Amazing Facts on Bridget Scarr

One of the key quotes by Bridget Scarr, the Executive Producer of Colibri Studios is that sometimes amazing things can happen in a very short span of time. Bridget has been at Colibri Studios based in London, United Kingdom since March 2016 till to date. She is an all-in-one package given her vast experience. She is a talented singer, songwriter and all in all, oversees the daily operations of Colibri Studios.

Her extensive experience has a backing of her BA degree from Rhodes University where she familiarized herself in various sectors. If her skills are anything to go by, they are why she is an excellent producer. From production to creating content, to film production, and much more, she is talented.

Colibri Studios where Bridget spends the better part of the day is involved in content development. Their vast in-depth research together with unique strategies is what enables them to come up with content. Bridget says that it is through Colibri that her creativity is put to the test. She can exercise her talent all under one place due to the firm’s flexibility of content.

How does she start off her day? Meditation: this is probably one of the most relaxing activities that keep your state of mind balanced emotionally. After the meditation, she takes breakfast with her family: husband and son. The family unity is among the things that keep her going as the family is an active pillar towards one’s productivity at work.

Interestingly, once she gets to the office, she works for a straight three hours where she concentrates on coming up with new ideas. After the three hours, she goes back home where she shares lunch with her family on a daily basis. She believes that this particular time gives her a chance to spend more time with her family.

After lunch, she heads back to the office where she can either read a book or make follow-ups mostly on email on sales agents or co-producers. One of the most informative advice she gives is that her ideas are actualized most especially when there is an inspiration. Bridget says that having the right team of people for an individual project is what determines its success rate.

She firmly believes that technology is something to watch out for. Her focus is on virtual reality which she says that it incorporates interaction to create a broad range of possibilities. Bridget Scarr believes that with virtual reality, it has a way of awakening mixed reactions especially when one knows how to use it.

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What Kevin Seawright is Up To is Great

Baltimore, Maryland, is notorious for being an area with one of the worst poverty levels in the United States, collectively having a longstanding crime and drug problem, ranging back decades on end.

Thanks to people with good hearts like Kevin Seawright, the firm he is the project manager at, RPS Solutions LLC, Baltimore’s poor residents will be able find housing without having to pay crazy amounts of interest or rent homes until the day they die.

RPS Solutions has recently partnered up with the NCST, or National Community Stabilization Trust. Both of these agencies are nonprofits, reinvesting excess profits back into their programs that have found people that are economically disadvantaged homes that they can pay small payments over long periods of time. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Although RPS Solution is very friendly in working through late and incomplete payments.

This firm was created in 2015, and helps residents of Baltimore find quality homes by first finding them, purchasing them, renovating them, and then allowing individuals and families in need to live in them while paying them slowly, over time.

NCST was created in 2009. In the past eight years, the group has traded off more than 25,000 pieces of real estate to the city’s citizens in need of quality housing.

As RPS Solutions will be having tons of help from NCST, the Seawright-lead group is nearly guaranteed to make the homeownership rate of Baltimore’s residents increase steadily over coming years.

NCST has extended a great deal to RPS Solutions, as its qualified for the Strategic Development Partner program, which means the firm gets more helps for less expenditures.

Kevin Seawright has worked in a number of fields prior to settling in the field of project management, something that allows him to do what he loves while also helping impoverished people from his hometown of Baltimore.

He is currently based out of Newark, New Jersey, having moved on from real estate, governance, and public school education.

Mr. Seawright has also been an established member of a number of societies, the most notable being the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and the American Society for Public Administration.

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Increasing Baltimore Homeownership is Goal of RPS Solutions New Partnership with National Community Stabilization Trust

How Edisoft Software Can Enhance Supply Chain Performance

For any company to become successful, the supply chain performance has to be effective. In a bid to improve the supply chain performance, numerous companies have been experiencing challenges. However, the introduction supply chain performance software has made it easier for companies to become more effective. For instance, Edisoft has been in the forefront developing software to help manufacturers and suppliers realize their full potential.


In a bid to help suppliers and manufacturers, the company has been effective in leveraging data. The integrated system that the company offers for their clients has managed to make their work effective. The company has succeeded in developing software that facilitates the various aspects of the supply chain management. For instance, vendor compliance has become easy after the introduction of the software. Warehouse management has also been simplified after the introduction of the effective software. Edisoft has been able to attain the global appeal after a short period of time.


