New Jersey Birth Haven Hosts Annual Fundraiser

The Birth Haven of Newton, New Jersey will be hosting its annual fundraising event in the latter portion of April. The Birth Haven has had a long history of providing housing, money, and a vast array of resources to pregnant women facing homelessness. The center is a relaxing facility designed to house nine women at any one time, but the center provides resources for thousands of women per year. A representative from the Birth Haven gave a brief oral history of the center’s work and efforts in the Newton community in this interview. The representative also gave a rundown of what community residents can expect should they choose to participate in the Birth Haven’s annual fundraiser. The event is expected to draw more than 500 people and typically raises over 10,000 dollars.


The Birth Haven seeks to educate citizens who attend the annual fundraising gala on the support of homeless and low-income expecting mothers. Because of the large turnout typically associated with the fundraising event, the Birth Haven is able to inform the masses about these women and their plans to rebuild their lives. The Birth Haven uses funds from the annual fundraiser to house pregnant, homeless women, but also helps the women to develop the skills necessary to function as ordinary and productive citizens. The center helps women to use skills they already possess to find a job if they are not already employed upon acceptance to the center’s program. The center then takes 60 percent of the residents’ income in an effort to help them to establish enough of a savings account to pay housing needs for months after reintroduction to society. This money can also be used to pay for childcare needs and other expenses that residents will incur when living on their own for the first time in months.


The Birth Haven has received a large amount of publicity in the weeks leading up to the annual fundraiser. This event is expected to fully fund the center’s activities for the next year and bring awareness to the difficulty that many women face when they become pregnant unexpectedly.


Entrepreneurs In The Real Estate Industry

Omar Boraie is an Egyptian immigrant who moved to New Brunswick 40 years ago with the objective of attaining his Ph.D. in Chemistry. However, while in New Brunswick, he was inspired to get into the real estate sector. He did not hesitate and quickly got into the business.

In 1975, when New Brunswick was not doing too well as an urban city, Johnson & Johnson committed themselves to staying in the city. Omar Boraie then decided to take the opportunity and began to purchase plots and neglected structures along Albany Street. By 1988, Omar opened Albany Street Plaza Tower One offering first class offices to the residents. In 2007, he put up Albany Street Plaza Tower Two and quickly, the One Spring Street condominium followed.

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The One Spring Street condominium had the capacity of 120 apartments of different sizes on These apartments were; one, two or three bedrooms. Each of them had floor-to-ceiling windows as well as full balconies. Most of the apartments are two-bedroom units and had a variety of designs with a price range between $400,000 to almost $500,000. From this moment to the current state, Boraie Development has dedicated itself to taking up underutilized plots and buildings and turning them into good properties that provide adequate housing and office space.

Mr. Omar’s son quickly took after his father. As the vice-president of Boraie Development on NYTimes, he was innovative and came up with new ways to turn demolition site to areas that were decent. There was an incident of when the area around Richard Stockon College looked like a dump after it had been bought from the former Showboat Atlantic City. However, Wasseem Boraie was determined and convinced that he needed limited time to put the condos back on the market. Additionally, he would renovate the students’ hostel to suit a capacity of up to 400 students. And , sure enough, he did it.

Besides being a Genomic scientist, Mr. Omar Boraie was a prominent entrepreneur who was sure of what he wanted. He had the mind that could change anything useless and unworthy to something incredibly amazing. Additionally, one of his sons, Wasseem Boraie took after him and was able to bring his innovation to suit his father’s creativity. His charismatic personality gave him the ability to bring people to his side for support.


Rick Smith: The Solid Corporate Leader

Life has something in store for everyone. At least so many believe. Talk of talent, unique skills, specific knowledge, hobbies, interests or anything that one is good at or at least something that fascinates him or her. Some people have taken a step further and worked to commercialize and invest in what they like. Well, it is evident that ventures built on this uniqueness do pay really well. Their returns are up to the roof since they either lack competition or better yet they are passion-based and hence are given maximum personal attention by the owners. Rick Smith falls in line with only a few other distinctive investors.

