Susan McGalla is a Scion of Women Empowerment

According to the United Nations of Women, investing in women sets a major platform towards gender equality, the eradication of poverty as well as inclusive economic growth. In the current century, women make a constructive contribution to economies. As business professionals, farmers, entrepreneurs, and employees, women are known to commit to their responsibilities wholly. One impending factor to the economic success of women has been working in a male –dominated world. That is why Susan McGalla is highly regarded for her enormous input in transforming the world of women through empowerment in different fields.


McGalla’s success story can be described as Rome was not built in one day. Faced with the quest to pursue high-level education and advanced career, McGalla defied all odds in a male-dominated world. She put herself through higher education by ensuring that she achieved the best. As a scholar and high-ranking career woman, McGalla is proud to be a motivational speaker for women. She has helped women to achieve higher education given her history in career and education. Having grown up with brothers, she was raised to be a go getter.


Susan’s career began at the Joseph Horne Company. From 1986 to 1994, she worked for various marketing as well as managerial firms. After 1994, McGalla joined the American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer. Her responsibilities bordered the management of the units. With her strong academic credentials, she was trusted with the lead position of presidency. As the flag bearer of the company, McGalla oversaw different projects like the establishment of 77kids brands.


In 2009, McGalla left the American Eagle to practice private consultancy in retail and financial investment in different industries. Her excellent performance at work oversaw her appointment as a board of director for HFF Inc. In 2011, McGalla later joined Wet Seal Inc as the head cheerleader. As she served at Wet Seal, Susan was pregnant with her first baby. She put in the effort to incorporate different projects as the chief executive officer. McGalla left Wet Seal to establish P3 Executive Consulting where she serves as the founder as well as the director of the business strategy.


McGalla is a lead consultant in Pittsburg. She strives to maintain excellent customer care in different projects. Her concerns include initiating executive projects in marketing as well as corporate fashion campaigns. In her talks, she cheers women by encouraging them to advance their studies and career. As a role model for the young and older generation, she has set the pace for performance.

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Why Market America Unfranchise is Suitable for all Types of Consumers

Market America Company was founded in 1992 by James Howard Ridinger and his wife, Loren. The firm has its headquarters in Greensboro, NC. The company provides internet marketing and financial management services. The company has its distribution points at Mexico, Taiwan, among other countries. The products being offered by the company include beauty and baby products, jewelry and items for controlling weight. The company has other marketing firms which are affiliated with it. Market America sells its products to consumers at The website was owned by Bill Gates before it was acquired by the Market America Company.

One of The outstanding product available in the company is the cleaning agents. Enzyme 3X Laundry Detergent which is used for removing toughest stains is distributed by the firm. The products remove the stains gently, and it is more efficient than the normal detergents. The company also has Dishwashing Liquid which removes the toughest grease and grime. The detergent softens the skin during cleaning and prevents it from drying. Home & Shop Cloth which is used for cleaning any material surface is also one of the strongest cleaning agents being provided by the company.

Market America also markets the products which are manufactured or processed by other companies. The company has some online retailers who form the Market America Unfranchise. The retailers on the Market America Unfranchise sells the products to the consumers using the Market America’s website portal. The retailers, however, are supposed to pay a subscription fee for the use of the portal. The retailers earn 50 percent of all the products sold through the website. Market America Unfranchise also enables the retailers to gain from forming partnerships with other organizations.

Market America Unfranchise makes it possible for the company to provide diverse products to its consumers. The customers are also assured of standardized products from the Market America Unfranchise. The standardization of the products ensures that the company retains its consume

How Does Don Ressler Run JustFab And Fabletics?

August 13th, 2017 Update:
Don Ressler has a new feature story on Norcal News, about his marketing strategy at Fabletics. While only time will tell how successful this new platform just might be, it’s interesting to see where Don is taking his company, and how they continue to use cutting edge technology to their advantage.

