The Success Academy That Gives Students Access to Better Education

Eva Moskowitz has created some really great schools for students that did not always have access to a good education system. Eva started with Success Academy in Harlem, and she made her way to other areas like the Bronx and Brooklyn to do the same thing. The great thing about Success Academy is that it benefits the kids that may have never had the opportunity to get the education that they could get if they lived in better neighborhoods. Eva took on the zoning issue and decided to give kids a better chance to improve upon their grades even if they could not improve upon their neighborhoods.

The Success Academy is a charter school that has a lot of parental involvement. This may be one of the reasons that this type of school has done so well. It has been thriving with students that have higher grades because the parents are concerned about the outcome of their children. They have been taking a very active role in helping their children. The end result has been a plethora of students that are excelling in their work and looking forward to going to going to college. Some students, before attending Success Academy, may have never assumed that they could go to college. Now that they have access to some 41 Success Academy Charter Schools in the state of New York everything is changed.

Eva Moskowitz became very excited about the concept of charter schools and she made it her mission to give students more opportunities. She grew up in New York, and she went through the school system there. Eva felt like she did not really learn anything when she was going through school. She did not want her students to be in a place where they were experiencing the same thing that she experienced in high school. Eva wants to provide an opportunity for anyone that wants a chance at higher education.

Success Academy is the school system that is helping students get prepared for the world. This has become the school system that is giving many African American students access to better education.

Recap: Susan McGalla’s Advice to Working Women press release

Susan McGalla is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide women to succeed in business careers. As founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, McGalla has taken up the mantel of the women who have fought for the right to have a seat at the management table and better overall working conditions for women everywhere. She also assists clients with operational efficiencies, talent management, marketing, branding, and much more. Recently she shared three tactics women can use to overcome the difficulties they face in the workplace and become successful.


  1. Higher Education Opens Up Greater Opportunities


The economy needs skilled workers. For women to be successful in workplaces dominated by men, more women must earn college degrees, McGalla says. Young women shouldn’t let the growing cost of a college education stop them. She advises them to rely on scholarships, financial aid, and smart planning. McGalla pointed out that women already make up nearly half of America’s professional workers and more than half of college students. She said it is important these trends continue so women can win the ‘war for talent’ in the coming year.


  1. Continued Confidence


McGalla explained that it’s essential for women to build a support network of influencers who will motivate them to do the highest quality work possible. This will give them the opportunity to attain higher management positions. This can help women who have higher education and have taken advantage of the opportunities presented to them feel more confident once they have entered a work environment remain confident enough to succeed. This is important, McGalla explained because a study done by Bain & Company shows that the influence of management can cause women’s level of aspiration to drop by up to 60%.


  1. Ignore the Glass Ceiling


One of the strategies McGalla says led to her success is paying attention to her work ethic and ignoring the “glass ceiling”. She said she didn’t carry a chip on her shoulder or worried about prejudices that existed in the workplace or what she was entitled to because she is a woman. Nor did she worry about breaking through the glass ceiling. She advises women to not allow themselves to be subject to discrimination or prejudice, or reinforce stereotypes. Instead, she says they should persevere and let their work speak for itself in the face of workplaces where gender-designated role dominate.

E-Governe As the Perfect Tool for Public Administration

E-Governe is a complex system that can be used as a technological tool to assist in Public Administration of education and healthcare. The Instituto de Informatica (ICI) is responsible for installation and maintenance of the system for any local government that needs it. The system was recently installed in Teresina to assist in the management of human resources. Mayor Silvio Mendes was present, and he hailed the system’s usefulness and functionality.


Part of these important benefits includes monitoring of service delivery and identification of problems as well as speeding up feedback to service delivery. With the various components of E-Governe installed, the city must now embark on training its staff to utilize the capabilities offered by the new system fully. The municipality of Teresina has immediately embarked on training to accelerate implementation of the new tools offered by E-Governe.


