Stephen Murray: Living a Full Life

For many people who reach the highest levels of their profession, their lives are often decidedly slanted toward their professional lives. However, for that rare executive, that is not always the case. Such was the life of Stephen Murray, who as a founding partner and CEO of CCMP Capital lived a full life dedicated to both his family and his career. Despite passing away from illness at age 52, Stephen nevertheless left behind numerous examples of how others should balance work and life.

Upon completing his education at Boston College and Columbia University, where he obtained an MBA, Stephen set out to make his mark in the financial industry. As a credit trainee with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, Murray quickly displayed a knack for investments that few others possessed. Quickly moving up the career ladder, he eventually found himself serving as Vice-President of the company, where he made one decision after another that positioned the company as one of the world’s best.

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Despite this success, Stephen knew he would at some point head his own firm. Thus, in 2006 he and his partners formed CCMP Capital, where he specialized in private equity deals. Often investing up to $500 million in equity per transaction, Stephen displayed a keen knowledge of how to make the perfect deal. Upon making one blockbuster deal after another, CCMP became recognized by those in the industry as one of the true movers and shakers that dictated success year after year.

However, Stephen Murray always made sure he kept a strong balance between his work life and his personal life. Because of this, he was widely known for contributing his time and money to numerous good causes in the New York area. Born and raised in Westchester County, he had seen firsthand the struggles many people faced on a daily basis. Therefore, he regularly worked with local food banks to ensure families would not go hungry, and he also partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help terminally ill children have their dreams come true.

Having shown that it is very possible to reach the pinnacle of your profession without sacrificing your personal life, Stephen Murray’s legacy is one of service and a commitment to excellence. Although he left this world far too soon, his family and friends can take comfort knowing that when others look for a positive role model, Stephen’s name will come up time and time again.

What is Investment Banking?

Unlike a conventional bank, an investment bank handles risky and bigger projects. Proprietary trading is one of the things investment banking helps with. This involves buying stocks and other financial instruments on behalf of customers in a bid to make profit. An investment bank also launches new products and offers insurance for bonds. Due to the risk potential of the activities carried out by an investment bank, it has not been possible to merge conventional banks with investment banks.


Sales and trading

The primary function of investment bank is to sell and buy financial products on behalf of its clients. Clients buy financial products in order to make money in every trade. Therefore, investment banks have a sales force, whose objective is to contact institutions and investors to inform them about trading ideas and accept orders issued by other traders. The team also discusses pricing and calculates potential earnings from a sale or buy. These are strategists, who are also tasked with offering advice to external observers who are willing to venture into a market.


Risk management

This involves preparing analyses of the market regarding the credit risk to clients into their balance after certain transactions. The risk is focused on market activity such as bond issuance, loan syndication and restructuring. Investment banking professionals like Martin Lustgarten who work on risk management conduct a review of trading activities and sales using the VaR model to come up with hedge-fund solutions.


About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a renowned business professional, who works as a professional financial analyst and investment banking assistant to various companies and individuals. Martin offers advice regarding securities and helps investors to understand when to sell or buy securities. He is a key expert in the stock markets as he holds exceptional skills that are useful in providing analyses and predictions useful to traders.

He is an investment expert in every field, so anyone looking to run a profitable business should seek his counsel before entering the market. He keeps a diverse portfolio that highlights his successes and contributions in the achievements of major companies and businesses.

IAP Worldwide Experts Called in Support of the Mathew Hurricane

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has been selected to provide emergency power stations and offer the necessary assistance in support of the Mathew Hurricane for the regions IV and V of FEMA. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has deployed numerous professionals under respective teams to the East Coast Initial Support Base with locations in North Carolina, Fort Bragg, Florida, and Orlando to offer their support to the states to prepare for the regional effort.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s response support emergency unit has helped various missions such as the Katia, Sandy, and Katrina. The company has also supported other devastating events on PRNewswire that include deploying expert personnel to crisis-hit zones, commodities, communication systems, and emergency power. During the 2011 season of hurricanes, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. deployed more than 120 power professionals to develop effective emergency power generators throughout regions including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