Currently the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and the President of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith is renowned as a vibrant technology genius. He has held his position with the company for roughly nine years. In his tenure at the helm, he has overseen the tremendous growth of the firm from all corners. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Rick Smith is a great mobilizer and charismatic leader. As a result, he has spearheaded the company towards winning more contracts, increasing the employee base, development of patent technologies, and getting the firm BBA accreditation. As a direct result of his great leadership, he has managed to appeal to the company’s employees into solemnizing the company’s vision into their own. Under his effective guidance, he has turned Securus into an aggressive technology systems leader.

Rick Smith is an educated technological expert. His academic report is impeccable. He acquired his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Buffalo’s State University of New York. Besides, he holds an Associate Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science and Electrical Engineering. Not halting, he proceeded to do his first master’s degree in Mathematics at the State University of New York in Brock Port. He also has an MBA, the second master’s degree from Simon School in Rochester.

Rick Smith’s experience in the technology industry runs deep and wide. It has, therefore, made him a specialist when it comes to heading and leading any company or business in the technology industry. For six years, between 1992 and 1998, he worked with Frontier Corp, currently Global Crossing. He served in various capacities with the institution as a Controller, President of IT, Director of Network Plant Operations, and ultimately as the Director in charge of business development before he was promoted to the post of Vice President of Financial Management in the company. Later, he jumped ship to Eshchelon Technologies where he served as the CFO, COO, President and ultimately as the CEO of the firm.

Over the nine years, he has led Securus, he has set an impressive track record that has helped beat its close competitors in the industry hands down. His success in the firm is mainly attributed to his drive, extensive experience, and his undeterred focus.

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Oncotarget Offers Insight on New Cancer Therapies and Treatment


For decades now, cancer has been the leading medical problem. The most unnerving fact about the disease is its ability to replicate in the body’s immunity without being detected in the earlier stages. Because of the challenges cancer poses to humanity, scientists and researchers have invested in medical research to curb the disease. Scientific research presently provides best solutions for fighting diseases like cancer. Through science, physicians can access various data and therapies for cancer treatment. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar


Science continues to contribute to the research and dissemination of information related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Through the same research, Oncotarget was established. It is a medical peer review journal published on a weekly basis with the aim of educating the society on treatment and therapies for cancer. The core mission of Oncotarget objective is sharing and providing information on cancer and other life-threatening diseases across the world.

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With the global drive focused on creating a disease-free society, many institutions and researchers have been adopting Oncotarget as a strategy towards this cause. Being a scientific journal, Oncotarget has made valuable gains marked by the health articles published in it. Recently, the Journal featured an article on the health hazards of smoking e-cigarettes. Unlike the common belief that these cigarettes are healthy, the article highlighted its risk factors. E-cigarettes have adverse negative effects to the gums.

Cervical Cancer

Additionally, Oncotarget published research on a new type of cervical cancer. It highlighted the side effects of cancer drugs as causing weight loss. The new findings are essential tools in battling cancer as well as providing an innovative platform for the e-cigarette research. The results also indicate that scientific research can disseminate information on common misconceptions related to common knowledge.


Being an open source scientific journal, Oncotarget plays a vital role in disseminating information to researchers, scientists, community, and donors. Through its weekly publications, Oncotarget can reach many people in the society. It, therefore, means that the journal, under the leadership of prominent scientists like Mikhail Blagosklonny, has widened its scope of publication from oncology to various fields like pharmacology and aging. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

New Jersey Writer Discusses Changes in Parenting Styles

John Rosemond, a popular columnist for the New Jersey Advocate, recently published a parenting piece about the way that parenting styles have changed from marriage-oriented styles to child-oriented styles since the late 1960s. Rosemond has received a great deal of positive and negative feedback since the publication of this article and decided to publish a continuation of the article to address questions that he frequently received regarding the development of marriage or parent centered parenting styles. In his most recent article on the subject, Rosemond assert that the development of parenting styles which center around children, their feelings, and their personal outlooks on discipline and behavior problems have ultimately led to an onslaught of emotional and moral decay that millennials have experienced since the popularization of this parenting styles. In order to redeem the culture, a shift in the collective parental mindset is required.