Osasco, another Brazilian municipality has also signed on to E-Governe. Located in greater Sao Paolo, this municipality required different services, but E-governe was able to deliver. Osasco needed a school management system, and thus E- governe provided Educacao school management system. Under the contract, ICI will also supply computers, install electricity and build a call center for the city’s education department. This will benefit over 138 schools as well as the municipality’s education department education headquarters.


The education system allows access to reports on the internet; this means management reports can be issued in real time. The said reports can easily be shared thus minimizing rework duties. It is also secure as it controls access in accordance with security levels. This ensures integrity and security of information. E-Governe has provided the city with an efficient and time-saving tool for their education system.


ICI is responsible for providing health care management systems as well. In public administration, efficiently managing the healthcare sector is always a formidable task. E-Governe has stepped in, and it has made things much more functional and economical. E-Governe integrates all healthcare units and sectors into their system. This enables the system to do a lot with the information such as scheduling of appointments and generating a useful clinical or medical chart for use by the health care professional.


This system also helps the professionals themselves organize their schedules thus eliminating service queues and improving the quality of service delivery overall. E-Governe helps to control the distribution of medicine to pharmacies as well as the scheduling of specialized consultations and exams.


The system is still utilized in the management of ambulatory services and can help the clients manage the financial aspects of healthcare. This system is particularly useful as it can be used hand in hand with other e-government solutions. There are numerous benefits of having this system; these could be how it regionalizes attendance to control the flow of patients from nearby municipalities, or how it improves the organization of processes thus improving efficiency. It can also be used to map out health units and control the flow of patients between these units.

E-governe Saves the day all the Time


Yes, e-governe is as collaborative design of three top performing companies and a system that proves to be an essential tool and must-have item for any government providing superior service to its citizens. Surely, Minauro, Sisteplan and Consult bring the very best in system deployment, information technology plus government rules and regulations embedded within aspects of the system.



And, the results when using e-governe are user-friendly navigation with convenient accessibility in multiple locations using mobile devices. The security measures, functions and features designed into system are air tight and built around per user access, which makes them virtually impossible to hack into from outside sources. Of course, this all comes with customer support that does not just know the technical aspects of the system but also knows how to execute operational functions, for complete customer care. This all goes to a data center that performs in one location but also hosts, processes, store and monitors information that comes across its path.



The benefits to Public Administration from using the e-governe system all comes down to simple and economic functioning bodies and responsible, reasonable healthcare management. The everyday business off providing medical attention is no longer interrupted by the task of being too busy from contacting patients and managing the time of medical professionals. This is all possible due to integrative technology that puts healthcare units, their sectors and the charts they use all on one data base. It makes setting appointments and tracking progress much more comprehensive. However, e-governe does more than that by controlling ambulatory issues, hospital bed counts, the stock of medicines in pharmacies, the proper application of vaccines and the scheduling of specialized consultations or examinations.



Certainly, there is more than enough to brag about when it comes the services available under e-governe, and each benefit just makes all the others look even better. The regionalization of overall attendance itself is most helpful in the running of government and the assessment of demographics within an area. But, then things get better from there with the control of patients between municipalities. There is also the ability to control the agreement between municipalities, which standardizes the expected operating procedures between any two or even three territories. It balances the books when it comes to payment and dues with no sweat involved. There is just better sense of organization to the workday when this system is present. It is so detailed in its operation that it can monitor and control the flow of patients through health units, which cuts down on the guess work of knowing where a patient is along in their treatment.



Perhaps, the best part about e-governe is that it is already doing well in so many cities across South America. For example, the municipality of Teresina is set to follow in the footstep of so many others before it and give the system a try on their human resources departments. Its test run is set to be implemented by e-Governe (Instituto Curitiba de Informatica). It boils down to city Hall being able to do more for the public it its serves daily.


Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe’s Involvement

Unlike other charity funds that have been set up for public use, Ubuntu Fund strives to make a significant impact in the lives of children in a more innovative way. This is one of the unique structures of this funding since its primary purpose is to make a direct impact, especially in the lives of the children that’s most vulnerable to undue hardships. Utilizing platforms like the World Economic Forum annual gatherings, Andrew Rolfe and the organization works with donors utilizing a unique Unbuntu model.