June 13th, 2017 Update:
Don Ressler has a new interview up at Don gets candid about his inspiration for forming Fabletics, what led to his partnership with Kate Hudson, and how he’s come through the hardships to create a globally successful brand with co-founder Adam Goldenberg. Read the full interview on

May 28th, 2017 Update:
A great new article came out about Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, about their work with Techstyle. A great read if you want to know more about how the fusion between technology and fashion is changing things for the better. Including making new designs and looks way more affordable to people of all different backgrounds. Definitely something to think about, and something worth checking out.

February 1st, 2017 Update:
Entrepreneur just released an article last month about Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s renewed commitment to their partnership with Kate Hudson. Their company, Fabletics has some big plans for 2017, as they continue to change what activewear means to the modern exerciser.

Don Ressler is the CEO at both JustFab and Fabletics, and he has been able to take these two fashion brands to the top with his own brand of leadership. He is actually the co-CEO at JustFab with his partner Adam Goldenberg, and he is helping Fabletics grow its brand by opening stores around the country. He believes in making sure that every woman has access to the clothes they might want to wear, and he also believes that women should be able to get shipments in the mail if that is what they want.

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that started online, but now it is moving into a retail store brand because of Don Ressler’s help. He is leading the company that is actually the vision of Kate Hudson, and he wants to make sure that he can get the brand into as many homes as he can just by allowing women to shop the brand in their local shopping malls on

It also matters because there are a lot of women who use JustFab because they do not have any time to shop. They would not go to a store because they have subscribed online to the JustFab catalog. They are getting something in the mail that was picked by Ressler and his team, and he wants to make sure that all women get something they would not have bought otherwise. It means a lot to him to help women shop, and that is why he is pushing for an expanded version of JustFab.

Don Ressler is a force in the fashion world because he is in control of two major fashion brands. He is going to help make sure JustFab gets bigger, and he will bring Fabletics to store. His business acumen along with the vision of fashion icons makes him the perfect choice to run these businesses. Don Ressler will continue lead each company in the direction they are supposed to go because he understands that they are both different and unique. He knows how to help both companies go in the right direction, and he wants to be sure each one is healthy.

The Kabbalah Centre is Spreading Universal Wisdom

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has become a favorite place of spiritual healing for many Hollywood celebrities. Madonna is currently the most famous outspoken advocate of the practice of Kabbalah and has brought the teachings to the attention of many people. Unknown by most people, the history of Kabbalah in the Hollywood community goes back all the way to 1922. Many of Hollywood’s royalty of the past were well-known supporters of the Jewish mysticism and more information click here.

The late Sammy Davis, the late Elizabeth Taylor and the late Marilyn Monroe were all followers of Kabbalah. Sammy Davis once told Time Magazine that he wanted to be a part of a 5,000-year-old history and belong to something that was more than just materialistic. The teachings of Kabbalah ultimately led to Sammy Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe all converting to Judaism. One of the central precepts of Kabbalah is that we are all on earth to help other people and this concept has guided many people to the teachings and what Kabbalah Centre knows.

There is currently a debate going on inside the Kabbalah Centre. On one the side of the debate, there are those that want to spread the ancient wisdom to as many people as possible, believing that it can help in seeking spiritual stability in an often chaotic and confusing world. On the other side of the argument are many Orthodox Jews who feel that the Kabbalah Centre should follow the strictest interpretation of Jewish doctrine. In traditional Judaism, Kabbalah is only to be studied by devout Jews that are over the age of 40.

Even with this ongoing internal debate about who should be allowed to learn this ancient wisdom, the Kabbalah Centre is open to teaching people of any faith and background. There is no prerequisite of knowledge of Jewish text to begin learning Kabbalah. Its view is that all religious belief systems are parts of universal wisdom. With this idea in mind, the Kabbalah Centre believes it is not an alternative to any specific religion but a supplement to it. How each person finds their own relationship with the essence of God is each one’s journey and “Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing”.


