Keith Mann and His Success

Keith Mann has been involved in the administrative business for more than 15 years. He is highly knowledgeable in hedge endowment reimbursement, recruitment,and employing decisions. In the year 2002 he launched an investment with Dynamics Executive Search. During this year he took into account that the fund industry was a very rapid growing space that needed to be explored. In the year 2006 he moved forward with expanding his investment into the equity business. By the year 2009 Keith Mann had established Dynamic Search Partners as a highly noticable dedicated firm.

Keith Mann is Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He currently has the position of Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. He is in charge of the daily every day running of this firm. He helps various clients with hiring asset, advertising and internal strategies for specialist and their current teams, and constructing innovative strategies. The company specifically specializes in investments,funds, and continues to maintain relationships with several equity businesses. The company is involved with companies in the United States, Asia, and Europe that are in the investment space. Dynamic Search Partners also fills more than 200 client orders per year. Keith Mann is very motivated and highly dedicated towards finding leaders that are strong. He is brillant at finding companies that will pair with hardworking individuals and lead them towards success.

Keith Mann has shown great and positive support towards the NYPD. He feels that officers should be shown support and gratitude for what they do for our community. Besides his constant support for the NYPD he is a philanthropist who continues to give towards the Uncommon Schools. The Uncommon Schools aim to provide students with the resources needed to find work after college. Keith Mann and his wife have announced that their happy to be able to implant the Scholarship for Professional Achievement per year at the Uncommon Schools. One senior will be able to have the opportunity for this scholarship yearly. He has shown his generosity by donating to Hope and Heroes. In conclusion, he has many achievments and continues to show great generosity in the community.

Businessman Jose Manual Gonzalez Attempting To Make Changes

When you think about individuals who have run a business successfully, then they have been fully exposed to the stresses that come in life. Not only are they able to balance the stress of running the day to day operations and all of the problems or shocks that can occur throughout the day, but they are also able to plan for the future by having ideas of both protection and expansion for the future. When you then throw in the fact that they must still find a way to balance their personal life and their home or family responsibilities, you can see just how balanced of an individual they must be in order for success to follow.

When you consider the overall balance that someone such as Jose Manual Gonzalez has, the facts that come to light are even more powerful. Not only has Jose Manual Gonzalez done a tremendous job with actually running small businesses, and not only has he done a tremendous job of maintaining his personal life, but he has also stepped into the realm of civic responsibility and is now a member of politics as well. As the current deputy to the National Assembly of Guarico State, he continues to show that you need a calm and collected head to be successful in business, and that can definitely translate into politics and government as well.

While there are many politicians who have been lifelong members of the political realm, the truth of the matter is you also need individuals who are comfortable with running organizations, dealing with small business owners, and even seeing how the lower and middle class are able to fight and survive each and every day. The politicians may understand the law but it is the business owners and managers who truly understand the people.

Regardless of what your political ties are or who you would vote for in a given election because of party affiliation, you should be aware of the actual experience and knowledge of the individual. And, when it comes to being able to handle the stress of the job and the role itself, you should be aware of what Jose Manual Gonzalez can do because of what he has already done.

Senior Vice President of True Value Understands His Customers

A lot can be said about the experience that comes with working in the same field for several years. Kenneth Goodgame has established his career in marketing, sales, and commercial innovation. As a senior Vice President and chief marketing officer for the True Value Company it is essential that he knows the business. A retail company relies on the product that it stocks to sell, and in order for them to sell enough marketers will employ and device available to them to drivel sales. It’s these marketing and sales tactics that Goodgame has honed over the years.

It takes a lot of strategy and planning to develop a merchandising strategy that will work in a niche specific company. Customers come to your store to find a very specific product, so not having why they need or presenting it in the clearest manner are two things that will be all they remember. As a VP, Goodgame can only go by sale numbers at the end of the month to try and determine what is happening out on the floor of stores. Therefore, not only is he responsible for purchasing the store’s products and developing a layout, but he is responsible for employee training and ensuring that they are knowledgeable about the products carried in the store.