The contract, awarded by the United States Army Engineers Corps in 2013, has allowed IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. to support public requirements works, provide emergency power, and engineering services during the national significance incidences. Doug Kitani, the Chief Executive Officer and Director of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., said that the company is always contacting the United States government and other agencies supporting this get-together ahead of the Mathews Hurricane. For this reason, the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. team is ready to do all it takes to help the community and sustain their customers.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s teams situated in Canaveral Cape Office have evacuated the emergency response center and the region in the Panama City Office. For over two days, the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. EOC staff have been working under a coordinated system, developed by John Matasich, to make a unified force with all the company’s Primary Response Teams. They include Georgia and Washington, D.C. area. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., through their ECC partners, are providing for the Naval Facility response Engineering Command-directed missions to prevent further harm by the storm.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a leading international service providing company with over six decades of substantial experience. IAP Worldwide provides a broad range of solutions to the United States government and other state agencies. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. maintains offices in Maryland, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Washington, D.C., the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. For the company to develop personalized solutions and services to their clients, they have a well-trained team of professionals who world around the clock to meet their needs.


Fabletics Fitness Brand

Fabletics is a continuously growing brand, in just three years the brand grew to over a million subscribers. The company takes an uncommon approach at their e-commerce and retail marketing strategies, and has proven itself successful. The company uses online subscriptions on their website to help customers shop.

Fabletics offers a variety of stylish athletic clothing. They offer fashionable fitness wear for both males and females. The garments are made using the latest high performance fabrics. The activewear is of the latest trends and is made to be both flattering and comfortable for the wearer.

Fabletics was launched on October 1st of 2014, they added their men’s fitness wear line in June of 2015. Later that year Fabletics opened six brick and mortar stores in the United States. More store locations are in the works to be opened at a later date.

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Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg,and Don Ressler founded Fabletics when they felt the activewear marketplace needed more affordable high end variety. They saw plenty of luxury brands, but none at affordable prices. The company offers their Fabletics brand athletic gear at a high quality with affordable prices.

Memberships to How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on Amazon come in at $49.95 each month, with members having the option to skip a month without being charged. When a new member joins Fabletics they are asked to fill out a survey. This survey help the company put out personalized outfit selections each month, making them available to the members.

The memberships, surveys and online shopping data are all used for the company to decide what is popular in each region. They use this information on YouTube when opening and stocking their brick and mortar stores. Using this plan the company can create an experience for their customers, focusing on the needs and wants of each of their members. This business model has proven very successful for the brand and the company.


Todd Lubar, A leader in Mortgage Banking : Updated 2017

Updated February 24, 2017

Todd Luabr breaks into Angel Investing:


Todd Lubar serves as the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, a leading real estate company. He also acts as the Senior Vice President of the Legendary Investments. Todd Lubar’s primary goal in life is becoming a better person than he is today, which he believes enables him to add value to anyone whom he comes into contact with in life. He currently lives with his family in Bethesda Maryland.

Todd Lubar first ventured into the business world was as a loan originator in partnership with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was at that time that he quickly learned the representation of conventional mortgage banking. During that time, Todd developed a valuable relationship with different real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’s, and prominent insurance agents. Later in the year 1999, Todd Lubar acquired an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group, which expanded his lending competence enabling him to broker loans for external investors and credit as a straight Mortgage Bank.

Lubar later took his real estate to a different level by opening the Legendary Properties, LLC, a domestic development corporation. The company facilitated the rapid succession of buying, rehabilitating, and selling leading to huge profits. The buildings that the firm purchased ranged from single family homes to more than twenty component multi-family buildings. The project gave him the opportunity to develop a good relationship with individuals experienced in housing trades boosting the production of quality, customized, and modern houses. It also helped him in developing multiple contacts with the major banking associations establishing lines for acquiring credits of as much as twenty million dollars.

Though Todd Lubar’s primary focus in life is to developing mortgage banking, he also owns several other different firms in the Demolition sector, recycling industry, the nightclub industry, and the real estate improvement sector. For many years Todd was ranked in the top twenty-five mortgage originators from the country. Todd Lubar understands how to excel in most environments and also how to run businesses due to the vast experience he has from many industries. At the moment, Todd has entered into a different industry that focuses on helping those in need.

Not Your Mother’s Lip Balm

But now it is.