Indeed, the company has a wide customer base that is willing to utilize its services to the fullest. For instance, shipping companies have found the different software of the company to be very suitable. The headquarters of the company is based in Toronto, Canada. However, it is also important to note that the company has offices in Miami, United States. The technology introduced by the company has made it easier for different institutions to reduce labor. This is because companies have been able to automate and streamline their services with a lot of ease.


The software of the company has made it possible for various suppliers to improve their profit margins. The ability to help clients cut costs is the main reasons why more companies are embracing the use of Edisoft software. There are various ways in which the performance of a company improves after the introduction of supply chain management software. For instance, complying with the various business processes will become much easier after the introduction of the software (YouTube). The software has also come in handy for companies that wish to realize accurate data. Accurate data can be very helpful for companies that wish to enhance business intelligence and hence make better decisions.

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Glen Wakeman: A Great Mentor and Business Man

Glen Wakeman is a man that not only mastered the business world himself but is now providing an opportunity for early-stage entrepreneurs to do the same. Wakeman is CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen Wakeman strives to be the best and has a long history of success in the business world. Wakeman is well-known for his 5-step performance methodology. This article will leave you with key information on Glen Wakeman and his presence in the business world(

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC was co-founded by Wakeman in 2015. His company specializes in developing software that provides online business planning services. Wakeman founded his company to help entrepreneurs who are just getting started in their field. Wakeman is now CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which he uses to continue to mentor early-stage entrepreneurs. The concept for this company came about when he realized the lack of structure around plan building for an individual’s idea. Wakeman decided to make plan building easier by designing a simpler software platform. His platform has become very successful and is used by many entrepreneurs just starting out in their field of business.

Glen Wakeman holds an MBA in Finance and a BS in Economics. Wakeman has a long history of developing guidance for startup companies. He worked his way to the top in positions at GE Capital and Doral Financial Corp. Wakeman is also the founder of a company called Nova Four. Wakeman holds many titles as a business developer, President, CEO, and Board of Directors administrative. He has held residency in six different countries and operates a business in 30 regional areas a crossed the world. Glen Wakeman has a long line of career accomplishments and strives to make his leadership in global affairs invaluable.

Wakeman developed a proven 5 step performance methodology. This system mainly focuses on risk management, human capital, leadership power, execution in business, and governance. He has applied his proven methodology in aspects of his own life to become a successful business man. His methodology has been proven to help other early-stage entrepreneurs become successful in their field of business.

All in all, Glen Wakeman has made it easier for entrepreneurs to become more successful. He has provided an efficient and easy way to go about planning for your business. Go check out his 5 step methodology and the services at LaunchPad Holdings, LLC for more resources on successfully planning for your business (


Equities First Holdings – A Great Financial Wellspring for Your Business

All associations rely on a specific source in financing their day-to-day costs, regardless of whether buying office inventories or supplies. Any time you are searching for a decision to finance your business, there are different issues you need to connect with. These days, over 90 percent of new organizations are self-upheld yet toward the end of their business activities they may risking their resources. All the more along these lines, it might take more time to sufficiently spare enough cash and make your business depend on your investment funds. And that is the gap Equities First identified and by offering stock loans, startups can find it easy beginning their business operations.

To develop your business, you may not find it easy to get quick loan from any other lender. Even more, every single potential moneylender services accompany their own terms and conditions. Yet, one of the services that has been hitting the news within the commercial sector is that of Equities First Holdings. The company provides non-resource loans that come with small interest of not more than 4%. You can utilize your stock as security and get a quick financing that accompanies low interest fees. For the individuals who are not ready to clear their overdue debts, they may choose to part with their stock and keep the money and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Financing is essential for beginning entrepreneurs or for a growing business. Without satisfactory start-up capital, you won’t have the ability to pay for your business license, purchase equipment, or hire employees. Fortunately, financing is available from different sources. You may get a loan from a bank or other conventional financing associations. Most banks will need to see a marketable strategy, a record that will depict the key parts of your business. This fuses the official summary, and inside the report, you ought to portray why you need financing. In today’s financial history, getting customary loans is getting to be noticeably harder. Equities First can assist you get the financial soothe to begin your business! and more information click here.

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The World is a Better Place with Avaaz

Avaaz is an online activist network, based in the US, whose role is to sensitize the public on issues that affect them, such as, human and animal rights, poverty, corruption, climate change and conflict. Avaaz was founded in 2007 by Res Publica, and Service Employees International Union. Res Publica is a group of public sector professionals who promote civic virtue, good governance and deliberate democracy. is a public policy advocacy group.

