The Success of Mr. SahmAdrangi and His Great Personality

Mr. SahmAdrangi is a successful businessman who serves in a stock investment company. He founded Kerrisdale Capital Management firm which raised $100 million over a short period. This was achieved through investors betting against stock dealing companies. Kerrisdale is a firm worth $10 billion thanks to businessman Mr. Adrangi who through his marvelous skills has always made sure the company performs and makes good returns.Mr. SahmAdrangi is a degree holder in Bachelor of Arts Economics from Yale University. Before establishing Kerrisdale Capital management firm, he worked in many places doing different kinds of jobs. He has served in firms such as Longacre Fund management as an Analyst, Restructuring Investment Banking group –Chanin capital partners, and Leverage Finance investment Bank-Deutsche Bank.Mr. Adrangi commenced working as an analyst in the renowned Deutsche Bank Group. He was in charge of the structuring of non-investment grade bank debt. He then moved to serve at a private investment company, a multi-million dollar debt Hedge Fund known as Longacre Management which is approximately worth $1.2 billion. Mr. Adrangi’s work was to research and analyze the credit fund and equity fund.

Mr. Adrangi also worked at the Restructuring Group at Chanin capital partners where his main work was to advise creditors and to represent bank debt holders, bondholders, and other creditors of distress. Kerrisdale Capital firm is located in New York City, and it focuses on long-term investment companies. The company buys securities and later sells them at a profitable amount of money. Kerrisdale shares ideas with large investment communities through its website. The firm is the leading proponents of the emerging activism.Mr. Adrangi through his experience in the previous jobs he attained incredible skills which have enabled him to achieve bigger dreams in his life. This is evident by his establishing a great investment company known as Kerrisdale Capital Investment Company. He has always ensured the company is self-supportive as well as the creation of good profits. His support to entire investment community creates a good image of the company to the world as well as generosity as portrayed through his personality.

Susan McGalla accomplishments in consultancy industry

Susan McGalla is a renowned entrepreneur and a corporate retail expert. She had held several managerial positions in her career course.Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC which has headquarters in Pittsburgh. She serves at The Pittsburgh Steelers as the director & VP of Strategic Planning and Growth. Susan McGalla has a vast expertise and experience in the clothing and retailing sector through which she has attracted personalities into her firm and financial industry who yearn for insight concerning marketing strategies, management skills, product merchandising, branding, and talent management among others.

Susan McGalla worked for Joseph Horne Company in both marketing and managerial positions for eight years earning a lot of experience and maintaining a good record. She later joined American Eagle Outfitters. Her hard work and proper work ethics earned her the position of Chief Merchandising Officer and the President of American Eagle Outfitters. During her tenure, she was responsible for boosting the revenues and launching aerie brand, 77 kids’ products, and an e-commerce platform.

Susan McGalla left out of her own will and decided to venture into consultancy. She became a private consultant for retail industries and other financial investments. Moreover, she was appointed to become the CEO at Wet Seal in January 2011.

Susan McGalla is among the first successful business women in the world who knows exactly what it takes to hit the bar so high and plateau at the success level. She believes hard work, passion, versatility, and confidence are traits that give one wing to fly and earn pleasing results out of your life. She is looked up by many people as a role model. Susan McGalla emphasizes that individuals should identify their potential and powerful talents and utilize them to create extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Susan McGalla was born and raised with two brothers in East Liverpool. Their father used to be a local football team coach. Susan has an excellent educational background. She studied at Mount Union College and attained the degree in Business and Marketing. She still serves on the Mount Union College`s Board of Advisors.

Susan McGalla is famed as a prominent business woman and an executive consultant. Holding many powerful positions in different large companies have made her rich in experience and expertise to handle her daily business. She is on the board of HFF Inc, the firm that provides real estate services publically. She has been a reputable trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Envoy teams up with OneLogin to help its user base

For those that don’t know, Envoy is a software company located in San Francisco. Most of the process of using that software is automated for ease of use for visitor registration. They are one of the fastest growing technology companies out there in the world right now and their success is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Envoy is working together with OneLogin to create a SCIM(System for Cross-domain Identity Management) protocol for user provisioning. This will allow customers to speed up their application rollouts by synchronizing each individual attribute of each individual user to their respective applications. This includes first names, last names, middle names, emails, office locations, and much more.