The Ubuntu model is designed to achieve its goals and objectives through the use of others that donate small and large sums of money to families and communities in need. Therefore, when Andrew Rolfe, chairman on the board of directors of Unbuntu Fund organizes their initiatives, it is important that they work with each donor early on before contributions are being made. Thereby, establishing a favorable match of donations that will give Ubuntu the freedom to use the money in a manner that will best suit and support the children in need.


By using the Model that Andrew Rolfe and others on the board have established in advance, it gives the organization what they need to create individual plans for each child that enters into their program. These programs help to facilitate a comprehensive plan that addresses a wide spectrum of issues and concerns including their health, education and a stable way of escaping poverty. Meaning the Ubuntu Fund goes beyond the traditional charity standards by making the maximum impact that they can in the communities that they support.


Ubuntu Fund and its board of directors like Andrew Rolfe are currently implementing a solid model that has been designed to directly impact the needs of children in communities that need the help. To make sure the organization can operate in a manner that will best support the needs of those who are in their programs, one of the first things that they do is meet with donors to ensure they have the best fit and donation plan in advance. Thereby, giving the organization the freedom to ensure each child that receives the organization’s donations will have an optimum chance of escaping poverty.


Richard Mishaan Design: A Clever Mixture of Periods and Style

Richard Mishaan is an internationally renowned architect and designer. Based in New York City, he runs Richard Mishaan Design, a consulting firm specializing in personalized interior design and architecture. From 1997 to 2008, he also operated Homer, a popular interior design shop in uptown New York, which has now been relocated and reopened in Greenwich Village after the Whitney Museum needed his original space. Among Mishaan’s many accomplishments is being named as an Architectural Digest Top 100 designer. Probably his most acclaimed work is his redesign of the presidential suite in the historic five-diamond St. Regis Hotel. However, to truly appreciate Mishaan’s design work, you’ve got to dig deeper!

Richard Mishaan is most famous for his unique way of blending an eclectic array of furnishings and decor from different periods and styles in a way that somehow makes them seem like the perfect marriage. He can find a way to make an antique Old World china closet harmonize beautifully with a painting of a modern sculpture. While juxtaposing different periods and styles may be in vogue now by several top designers, this was certainly not the case when Mishaan started doing it more than thirty years ago. Without even trying to, he pioneered this whimsical style as it has certainly rubbed off on a legion of younger designers coming up through the ranks.

Richard Mishaan is unique in another fascinating way as well. Most exceptional designers who reach the pinnacle of reputation in the design world end up designing only in the most lavishly expensive structures. This is not true with Mishaan. While he is often hired by the rich and famous, such as the legendary John McEnroe, Mishaan is equally committed to showcasing how glamorous design can be applied to even the smallest urban apartment and on a modest budget. To this end, many of the pieces he designs and sells in Homer, his design shop, cost less than $100. This is probably one of the reasons his designs connect with so many different types of people.

While no two Mishaan design masterpieces are the same, there are some recurring themes that you’ll immediately get to know by thumbing through either of his books, “Artfully Modern: Interiors by Richard Mishaan” published in 2014, and “Modern Luxury” published in 2009. First, you will note eye-popping color everywhere in Mishaan designs! Born in Columbia, Richard Mishaan was exposed to vivid color applied to structures, both exterior and interior, at a very young age, and fell in love with it right from the start. He has carried this love for bright and beautiful color into his designs all over the world. Monochromatic rooms are transformed by Mishaan’s color into a world that that will lift your mood and spirit.

Synthesizing bold patterns and textures is another Mishaan hallmark you can’t miss! There are zig zags, stripes of various widths, concentric circles, and other geometric patterns. He arranges them in such a way as to excite the imagination without overstimulating the psyche. Vivid pieces of artwork become incorporated into these designs in such a way that the patterns and textures often serve as the background rather than the focal point, as most interior designers use them. Mishaan also places within this mixture whimsical pieces from around the globe that accentuate the person’s unique personality and style.