The Great Contribution of Human Rights Advocacy Groups to the Society

The importance of advocacy groups in today’s society cannot be overemphasized. They fight for the rights of the oppressed in the society – those without a voice and whose rights may be infringed upon by people in power who think they are above the law.

Ever since the 18th century, advocacy groups have proven to be very effective in influencing policies and public opinion, and this greatly benefits the groups concerned. Through such groups, the minority can benefit from the power of numbers as this gives them a voice to fight for their rights.

There are several advocacy groups in the US that lead in the fight for human, migrant, and civil rights. These groups have had a great impact in the US and in the world as whole. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Some of the most influential advocacy groups are The Advocated for Human Rights, Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, International Migrants’ Rights Advocacy, and American Civil Liberties Union among many others.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund stands out as it has done quite a remarkable job in the few years it has been in operation.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, this organization has been in the forefront in the fight for freedom of expression and human rights in Phoenix where it is headquartered and in the US as a whole. Its approach is a bit different from most other human rights advocacy groups.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund raises money in various ways and uses this money to fund other organizations that are involved in the fight for human rights.

This enables the organizations to fulfill their objectives and operate more effectively. The fund has been of great benefit to the Hispanic community in the US.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the founders of Phoenix Times and Village Voice Media, which has been in operation since 1970. The journalists have always believed that people in positions of power should be accountable to their people, and sought to bring the truth to the public through their media house.

Their resilience and self-sacrifice made them rub shoulders with people in positions of power several times and the height of it all was in 2007 when they were arrested for revealing the misdeeds of a sheriff.

However, this did not stop them. If anything, they came out stronger than ever. This is where they got the inspiration to start the Lacey and Larkin Foundation, which has been a great success so far.


Minority groups have suffered in the hands of ruthless leaders for a long time. But thanks to organizations such as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, things have changed and there is hope for them.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and other human and civil rights advocacy groups have truly made a great contribution to society.

Lana Del Rey Speaks Out Against Illegal Music Downloads

Over the last decade the sale of compact discs has decreased tremendously. Previously, the release of a popular artist’s album could easily render a platinum plaque and smiles from the artist and record label. Though the sales of compact discs have decreased, artists have seen an increase in online sales. Fans can now purchase singles and full albums from their favorite singer or rapper through services such as iTunes or Google Play. Even with the help of online music sales, artists are still not able to reach the album sales that were once reachable during the early 2000s. This is because people have easy access to illegal albums online. With the click of a button, unreleased albums can be accessed, downloaded, and shared.

Fans may have found a good way to save money but they are hurting the artist that they enjoy and adore. Some artists such as Lana Del Rey have made it perfectly clear how she feels about people that download music illegally. Her up and coming album was released without her consent and made available for illegal download a couple days before her album was scheduled to be released. Lana’s new album Lust for Life was set to be released on July 21 but some of her fans received a virtual copy early.

Lana Del Rey did not stay quiet about her album being leaked. She made it clear that if anyone took the initiative to download her music illegally then they would feel her “wrath”. Some may think that her threat and words were a tad bit harsh but how would you feel if people constantly found ways to give away something that you sell to make a living? Maybe it is time for other artists to verbally speak out so that fans can really see how much they are hurting the people that they enjoy listening to.

The Baby Box for New Parents

The baby box is something that has that has gained a lot of attention. There are a ton of people that are interested in new baby boxes because it gives people access to some physical products for the baby. It also gives people access to education about how to care for a child.

So many people that have access to the universal baby box will have a pathway to a better safety program for their children. There are things like Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome. There are new mothers that may not know anything about parenting, but the new box will help a lot of people. There are many people that will be able to get the baby box for their babies to sleep in. New parents are going to appreciate the box because it provides some products that can help people make better decisions when it comes to purchase things for their newborns.