I was out with my daughter on a particularly sunny, fall day and my lips were feeling dry. She must have had the same thought I did, because as I uncapped my Chapstick, she broke out the oddest shaped lip balm I ever saw.

Everything about it, from its fashionable, eye-appealing design, to its tasty flavors was appealing, but what I realized later was what changed my lip balm buying activities forever. I did not think about reapplying it. I knew the most important feature was how good it is for my lips. Evolution of Smooth (EOS lip balm) packs their lip balm with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. My lips felt nourished and soft for hours.

When I went to the eBay online store to purchase my own, I realized how comparable it was in price to the other brands. The added bonus is that Evolution of Smooth ( lip balm is a good-for-you conversation starter. The unique design is acknowledged almost every time I take it out of my purse. Now that I’m hooked, I learned that the active protection spheres are great for a day at the beach or protecting your lips during a good work out. The shimmer smooth spheres are great for a night out (especially if you’re looking for kissable lips.)

If I’ve peaked your curiosity, which I hope I did, and you’re not in the market for a sphere shaped lip balm, you can also purchase traditional organic sticks. Take a look at the website for the products offered, but they can be easily found in your local drug store.


Moral Values Drive George Soros In 2016

The view an individual has of George Soros is usually driven by which side of the political fence they sit on, but the Hungarian born former refugee is well known for his dedication to maintaining a moral standing of which very few people can compare when it comes to his political ideology. Prior to his appearance at a post election meeting of the Democracy Alliance in Washington D.C., George Soros released a short biography explaining his own history for members of the group that included his battle against the tyrannical rule of the Nazi’s and communists in his native Hungary during and after World War II.

Democrat’s hold George Soros in the highest regard for the major financial donations made by the man who built a personal fortune of over $25 billion as a hedge fund manager after starting out as a lonely refugee traveling alone across post World War II Europe. This refugee journey has remained a part of the life of George Soros and inspires him to continue his fight against injustice in its many forms with the Democratic party in the U.S. and through the Open Society Foundations he founded to educate people in oppressed societies to become educated in their human rights.

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George Soros had made a large return to providing funds for Democratic campaigns across the U.S. The $25 million in donations made by George Soros in 2016 for left leaning campaigns has only been matched by the $27 million he himself made to the campaign of John Kerry in 2004. The donors inspired to enter the Democratic fold by George Soros followed him after he returned to the fold with the former First Lady and admitted his mistake in backing President Barrack Obama for President in 2008; many other major donors formed their own Super PAC to push forward the issues important to them, which is an area to be discussed at the Democracy Alliance event that will look to take the first steps in creating a successful future for the Democrats.

During the 2016 election campaign George Soros had attempted to warn voters of the dangerous rhetoric and policies the President Elect discussed on the trail. Soros believes the fight must continue against a Trump Presidency that has already signaled its intention to tear down many of the achievements of President Obama during the first 100 days of his time in the Oval Office. The Democracy Alliance George Soros is a member of has played an important role in forming policy for the Democratic party for many years, but Soros will now open discussions about how this and other groups move forward in the future after a Trump victory not identified in the days leading up to the 2016 election.


Don Ressler: Making Fashion Fun And Stylish

A lot of times when people think of fashion, they may find themselves intimidated and pressured. They look at all of the celebrities and fashion magazines and find out what is being touted as stylish on Instagram. They are also looking at all of the trends. In many cases, they shy away from fashion because they don’t have enough money for the trends. To make things worse, some work hard to save up money only to find out that the item that was trendy then is no longer trendy, and this was only a month or two later. One thing is certain is that trends change a lot.

However, fashion does not have to be intimidating and discouraging, people can actually have fun with fashion when they find the items that they want. For one thing, there are stores and businesses that are making changes to the fashion industry. One of the stores is JustFab which is founded by Don Ressler, and a few other experts in the fashion industry. One thing that JustFab is doing that other fashion retailers are not is basing their sales on what the customers want. In other words, they are not trying to tell customers what to wear. While there are some trendy items in the store, one of the larger factors in the sales is what the customers buy says Don Ressler.

One of the ways that JustFab makes fashion fun is that the company personalizes the products for the customers. To make things better, they provide clothes for a multitude of body types. One thing that the fashion industry and Don Ressler is known for is being almost exclusive in the types of clothes that they showcase. JustFab makes everything diverse with the all-inclusive initiative. This makes it easy for people of all shapes and sizes to find something that looks good on them.