Ricken Patel, president of Avaaz, studied politics, philosophy and economics at the Balliol College, Oxford University and proceeded to do his Masters in Public Policy at Harvard University. He acquired skills such as election monitoring, restoring public faith and using online activism tools while working at International Crisis Groups and

Initially, Avaaz was funded by various organizations but since 2009, it relies solely on donations from individual members. Campaigns are conducted by campaigners who are stationed in over 30 countries including UK, Brazil, Lebanon and India. Campaign suggestions come from their members, with the support of teams of specialists. Their campaign tactics include tools such as public petitions, email-your-leader and videos. They sometimes use advertisements, rallies, friendly stunts and phone-ins.

Avaaz’s mission is to bridge the gap between the world that most people desire and the world we live in today. Avaaz supports progressive causes, such as, challenging Monsanto, building global support for refugees and calling on global mass action on issues that affect the society. In 2011 military intervention in Libya was made possible because of Avaaz’s efforts of establishing a no-fly zone over her.

In 2016, Avaaz was actively involved in the US elections as they were strongly campaigning against President Trump with the slogan “Defeat Donald Trump”. They even went an extra mile and created a software which assisted in overseas voter registration. This goes to show just how Avaaz are dedicated to their mission.

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Fighting and Preventing Crime with Rick Smith as a CEO

Public safety and security work on different levels. It is often a behind the scenes work people are not aware happens at all. And many people don’t know that a lot of it happens directly in prisons and other correctional facilities. It is a combination of effort and operations carried out by law enforcement, prison staff and technology companies. Sometimes even the inmates are not aware that this kind of work is taking place right under their nose. The law enforcement doesn’t hide that conversations are recorded. But inmates, as well as the people on the other end, don’t always think about it.CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith can attest to that. His company works to research, develop and implement the newest technology in prisons. It was beneficial for the inmates as well as more than 2600 prisons and different law enforcement and public safety agencies across the States. Rick Smith started work at Securus in 2008. He is a man of vast and varied experience, and his resume is a clear testament to that. A smart and talented leader, Rick Smith helped Securus grow, and the company recently acquired JPay, another technology company working with prisons.

Securus created and designed a video call system which allows inmates to communicate with their family and friends. JPay moderates an email and letter writing system, providing communication and social interaction to inmates who very often don’t have this kind of opportunity otherwise. It helps the prisoners have a connection with the world outside and decreases a possibility that they will return to prison after being released.The conversations are recorded, and law enforcement has been able to secure warrants and carry out investigation solely based on the discussions or conversations in the background. It means that cases can be solved more efficiently and crime prevention system is also in place.

Rick Smith Securus graduated with an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology as well as received his Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Later he also obtained a Master’s in engineering from the State University of New York. His education background and experience make him the perfect man for the job at Securus. He is passionate about technology being the best way to allow prisons to move forward and not stay stagnant.Securus work on creating better methods for communication for the prisoners as well. They are considering a special device that could offer inmates more possibilities to communicate with the outside world. The conversations would be monitored, but prisoners would be able to speak with legal team, access materials for future education and even call friends and family. This would be another great way to make their return to the outside world easier and would ensure that they don’t return to prison.

Richard Blair: The Person Austin Residents Trust With Their Financial Future

In Austin, Texas, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions provides professional wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning services. Instead of working with clients over the Internet, Blair prefers working with clients in the Greater Austin community exclusively so that he can meet every one of his clients personally. As opposed to the impersonal service offered by some firms that offer financial advice, Blair strives to build trusting personal relationships with his firm’s clients. With approximately $52 million in assets under his management and more than 25 years of experience in the industry, clients trust Blair with their financial future.

As affluent individuals acquire wealth, they often need help growing and preserving their assets. Wealth Solutions offers investment opportunities that someone may not discover on their own and while Blair provides suggestions, he always encourages his clients to make informed financial decisions.

Blair advises his clients at Wealth Solutions to begin planning for their retirement as early as possible. His holistic approach includes building assets; maximizing the assets and then helping clients decide when to retire and how to minimize taxes. During the retirement income planning, Blair encourages his clients to formalize their plans for their assets after death.

Wealth Solutions’ clients always receive unbiased advise that helps them reach their personal goals for building wealth, wealth preservation and for their retirement since Blair charges clients a percentage of their investments instead of accepting commissions for selling various financial products. As the founder and sole owner of Wealth Solutions, Blair is able to maintain his high standards for providing objective, customized advise. He discusses short and long term goals with his clients to ensure that Wealth Solutions is managing their assets in a way that helps the firm’s clients meet their financial goals.