A system like this not only helps the customers for Envoy, it also helps the employees who work with them by maximizing speed, priority, and efficiency. Under normal circumstances, having to manage all of that data for each and every customer is a bit of a nightmare, to say the least. They need to check everything there for every customer to make sure it’s all entered into the system correctly.

So it’s clear that this is the best route for Envoy to go as it only helps everybody out in the end. But some Envoy customers may be wondering at this point, what exactly is OneLogin and why should they trust it or be happy that it’s implemented for them at all? The reason is actually a lot better than even the software can make it seem at first.

OneLogin is a cloud based operation that promotes security first above all else. They support the open management and identity standards not only providing free toolkits but also guidance on using them as well. They’ve been doing this process for years and have become one of the most trusted companies to work with when needed for security purposes.

With this in mind, it seems that this partnership between Envoy and OneLogin is a match made in heaven. So it seems that users of both platforms are going to have much to look forward to within the coming days.

Avaaz – Global Activism Company

Avaaz is a company located in the United States that promotes global activism working in conjunction with issues such as climate change, animal rights and human rights. They also work with corruption, conflict and poverty cases. The name, Avaaz, formed from a version of the Persian word that means “voice” or “song.” Res Publica founded, which is a community of public sector professionals that are committed to enhancing positive authority, civil excellence and direct democracy. They are also supported by, which is an American non-profit advocate group that is backed by Service Employees International Union and learn more about Avaaz.

Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda and Tom Perriello are the co-founders of Avaaz. Ricken Patel currently serves as the president of the company while Tom Pravda works as the secretary. Eli Pravda is the board chairman while Ben Brandzel works as the treasurer. Ricken Patel has years of experience with politics and philosophy. He studied PPE at Balliol College at Oxford University. He earned his Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. After graduating from college, he worked for the International Crisis Group which was an international group that reached out to those in Sierre Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan and Sudan. Patel spent a fair amount of time learning how to handle certain negotiations in relation to rebel forces. He also worked hard to help restore the faith in many who have issues with the corrupt political systems. He was also responsible for noticing when foreign forces were being manipulated. After a number of years, he made his way back to the United States where he began volunteering for While volunteering, he learned how to utilize many online tools for functions. Avaaz is managed by a team of people working together from over 30 countries to help continue their business functions and civil duties and resume their.

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Orange Coast College New Recycling Center Strengthens Commitment to Environment

In an event to start the academic year off on a positive note, Orange Coast College debuted a new recycling center in September 2017. The college takes pride in its over 45 year-old recycling program. This new facility is an upgrade from its predecessor, now covering five acres instead of one.


Orange Coast College is a public community college located in Costa Mesa, California. It was founded in 1947 after a vote among the local community. Over 25,000 students attend per semester. Students at OCC enroll in technical and career programs and many go on to transfer to universities around the United States. The college is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Students at OCC can participate in a wide variety of men and women’s sports while engaging in their academic pursuits. Athletes compete under the pirate mascot, which is quite an appropriate representative for the Southern California campus.


The new recycling facility at OCC’s campus accepts traditional recycling products such as paper and aluminum cans. The program will also take electronic waste and recyclable materials that are trickier to find facilities for. Demonstrating its commitment to do what is beneficial for the environment, the center uses renewable energy and eco-friendly materials.


The mayor of Costa Mesa praised the facility and pointed out its economic importance to the city. Local business CR&R Environmental Services was just one of the financial supporters of the new center. Learn more:


Sustainability and the impact of our actions on the environment are of great concern. OCC’s new recycling facility will provide an opportunity for students to learn about and embrace the importance of reusing materials and finding sustainable ways to maintain the current American lifestyle. Orange County College has solidified its commitment to its recycling program and the future. Learn more:


Avaaz Provides a Platform For Average Citizen to Fight Back Against the Powerful

We live in an era where large international corporations with enormous amount of money and vast political power are running rough shod over the rights of average people across the globe and more information click here.

So often, these corporate entities are up to no good – destroying the environment, fostering wars to make profits, and leaving millions of people behind to lead lives of low wages and poverty and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

But can the “average citizen” do anything to fight back? The answer is clearly “Yes!” thanks to organizations such as Avaaz, an innovative, Internet-based group that has developed a way to empower people in multiple countries across the planet.