Richard Mishaan’s work has been showcased in numerous publications including Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Veranda, InStyle, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Hamptons Magazine, and the New York Times. His own homes often serve as a showcase for his work. These include a 16th-century residence in his hometown of Cartagena Columbia, an UNESCO World Heritage site, his art filled New York apartment, and his weekend home in the Hamptons, a patchwork of bright colors, stripes, and plaids! You get a sense of who Mishaan is by exploring the many personalities of his own homes and personal getaways.

One of Richard Mishaan’s specialties is designing, or redesigning, hotel rooms and other hotel spaces. Besides the St. Regis Hotel in New York, he has been hired to design rooms at the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach Florida, the Marriot AC also in South Beach, the Hotel Tcherassi in Cartagena Colombia, and many other hotels. This hotel design work has spilled over into his design work for residences as patrons of these hotels often love the rooms so much, and feel so at home in them, they recruit Mishaan to design private bedrooms to match the hotel rooms they stayed in.

Mishaan is proud of his Colombian heritage and the influence it has had on his eye for design. He is equally proud of his extensive world wide travel with his family. In the same way a chef hones his craft by sampling a diversity of world cuisine while traveling the world, Mishaan hones his craft by feasting his eyes on the unique designs he discovers in his worldwide travels. He then melds together all these influences into a cohesive design that is unique to him alone. His designs are leaving a lasting impression.

Another Mishaan calling card is placing elements of glamour, even in the most utilitarian places. Hallways, entrance ways, and even closets get a noticeable does of glamour from this design master. As you look through his books, and in the photography spreads of his designs in the various magazines and newspapers, it can be instructive to try to spot how he incorporated glamour into each room. Only in this way can you start to truly get inside the creative mind of this design genius.

Beyond travel, Mishaan also gets a lot of his design inspiration from art. In one interview, when he was asked what inspired him, he said he tried to attend every art exhibit he can. In a way, Mishaan composes his design in the same way a painter may incorporate different elements from different places into the same painting. In another interview, Mishaan said he strives to “find a way for disparate objects to coexist beautifully.” In this way, the inside of a room becomes Richard Mishaan’s canvas and we can all become more enriched by viewing his work in person or through the many photographs of his designs.

To take a further peek at the brilliance of Richard Mishaan Design follow him on social media. His posts are rich with design ideas and beautiful inspiration.

The Un-Agency Nine9 Helps Aspiring Talent Get Auditions

What is Nine9, and what does it do? Nine9, the UnAgency, is revamping the way talented individuals find their way into the best entertainment industry, as this YouTube video relates. Aspiring actors, models, and musicians are the kinds of talent Nine9 works with.The goal is to help the talent go viral. Nine9 gets musicians, actors, and models hooked up with auditions. Its name represents the 99% of talented individuals who aren’t in the top tier of their profession…yet. Nine9 believes the 99% who don’t have an agent should have a chance to be heard.

Singer and actress Katherine C. is the first to give her testimonial in the video. Katherine has gotten many auditions that have led to photo shoots and parts in commercials. She advises other aspiring actors and singers to be outgoing and to go to every audition they possibly can.The next voice in the video is that of Lynn Clarke-Geiner, a casting director, producer, and talent scout. She uses Nine9’s database frequently when casting one of her productions. In the next segment, you’ll see a showcase that represents men, women, and children in the kind of professional photographs that can help launch their modeling and/or acting careers.

Some tricks and tips for aspiring actors, models, and musicians follow. They tell you what to bring to a photo shoot and what will help you look your best. For example, don’t arrive to a shoot with your hair in a ponytail, which can leave an unwanted crease.Anthony Toma, the founder and CEO of Nine9, appears next in the video. He shares his vision for helping aspiring models and actors get started in the entertainment industry. Toma wanted to level the playing field for those who don’t happen to be discovered by a talent scout.