Blair’s qualifications include being a Certified Annuity Specialist, a Retirement Income Certified Professional, a Certified Income Specialist, a Certified Tax Specialist, a Certified Fund Specialist and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. Blair also completes all of the continuing education requirements to maintain his certifications.

Blair also writes an informative blog where readers can learn more about everything from Medigap insurance to reverse mortgages. Learn more:

The Rise and Rise of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the current vice president of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is one of the few women who have served in high-level positions in organizations. A staunch believer in equality, Susan has been instrumental in paving the way for many women to rise and occupy high positions in companies. Despite growing up with two brothers and a football coach dad, Susan did not have it easy as a child. She had to work hard for everything she wanted, and this helped her gain confidence and comfort to work with both men and women. In all the organizations she has worked, McGalla has raised through the ranks to hold positions that were traditionally reserved for men.

Despite the many forums and initiatives to encourage women leadership in the world, only a quarter of senior management positions in companies are occupied by women. This, therefore, means that the networks and initiatives are not, by themselves, sufficient to address the inequality problem. We are yet to address the underlying issue of this discrimination, so the real solution is still missing. One possible solution would be to have executives act as sponsors for women who are well invested in their careers. These sponsors would be mentors to the women and recommend them for main projects and important assignments. It is crucial for women already in executive positions to support each other as well as help others rise through the ranks and occupy the senior positions like Susan did.

In 1986, Susan started her career at Joseph Horne Company where she held several marketing and managerial posts. She later moved to American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 and worked her way up to various management positions. By the time she left in 2009, Susan was the President of the firm. In 2011, Susan became the CEO of Wet Seal Inc., where she worked as a consultant to several corporations. In 2012, McGalla left Wet Seal and founded P3 Executive Consulting LLC. She is currently renowned for providing executive insights on marketing strategies in the fashion industry as well as retail consulting for financial institutions. At Pittsburgh Steelers, she was a part of the creative ‘wear what we wear’ campaign to urge fans to buy Steeler gear. Susan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College.


Susan McGalla is a great inspiration to many women today. She is proof that women can also hold top positions in organizations. With an innovative mind and great passion for her career, Susan McGalla is undeniably a role model to many.

The Prosperity of the National Steel Car with Gregory Aziz

Arguably, Gregory J. Aziz is a reckoning force in the business and entrepreneurial circles. Currently, he is the president, chair, and chief executive officer of National Steel Car which is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The National Steel Car under the leadership of Greg Aziz has successfully placed itself as a premier railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in North America.


Notably, the firm is the only one in the vast North America to have an ISO certification numbered ISO 9001:2008, and has been consistently winning the TTX SECO annual award for over a decade now. Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario and is among the very educated individuals in the region. Greg J. Aziz went to the Ridley College where he subsequently joined the famed University of Western Ontario where he took on an Economics major. After his studies, Greg Aziz made his career debut in 1971 at Affiliated Foods, which is his family’s wholesale food firm. Visit This Page to learn more.


As such, the enterprise experienced unprecedented growth for more than one and a half decades. Intrinsically, the business became among the leading importers of fresh foods all over the globe including Europe and South America. The company additionally became the top distributor to the popular fresh food wholesale markets all over the United States and Eastern Canada. Besides working with his family enterprise, Greg J. Aziz has served on numerous investment banking opportunities in the New York.


Through his wealth of experience in investment banking, Greg Aziz facilitated a smooth, successful acquisition of the National Steel Car from the then Dofasco in 1994. His prime aim of the acquisition was to turn the entity into a great, well-reputed and successful Canadian entity in the railroad freight car manufacturing sector in North America. Through championing for team building in the firm, as well as significant engineering capabilities, considerable human and capital investments Greg Aziz managed to increase National Steel Car’s manufacturing capacity from only 3500 cars to 12000 cars.


Under Greg James Aziz’s leadership, the National Steel Car has unrelentingly been striving to achieve engineering and manufacturing excellence. As the only ISO 9001 certified firm in its sector of participation in North America, the company has consistently held the honor through excellent performance for over 18 years through numerous rounds of recertification. Aside from its business call, the National Steel Car features an inherent, profound commitment to the Hamilton society through sponsoring and financing various charitable causes and entities including; Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and the Hamilton Opera.


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