Avvaz is among the world’s largest and most successful social advocacy groups. It was founded in 2007 by a partnership between Res Publica and, along with leading entrepreneurs from six countries. Another early key founder of Avaaz was the Service Employees International Union.

Avaaz uses the Internet as a central organizing platform which anyone can join to immediately start participating in a cause of their choice. One can choose to fight climate change, deal with issues of poverty or make their voice heard on political issues. People can also fight back against the power-grabbing moves of major corporations as they seek to gain more control over world resources for their own selfish benefit and follow its Twitter.

Avaaz is a grassroots organization that raises money only by accepting small donations from tens of thousands of concerned citizens. The average contribution to Avaaz is just $35, yet the organization has been able to raise millions of dollars to fight back against gigantic, money-rich interests. Avaaz accepts no donation larger than $5,000 and learn more about Avaaz.

The name Avaaz means “voice” or “song” in a variety of world languages, and appropriate name since it is giving voice to millions of people who otherwise might never be heard and

Fasting Could Be The Next Big Thing For Dieters

Scientists have made an amazing new discovery that will change the way losing weight, and keeping fit have both been viewed in the past. They have determined that unlike what has been the belief in the past, fasting is not really bad for your health. On the contrary, not only will fasting help you lose weight, but it also has a number of amazing health benefits. It reduces cardiovascular risk, reduces inflammation and increases insulin resistance as well as lowering blood sugar levels. This new discovery is an absolute game changer, since it debunks several theories concerning fasting and its effects on your health, and makes losing weight way much easier.

From the research, a new weight loss method has been established. Intermittent fasting is a practice that involves skipping meals over regular periods of time or periodically reducing the amount of food consumed over time. This method has been proven to effectively help you reduce your weight in an amazing way. It helps you lose the body fat while retaining the muscle. This is because when you fast, the body eventually runs out of carbohydrates to digest, therefore resulting to digesting the stored fats in your body. This makes it perhaps the easiest way to lose weight currently known to man.

An extra advantage is that fasting will make you much more resistant to illness. Researchers found that it works much in the same way as a physical exercise by putting the body cells under mild stress and taxing the muscles and the heart, therefore making them much stronger and more resistant to disease. One main concern with fasting, however, is the hunger that one must endure. Indeed, this is the reason why 38% of fasters dropped out within 6 months of starting on the plan, a figure which is 10% higher than other weight loss plans dropout rates. However, research shows that hunger is not quite a concern once one gets used to the plan. You become much more tolerant to hunger as the body adapts to the lack of food on certain days. Many fasters testified that after a while, one becomes so occupied at work or doing some other activities that they do not even notice that they have not eaten the whole day.

A key point to take note of is that fasting is not as much about food deprivation as it is about changing the calorie intake. Therefore, and this is a big plus, you can eat all your favorite meals in any desired quantities on your normal days without affecting the progress on your weight loss. Of course, you have to take care not to over-consume your favorite calorie filled meals on the normal days. But this is highly unlikely, as it has been proven that the average increase in food intake ranges between 10 and 15%, which would have no tangible effect on your weight loss project.

So give this plan a try. It is simple and very little, if any, side effects. The best part is that you can always quit if you fell that it is not working for you.  Of course there are those that want meal prep services, that weigh Nutrisystem cost vs buying regular food, or even fasting.  See a breakdown of how this can work out on PureHealthyLiving:

Cameron Clokie Gives Tips on Proper Dental Hygiene when on Vacation

Keeping your teeth healthy is crucial but the process might be a bit hard when you are traveling. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should ignore your dental hygiene when on vacation.

Bloomberg reveals that the following tips from oral surgeon Dr. Cameron Clokie should help you in maintaining oral hygiene throughout your vacation period.

Ensure you pack all the essentials

When packing for your vacation, whether it is inside or outside the country, make sure you have an additional toothbrush in your pocket. You also need to have toothpaste packages close to you just in case you travel far from your hotel or away from civilization. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Always keep your brush dry

Bacteria can easily attach to your toothbrush when it is wet. To avoid adding more of these harmful organisms in your mouth, always ensure you dry your brush before storing it.