The Refugee Crisis Brings Out The Best In The Public And Avaaz

The European Union has been weighed down beneath the ongoing refugee crisis that has seen huge numbers of individuals fleeing war torn areas of the Middle East flood across the borders of Europe in a bid to find a better life. Avaaz is a humanitarian and political activism group that has been playing a major role in the reaction of Europe to the ongoing issues seen with refugees, including providing rescue missions that are proving lifesavers for those who are taking dangerous journeys using overcrowded ships entering regions of Greece and Italy.

As the way the public reacts to a major humanitarian issue is part of the work of Avaaz the group is most proud of it is currently looking for ways to make sure the private citizens of Greece who have opened their hearts and homes to refugees are honored for their impressive actions; an Online petition organized by an Avaaz member called on the Nobel Peace Prize committee to award the prize to the volunteers in Greece who have placed their own lives at risk to help those fleeing problems in other parts of the world. Eventually the petition and call for official recognition for the people of Greece was presented to the Nobel Prize Committee by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and a group of academics backing the cause.

The global reach of Avaaz has become a major bonus for the group who can now make an impact on the work of communities in areas such as Australia and beyond from its base in New York. An example of the power of Avaaz was seen when the Australian Prime Minister refused to allow Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the country before Avaaz backed a national campaign that led to around 12,000 refugees arriving in Australia from the nations originally banned by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Anthony Petrello Is a Powerful CEO

Nabors Industries Limited is controlled by Anthony Petrello. He is the President and CEO of this multi-billion dollar company that specializes in oil and gas drilling and exploration. He has been with the company since 1991. Under his leadership, the company has risen to incredible heights of profitability. Nabors was not doing very well in 1991 when Anthony resigned from his job at a New York City law firm to take the position of President of the company. Nabors was founded in 1968. It had very steady growth throughout the 1970s. However, the company fell on hard times in the 1980s. They languished for about a decade until Anthony Petrollo took the helm.


Anthony eventually was promoted to CEO. This is when his leadership abilities were allowed to shine. He made decisions that reduced expenditures in the company’s oil drilling division. This helped raise the level of profitability by almost 30 percent in one year. It was decisions like this that made Anthony one of the country’s most respected CEOs. The stock of Nabors continued to rise with each passing year thanks in large part to the leadership of Anthony and the team of people he assembled.


Petrello majored in math at Yale. He earned both a B.S. and an M.S. in this subject. He then went to Harvard where he earned a law degree. This superb academic institutions taught Anthony a great deal about leadership. He has put the skills he learned in college to great use throughout his entire career.

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What is Nine9? What do They do?

Nine9 is the ultimate online solution if you are looking for a way to achieve growth as an actor, singer, or any kind of entertainer. Nine9 is the ultimate greatest site for those looking to get in the right direction for their career. They will help get you prepared and ready for anything the entertainment world provides you. Opportunities that can help you improve your acting are all provided by Nine9 to ensure you learn and gain the insight you need so you can accomplish more in your career.

Nine9 does a whole lot than you expect to. For example, you can be placed on their website throughout their entire marketplace roster to help you accomplish more and be seen by casting directors. Getting the chance to grow and be seen as an actor and have your headshots noticed by all the right people can change everything for you. Nine9 can give you what you need so you can accomplish more as an actor. Nine9 has some very talented people who work for their team, and this can allow for you to gain more as an actor. Their talent specialists can help coach you from eery corner of your craft so you can land the right roles and be prepared for anything that you are ready for. Nine9 is the ultimate site because of the fact that they also give you updates on all auditions and other great jobs that you can come across in your area and resume its.

Online submission is becoming a bigger thing int his generation of acting. Not every talented actor lives in Los Angeles, and with the help of Nine9 and their online business, you gain the opportunity to land wonderful opportunities throughout Nine9 and different acting industries. Nine9 has a list of actors who have gotten their start successfully and read full article.

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