Baby wipes and diapers are just a part of the products that are in the box. There are also clothes and breast pads for mothers. Many parents in New Jersey will appreciate this because it was the first state to put this into place. The baby box is quite a nice gift for new parents. The cost of this box is about $150. That is a considerable amount of savings for new parents.

Tons of people are going to appreciate what the Baby Box does for parents that are struggling. New parents have wondered how they can actually find ways to educate themselves on parenting concepts. Parenting is certainly a very challenging job, and all mothers can use some help in the beginning. This is a very comforting thing for all the people that may be struggling with the ideal of parenting for the first time.

Canadian Craft Beer with Eli Gershkovitch

The beer that evokes feelings in the mouth and sends exhilarating chills down the spine still falls short of describing the Canadian craft beer. The extremely volatile weather in Canada, the skilled hands of craftsmen dedicated to their duty and the delicate use of old tradition mingled with creative innovation are part of the reasons why Canadian beer is outstanding. The beer expresses the local taste and hard work of the Canadian people.

The variety is superb giving an exotic range of tastes to suit every individual. Here is a sneak preview to let in on the diversity;

The Red Racer Pale Ale

Done by central city brewing, winner of the 2012 brewing awards, this kind is more to the bitter side of the taste.

Gluntenberg Belgian Double

Product of Brasseurs Sans Gluten in Montreal. Contrary to its name, the beer is packed with barley thus nowhere close to the gluten-free taste. However, it sips quite well with traditional beer fans.

Nutcracker Porter

Talk of a beer to go with the festive moods and the nutcracker porter is just the right selection. Flavored with black oak, the taste is authentic and adding to that a spicing of cinnamon settles the mind into the holiday spirit quite naturally.

Blueberry Cream Ale

Settling for the lower side of bitter and a smooth flavor of malt, this beer is a delicious treat. It is just the right thing to spice up moments because the fruit comes through quite alright.

Summer Ale

This thirst draining well-balanced brew out of the Steamworks brewery suits the summer season. It oozes with life like the summer and makes a great companion by the pool or on adventurous trails.

Craft Beer Legend – Eli Gershkovitch

The man behind the stunning success at Steamworks is its formidable CEO Eli Gorshkovitch. His pioneering spirit and daring ability to push the limits has brought the brewery to greater heights. Gershkovitch is described as a veteran in craft brewery and his work is evident in the taste of their products.

The legend that is Eli Gershkovitch runs the plant with expertise, more like flying a plane and steering it through obstacles. Eli Gershkovitch stands among the people giving wings to the fame of Canadian craft beer. Moreover, the awards in the brewery’s name can be owed to his expert leadership.

More about Eli Gershkovitch on

Getting Married Will Reduce Your Dementia Risk

Scientists have discovered yet another reason why people should get hitched. Being in a healthy marriage will drastically lower your risk of getting dementia. This debilitating brain disease reduces the ability of people over the age of 65 to think and recall information. It’s characterized by emotional problems, inability to express oneself and decreased motivation.

The Risk Increases in Single People

There is overwhelming evidence that marriage will reduce dementia risk. A paper presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International conference shows that single people have an increased chance of getting the brain disease by 42 %. A review of 14 related studies also indicated that the risk increased by a quarter in widowed persons. Divorced people, however, weren’t more likely to get dementia than those who are single.

Why the risk decreases in married individuals

The explanation for this is pretty simple. Married people receive more social support than their single counterparts. They are also likely to take care of their health to live a longer life with their partners. If they get dementia, their mental resilience will allow them to keep functioning for a longer time without displaying symptoms.

Married people generally stay healthy for a longer time as they are more financially secure. Two people obviously bring in more income than one person. If a single person is incapacitated by illness or termination, their spouse will support them financially as they recover. A single person, on the other hand, will only rely on their savings to get through hard times. This puts a lot of pressure on them, ultimately causing health problems like dementia.

If you are in love, get married. You will gain a lot by being in a healthy union. Several studies show that you are likely to live a healthier and longer life if you are married. If this doesn’t encourage you to propose, I don’t know what will.

