request that poses a dilemma for Manny. You can get this book for your child at major books stores or online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

What a Hillary Clinton Nomination Means for Moms of Little Girls

On Tuesday, June 7, Hillary Clinton officially became the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. For the first time in our nation’s history, voters will have the option of choosing a woman for President. Say what you will about Hillary – love her, hate her, or just wish there were different choices – this is a big deal, and people are taking notice. You can read more at

I grew up being told I could be anything I set my mind to – a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut. I had parents who believed in me and supported my dreams. Luckily, most of the professions I dreamed of holding had wonderful examples of strong, competent women who had already been there. What strikes me today are all the little girls who over time have dreamed of being President. Did they have people who told them they could be the first? Or were they surrounded with people pointing to the glass ceiling, telling them they could be anything they wanted to be – as long as it wasn’t President, because that is just out of a woman’s reach.

Tonight I will put my own two daughters to bed. Two young women with amazing potential, who haven’t even begun to dream all their dreams. I will kiss them and tell them to dream big, because ANYTHING is possible. Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, one thing is for sure – at least now history will be there to back up my belief.

Keep Your Kids Cool & Healthy with These Summer Treats!

Summer is here, and with it comes long days, sunshine, and kids playing in the backyard instead of sitting behind their desks at school. With all of that playing, they can sure work up an appetite. Anyone can grab a handful of goldfish or some fruit snacks, but why not take an extra minute or two to plan some nutritious snacks that will also help your kids keep cool during hot summer days!
Almost all kids like fruit, and even just out of the refrigerator, it can be refreshing. But many fruits taste great and feel like an extra treat if they spend some time in the freezer before serving. Blueberries, watermelon, even grapes are great frozen. Check out these ideas and some other great summer treats, check out this article on Food Network’s homepage.
Since you are keeping fresh fruit at the ready, make sure you also have a good blender on hand for smoothies. Banana and strawberries are always a hit, but you and your kids can dream up tons of combinations so you won’t get bored all summer. Don’t forget to try some of the more uncommon fruits like mango for a new taste! Add a dollop or two of Greek yogurt from some protein and a little bit of honey to satisfy a sweet tooth, and you have the perfect summer snack or even quick breakfast on your way to the pool!