It is his understanding of what the current trend in shopping is that helps him pinpoint where it is going, that helps him establish which products and how many to introduce to the brands stores. Goodgame knows that customers will look to True Value employees to answer their product questions and ask for recommendations. To ensure those same customers shop with hi brand, employees are given the chance to learn about the products, try them out for themselves, and really be educated about the equipment that they will be selling to others.

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Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics Advance Cancer Treatment and Research

Dr. Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D graduated from George Washington University and the University of Maryland. He has a degree in genetics and has spent nearly 20 years studying the science behind cancer and developing therapeutic drugs to treat various forms of the disease. He currently hold nine patents and has authored numerous scientific articles. He is a board member for three scientific journals and was a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute for several years. His work has earned him numerous awards and accolades including the Pierce Award in 1995.

Dr. Siegall is currently the President, Chief Executive Officer and a board member for Seattle Genetics. He co-founded the company in 1997 to research and develop cancer treatment. The biotechnology company collaborates with numerous other research companies and has made great strides in producing effective treatment. Siegall‘s company specializes in finding antibody-based therapies and is the developer of many of the leading drugs in this field. The goal of the company has been to find solutions that will target and kill cancer cells without causing harm to other cells within the body. They are seeking to fill the gap where treatment has not been available and to offer patients treatments that have less devastating side effects than common cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

Seattle Genetics has continued to expand and thrive under the leadership of Dr. Siegall. The drugs they have produced are currently available in 50 countries around the world. The company employs over 600 people and is expected to grow more as their collaborative efforts increase and the effectiveness of their products becomes more obvious.

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Extreme Parenting?

An article recently appeared in the Huffington Post detailing one family’s 13,000 mile trek together in what the article calls an “experiment in extreme parenting.”

I think this is a really cool idea, and this is something I definitely want to do with my kids someday. I want to take my kids hiking from an early age so that they climb all of Colorado’s beautiful 13ers and 14ers while they’re still really young instead of waiting until they were in their mid 20s like their dad. I want my kids to snorkel and skydive, and do things that get their heart pumping. I want our whole family to go on safaris and expeditions that are low impact and high on interaction and empowerment with the local community. I want my children to see exciting parts of the world I didn’t get to see when I was growing up. I want them to be able to open up a National Geographic and say they’ve been to one place in that magazine.

Providing those kids of opportunities isn’t about spoiling my kids, because I certainly think they should be exposed and humbled to the fact that not everyone can have those kinds of opportunities. However, being an advocate of “extreme parenting” is just saying that you want your child to live and have the room to experience parts of our world totally for themselves.

Who could argue against that?

Alternative Learning Gains Momentum and Credibility

New statistics reported by the Huffington Post indicate that 2.3 American children are now participating in the alternative learning trend, including homeschooling, unschooling, and micro-schooling. Myriad reasons drive caretakers away from traditional school paradigms, including religious beliefs, child safety or a conviction in enhanced education. The overall consensus of alternative learning families is, however, a marked disenchantment with the established educational system.

With increased popularity of alternative learning in the United States, former criticisms have become far cloudier in recent years. Questions such as “how do the children receive critical socialization?” have been answered with co-op programs and extra-curricular programs designed specifically for homeschooled, unschooled and micro-schooled children sprouting up across the country. Modern alternative schoolers are likely to have weekly outings to museums, parks and other away-from-home locations to stimulate a child’s natural curiousness. Alternative educators often view the world as a classroom, and have sought out support from like-minded caretakers to create unique opportunities for children of alternative learning to socialize with their peers.

Another common rebuke to alternative learning has been that the child will have difficulty achieving college admission, and ultimately, career success. Studies indicate, however, that alternative learners outperform traditionally educated children on standardized testing. Commonly, also, alternatively educated children have participated in internships and apprenticeships prior to college application, giving them an upper-hand in world and career experience compared to their traditionally educated age group.