Be a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, One of the Best Work From Home Jobs Out There

Nowadays, several work-from-home jobs exist, allowing you a tremendous variety of choices when deciding how to earn money while not having to step outside your door. These include writing, email support, test scoring and translating. However, one work from home opportunity that would really get many excited is the ability to sell wine, from home as well as wherever you decide to do tastings.

Traveling Vineyard, which was founded in 2001 in Massachusetts, has provided thousands with the ability to engage in this tremendous work-from-home opportunity.


Americans really enjoy their wine. According to the Wine Institute, the average resident drinks 2.9 gallons per year, a rate that has steadily risen the past two decades from 1.77 in 1995. Finding customers should not be difficult.

This consumable product is likely to result in people ordering time and again, whether it’s for the favorites that they just discovered or to try out new kinds. Both scenarios will be thanks to you.

The startup costs are also low, and there is no outside pressure as the Traveling Vineyard has no minimum or maximum sales quotas; work as much or as little as you would like.

How Does It Work?

Purchase a Traveling Vineyard Success Kit, which includes enough wine bottles for your first two events, tasting glasses and several other accessories and materials to help you achieve the most success possible. Included is a Personal Estate Website just for you, which you are not charged for the first three months.

Wines are generally priced from $15-$25 per bottle; you would receive commissions on each bottle, sales bonuses and reference bonuses should you also refer people who end up taking advantage of this opportunity too. Not that you want to become your own best customer, but you also get 20 percent off of any wine that you purchase yourself, and all of those sales are included in your personal income.

Click here to learn more about Traveling Vineyard.

How to Make the Most of This

As with any business opportunity, you’ll want to make some plans so that you can maximize how much you can earn and incorporate that into the amount of time and effort that you want to put into this.

Although the Traveling Vineyard has no preferences whatsoever as far as which hours you work or even how many, you will want to set aside whichever ones work best for your personal situation, and, unless you do not live with your family, communicate those to your family members so that they know when to leave you alone unless an emergency or other urgent situation has come up. Even though it’s great to enjoy the convenience of working at home, you do want to treat it like a job as far as this goes.

Make sure that you can be easily reached by those wanting to purchase wine as well as anybody you are working with. If you want to set aside just a few hours a day for these calls, you could hand out business cards and put on your website that you will only be available to answer calls from, say, 8 a.m. to noon during the week. Or say that you will be sure to respond to all emails within 24 hours of receiving them.

However, do note that some really enjoy and work best not having any set work hours other than for any tastings that are scheduled, so consider going that route if that is what would cause you to be the most productive and to have the healthiest work-to-life balance. In this case, don’t list any hours that you will be available and just say that you will return all requests for information within 24 hours.

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Final Words

Although some do make a good salary doing this, most work at it on a part-time basis, roughly 15 hours a week, earning about $6,000 per year. Of course, even that amount is enough to help with monthly and yearly expenses that many individuals have without needing to devote too much time.

If you do decide to go this route, be ready for the challenging moments as well. One is that the income can be sporadic at times, not steady. Although how much you make at an average wine tasting that you organize should make this opportunity well worth taking, you will also likely experience some where you may just earn a few dollars after spending hours preparing for and conducting it. Of course, the reverse is true too: You may often earn quite a lot of money as the result of just one wine tasting.

Be open to the circle of people you are selling to expanding at a fast rate. Most will start off selling to family and friends, but, before they know it, they are soon selling to people they don’t know as word-of-mouth interest spreads.

Also consider that you may work best in spurts, setting up and holding several wine tastings over a busy period of several weeks and then taking time off of it for a while before returning for another burst.

Of course, that is one of the most positive benefits of taking advantage of this opportunity, being able to adapt it to fit your personality and the time that you have available in your life.

For more information on Traveling Vineyard and becoming a Wine Guide, visit their profiles on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.