Rosemond begins his article by discussing the movement from traditional marriage-based child rearing to psychology-based theory which focused more on the appeasement of childhood desires and turned normative discipline involved in child rearing into a negative aspect. Rosemond completely refuted this method of child rearing, stating that children are better adapted to adult hood, find more security and stability in day to day life, and are generally more emotionally stable when they are raised by parents who focus more attention on their spouse’s desires than the desires of their children.


Although Rosemond has his critics, study after study supports the journalist in his findings. Studies show that children who grow up in households where they are certain of their parents commitment to marriage feel more secure and emotionally stable than children who grow up in households where their parents are committed to the children but lack significant commitment to their spouses. Children who are raised in households where psychologically themed child rearing is performed often report feeling inadequate and suffering from emotional challenges in early adulthood. These children also struggle with serious relationships because they were raised with an adult who centered the child’s first primary relationship on the child. Because of this, the children often assume that romantic relationships should also center around them.


Husband Defends Wife’s Parenting Choices

David Brinkley lives in Yukon, Oklahoma. He posted a photo of his wife co-sleeping with his children. The photo received a lot of praise, but it also received a lot of criticism. Many people stated that David’s wife, Alora, should not be sleeping with the children. However, David decided to defend his wife’s parenting choices.


One person commented saying that her husband must hate the fact that his wife co-sleeps with the children. However, David stated that he does not hate anything about the way that his wife parents. He also stated that he will never degrade or disregard his wife. David went on to say that he does not mind squeezing into bed with his children and wife. He went on to say that certain parts of motherhood are short. You have to cherish each moment that you have with your kids.


David stated that he will never rob his wife of the time that she spends with their kids. He also advises men to respect their wives as mothers. The American Academy of Pediatrics have advised against co-sleeping because of the risk of turning over and smothering the child. However, if there are not a lot of pillows or blankets on the bed, and the mattress is firm, then this risk is minimized.


A woman was recently charged with second-degree murder after she fell asleep on top of her baby. However, this woman was intoxicated while she did this. David’s post quickly went viral after he posted it. It was liked over 500,00 times and shared over 300,000 times. One person commented saying that co-sleeping is the best. Another person thanked David for showing them that that a true partnership can exist. Furthermore, many people stated that David is a great husband and father, and more men should follow his example.


Parenting Made Simple

A lot of parents want to raise children who are little Einstein whizzes who do excellently in school. What they forget is that Einstein did not talk until he was four. Even the smartest kid is going to have some oddities that a wise parent has to deal with. It is actually the more intellectually challenged children who usually have the fewest problems.


  1. Learn from Others

Preparing your children for success requires learning from the parents who are not succeeding, and the ones who did. Also looking at successful people and how they developed is quite helpful. It is easy to think that we know it all until the teenager comes home late with a traffic ticket. If you learn from the Dad of teenagers when you have toddlers, you will not make his mistakes.


  1. Understand Jungian Psychology

While Freudian psychology focuses on altering the environment to improve behavior, Jungian psychology holds that children have natural talents that should be cultivated in different environments. It is just like plants. If you try to grow a rose bush exactly like you would an almond tree, you are probably going to be frustrated with bad almonds. Understand the difference between the rose bush and the almond tree, and respect them for who they are.


  1. Learn From Your Own Childhood Mistakes

What did you not like about how your parents treated you? Some children when they become parents respond to relational pain by doing the extreme opposite of what their parents did. This is not always healthy. Identify what your parents did well, and what they did poorly. Copy what they did well, and change what they did poorly. Always be open to adapt for children who are very different than you.



Parenting is not something that all people do well. Get outside help. Former President Obama emphasized the role that a community has in raising children. You do not have to do it alone. However, it is your responsibility to make sure your children have a healthy and safe environment until they are 18.


Personal Interview with Nine9 CEO and Founder Anthony Toma

In a recent interview published by Ideamesch, the founder and CEO of Nine9 TheUnAgency, Mr. Anthony Toma opened up on several issues regarding both his family and company. The interview covered a wide variety of issues ranging from personal truths like his love for the Detroit lions and his daily family life to corporate questions such as his inspiration for starting of Nine9 and factors that have contributed to the survival and growth of the company.