Don Ressler and crew have come across something that is very likable. It is making an impact on the industry and getting people to rethink fashion. People are starting to realize that style and fashion does not have to be so rigid. When people take the time to use their creativity, they could come up with something that is very enjoyable.

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How Cone Marshall Limited Has Excelled In the Area of Commercial and Tax Litigation

Cone Marshall is an established law firm in Auckland, New Zealand. The company deals with foreign advisors and families and helps them by creating business partnerships and providing international wealth planning services and advice. The company has an enormous client base, and since its formation in 1999 it has built loyalty and trust in the market. Cone Marshall Limited handles attorneys, trustees, family advisers, private banks, and other institutions within and outside New Zealand. The company provides clients with excellent planning services.


The company provides a full range of tax, administrative, structuring advice, and trust services in New Zealand. All the company’s dealings are transparent and maintain top-level confidentiality for all inquiries the clients make. Businesses in and around New Zealand can get a tax advantage thanks to the help they get from Cone Marshall Limited. The company has many associate companies that also provide professional services to the clients in the areas where they operate.


Other Noteworthy Achievements

The owners of Cone Marshall Limited are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. The two are experts in foreign trust matters in Auckland. They have set the trend in New Zealand’s Trustee Companies Association which combines four trust companies. The companies were responsible for the successful lobbying to stop the trust law review. Both Karen and Geoff have over a thousand company directorships on NZ register. At the moment, not all these firms play an active role, but the majority of them are walking in the footsteps of the founder Geoffrey Cone who has since relocated to Uruguay. Nonetheless, they are still registering more companies to serve a larger market.


Karen Marshall’s Role at The Company

Cone Marshall Limited prides in its top leadership team led by Geoffrey and Karen. Karen is one of the co-principles at the company having worked here since November 2005. Her role and experience at the firm include working as the Trustee and Trust Company director. She has continued to show exemplary leadership all through the years at the company.


Before Karen Marshall joined this company, she had worked for other firms in the commercial litigation units for some years. At one point, Karen was the adviser to two statutory trustee companies under acting capacity. She advised and represented Trustees of Charitable Touts on claims by beneficiaries. As she serves at the top-level management at Cone Marshall Limited, Karen ensures transparent settlement of all their clients and makes sure all processes at the firm run smoothly to meet its core objectives.



Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg’s Evolving Brands

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have really made great strides in the online retail industry, and they only started several years ago. They are known to be part of the “unicorn” club meaning they have passed the $1 billion mark. They are the co-founders of JustFab, Fabletics, Intelligent Beauty, etc. As a matter of fact, the 2016 Inc. 5000 ranked JustFab number 679, and they are now worth over $1 billion.

The Name Change of JustFab

In recent news, Goldenberg and Ressler have decided to change the name of JustFab, which was found in 2010, to TechStyle Fashion Group. According to Goldenberg, their name must match their mission at this time. He also noted that over 60 percent of his personnel come from the fashion industry, and that 2015 revenue is over $505 million and 2016 projected revenue is over $650 million.

Ressler and Goldenberg will continue to use the subscription model stating that this model gives a much needed edge to the online retail company in regards to customer retention. They also defended their chose to continue the subscription model by noting that it’s more costly for an e-commerce website to encourage the customer to visit the site.

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Data-driven Marketing Helping to Shape TechStyle and its Brands

With this move, the company is going through its tech roots, and they reflect their shift going from one e-commerce site to a global brand building platform having over 4 million members throughout all their four brands. The online retailer is rebranding towards a more edgy and more data driven outlook. Adam Goldenberg describes this move in comparison to Fashion Avenue meeting Silicon Valley. Additionally, this more personalized and tech centric shift arrives when JustFab is trying to reduce the recent controversies concerning the VIP membership subscription service. Several changes of their policy have already been made earlier this year, and they are continually striving to give the best of the best customer service possible on Forbes. Also, they are working on going public with getting one of the most proficient well known executives of a huge company to be their Chief Financial Officer and president. This is to ensure their brand is highly favorable within the market, and thus for customers.