Pack portable dental products

Ensure you have dental products and accessories such as mouthwash, dental floss, and toothpicks packed somewhere in your bag. They come in handy when you are in a place such as a beach and you want to use them.

Pack enough treats for your teeth

According to Crunchbase, Cameron Clokie advises having a pack of sugar-free chewing gums in your pocket when you are on vacation. These types of gums have xylitol, which is very useful in stimulating your saliva flow and hence keeping your denture clean even if you are not brushing.

Pack bottled drinkable water

Not all tap water, and especially in third world countries, is safe for drinking or even brushing your teeth. Dr. Cameron advises that it is a good idea to carry drinkable bottled water whenever you are traveling outside your locality.

About Dr. Cameron Clokie

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie is the professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. He applies an innovative approach to surgical management of the jaws. He trains as a clinician on the subject. He teaches people on the importance of good oral health through publications and lectures.

OneLogin Partners with Envoy to Make Experiences at Workplaces Effortless

Envoy, a company based in San Francisco has introduced software that allows office visitors, using an iPad, to sign in. This has made log books so much outdated and insecure. With Envoy, visitor registration process and host notifications have all been automated for easier identity management. Many companies have adopted Envoy for increased productivity and security within the company.

Envoy’s integration with OneLogin

For the Envoy customers, it was so much of a workload to keep an updated record of individual user access across all applications to ensure secure systems. That is where OneLogin came in. Envoy partnered with OneLogin recently to implement the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity management) protocol for user provisioning. SCIM allows Envoy customers to provision employees’ details from the OneLogin directory into their Envoy and update changes, if any, to the user profiles.

With the current user profiles for the employees, visitors in a company can be able to browse through their hosts and find them easily. The employees can also create visitor invites and get host alerts when their visitors arrive. Mr. Wells Riley, Envoy’s head of product says by synchronizing the employees’ data from OneLogin into the Envoy directory, any changes on OneLogin automatically reflects onto the customer’s Envoy directory. This has improved the security performance in most companies as well as the visitors’ experience.

Mr. Wells also says that working with OneLogin as their partner has improved services at Envoy to create experiences at workplaces very effortless.

OneLogin supports the embrace of access management standards and the open identity in many applications. OneLogin has been on the front line in advocating the SCIM as the best choice for technology and for companies who are looking to better their visitors’ experience. Many Customers who have used the Envoy with the SCIM protocol from OneLogin are pleased with the experience.

Amazing Facts on Bridget Scarr

One of the key quotes by Bridget Scarr, the Executive Producer of Colibri Studios is that sometimes amazing things can happen in a very short span of time. Bridget has been at Colibri Studios based in London, United Kingdom since March 2016 till to date. She is an all-in-one package given her vast experience. She is a talented singer, songwriter and all in all, oversees the daily operations of Colibri Studios.

Her extensive experience has a backing of her BA degree from Rhodes University where she familiarized herself in various sectors. If her skills are anything to go by, they are why she is an excellent producer. From production to creating content, to film production, and much more, she is talented.

Colibri Studios where Bridget spends the better part of the day is involved in content development. Their vast in-depth research together with unique strategies is what enables them to come up with content. Bridget says that it is through Colibri that her creativity is put to the test. She can exercise her talent all under one place due to the firm’s flexibility of content.

How does she start off her day? Meditation: this is probably one of the most relaxing activities that keep your state of mind balanced emotionally. After the meditation, she takes breakfast with her family: husband and son. The family unity is among the things that keep her going as the family is an active pillar towards one’s productivity at work.

Interestingly, once she gets to the office, she works for a straight three hours where she concentrates on coming up with new ideas. After the three hours, she goes back home where she shares lunch with her family on a daily basis. She believes that this particular time gives her a chance to spend more time with her family.

After lunch, she heads back to the office where she can either read a book or make follow-ups mostly on email on sales agents or co-producers. One of the most informative advice she gives is that her ideas are actualized most especially when there is an inspiration. Bridget says that having the right team of people for an individual project is what determines its success rate.

She firmly believes that technology is something to watch out for. Her focus is on virtual reality which she says that it incorporates interaction to create a broad range of possibilities. Bridget Scarr believes that with virtual reality, it has a way of awakening mixed reactions especially when one knows how to use it.

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