The Bands That Keep Kids Close

Are you afraid of where your child will go? Scared of them straying too far away when you’re outside at the park or anywhere in public? KiLife has created wearable devices that utilizes Bluetooth and apps to help track a child’s distance from the parent. They can easily emit a siren or sound if ever the child wanders too far away.

Whether you’re at a park or in a crowded place, you can be sure that this tool protects your child while also giving them freedom. The company is based in Utah, and via a phone app, parents can set a distance of how far their child is allowed to roam. You can choose any specific distance, allowing you to provide more freedom in places where it may be okay to wander a bit farther, i.e. a family house party. You have two bands to choose from; MyKidPod and the KiBand.

These bands are extremely helpful because the loud alarm sounds it makes will sound off right away. When a c child reaches that last booing of being too far away, the sound goes off instantly and you can try to locate them quicker before running off.

The CEO of this product felt the problem come into mind with his own child. Feeling lost and afraid when his child would wander off, he didn’t want to chain or lease his child to stay close. Instead, he simply wanted to make sure that his child had freedom while also being watched over. Creating this app for him was his way of helping his family and others on keeping a closer watch on their kids.

Management Experience From Your Child?

If you haven’t gone to management school or don’t have a business degree, but still have children, it turns out you may still be getting management experience after all. Huffington Post released a story yesterday on management sessions one mom has learned from her kids. It got me thinking about all of the management lessons parents have shared with me over the years from what their children have taught them.

Common among all parents I talk to is the fact that having children is a really good way to learn how to direct, not just command. If I tell my child to eat healthy, he will call me out if I put on a couple pounds and he will make sure I eat healthy too. If I tell my child to do his chores, he will make sure we all contribute equally to managing our home. That’s a lot of room to give a child, I know, but it’s also completely fair for him to be that way. What human wouldn’t demand from their leaders what their leaders are demanding of them?

Essentially, I’m not my child’s “leader,” but I am his coach. Coaching, then, is all about management. I have to manage a human being’s life until he is successful enough to start managing his and other lives himself. That has obviously given me many of the skills necessary to managing a team through development and change as well.

Talking Through Bad Events: One Perspective

Recent events make it difficult to be a parent. What do you do? What do you say? How can you be there for your kid, if your kid even notices what’s going on at all? Recently, Huffington Post released an article discussing just that.

When I was little, I was always told that bad things happened in the world, but I saw a lot of bad things happen myself. I wasn’t ever shielded from the fact, by lesson or by experience, that bad things could happen to me, people I loved, and good people all around the world at any time and there was nothing I could do to completely prevent that. Yeah, I know. My parents let me experience a lot growing up, and I actually think it made me a more compassionate, more understanding person.

When my children come to me with things they’re afraid of, I tell them that bad things can happen to them, and that bad things will happen in the world sometimes. I tell them, though, that they have the power to stop that. I tell my children they have unique gifts to use in creating a world where bad things are less likely to happen. I tell them the world won’t be perfect in their lifetimes, but they can create and experience a better world for their children, the way I am doing for them.

It seems to work. How do you and your children talk through bad events in the world?

Changing Gender Roles At Home

Recently, Huffington Post released an article stating how gender roles in parenting were evolving from just a few decades ago. This evolution is changing what it means to be a parent in the 21st century.

To be honest, I love that in my family, we actively do things to tear away gendered roles to any task in parenting and in the household. Both my partner and I love to cook for the family. Whoever doesn’t cook cleans the dishes. The kids help out with both cooking and cleaning. The kids set the table. We eat together. We watch TV together, and usually snack on a delicious fruit salad or other treat that either my partner or I made (or my daughter, who’s turning into quite the little chef). In how we manage our home, there is nothing that either my partner or I won’t do, and there is nothing that either of us is expected to do.

Even in how we parent, we don’t expect each other to do things based on gender roles. We can both change diapers. We can both drop our kids off at soccer practice, teach them how to drive, and help them with their homework. We can both mentor our children, be emotional with them, and also use discipline to guide them towards better behavior.

Being better parents is something that has nothing to do with gender roles, so we might as well get rid of them anyway.