Nine9 TheUnAgency was founded more than 12 years ago in the year 2013 and the main goal of the company is to provide actors and models with the opportunities, tools and support structures that they need in order to start, develop and advance their various careers. The name of the company is actually inspired by the fact that 99% of actors and models within the entertainment industry do not have access to the facilities and support required to help them establish a successful careers. This is the gap that the company now works to fill on a daily basis although in the interview Mr. Toma revealed that its establishment came about as something of an accident that happened as he was looking for grocery franchises.

When asked about the habits that make him successful as an entrepreneur, Mr. Toma attributed everything to good listening skills. He also gave credit to the Entrepreneurial Operating System designed by Gino Wickman and which the company continuously employs in all his operations. Interestingly, he pointed out failure as one of his strongest pillars for growth. He indicated that he has managed to grown by failing time and time again and was quick to recommend the same for other entrepreneurs hoping for success. His dedication to family was also evident when he outlined his regular morning routine and also when he revealed that he once spent $100 on his son’s tooth as a tooth fairy but still felt it was the best $100 he ever spent.You can also visit their You-Tube page: Click here.

Successful New Jersey Business Women Give Address Regarding Motherhood

Three successful New Jersey businesswomen have recently hosted an event designed to empower mothers involved in high powered careers to embrace the art of change. The event was planned in the latter part of 2016 and went off without a hitch with a reported 3000 women in attendance. The event’s hosts and speakers, MaryAnn LoFrumento, Myriam Alvarez, and Anna Maria Chavez, spent the day encouraging mothers to become fluent in their careers and become actively involved in motherhood. Motherhood, the hosts repeatedly exclaimed, is always to be placed above careers because of the duty to care for the life of another human being.


Myriam Alvarez opened the event with a memorable anecdote about her life as a businesswoman and a mother. Alvarez became very successful in the field of journalism and news at an early age. After graduating college, Alvarez landed a prestigious internship with a notable news agency and later became one of the leaders of this agency. Just as she began to advance in her career, Alvarez received the devastating news that her small son had been diagnosed with cancer. Alvarez stated that she immediately realized that her responsibility was the primary care of her son. She quit her job to help his physicians to restore his health. After her son went into remission, Alvarez stated that she expected the joy she had previously found in her work to return when she did. She did not find the same joy, however, and realized that she desired to be with her children on a continuous basis and did not wish to waste precious time with them. Alvarez eventually quit her journalism job with the United Nations and pursued a career in writing and publishing from home. Her advice to the women at the event was to embrace the change that life often hands mothers and to find careers that assist them in the pursuit of life’s most important tasks. Chatham and LoFrumento gave similar accounts of times when they were pushed into a new direction in their careers for the sake of motherhood and announced that they could not be happier in their new careers.



Ways Parents Can Show Love To Your Children

Parents love their children. However, some people have trouble showing their love to children. Showing love to your children does not have to be difficult. Children need to hear the words “I love you” on a regular basis. There are many ways that you can show this love. You can give them hugs and kisses. You can also hold your child’s hand when you are walking.


You can tell your child that you love him or her anytime. You can say “I love you” while you are riding in the car with your child or putting him or her to bed. You can also say “I love you” while your child is helping you with the kitchen. Those three words are powerful.


Touch is also important. It helps a child feel loved and appreciated. Even if your child has done something wrong, he or she should still feel loved. For example, you can touch your child’s hand and let him or her know that the behavior is not okay. It is also important to find creative ways to show love to your child. You do not want to overwhelm your child by giving too many kisses or hugs.


When children do not receive love, they are more likely to develop mental issues later in life. Showing your child love does not guarantee that they will not develop mental problems. However, being loved is important for one’s mental health.


Showing love to your children may come easier if you think about how your life has been enhanced by having a child. While raising a child comes with many challenges, it can also bring you a lot of joy. It is exciting to watch your child grow up and discover new things. Showing love to your children can also make it easier for you to show love to other people in your life.