Keith Mann began his career as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates in 1995. Co-Founder of Dynamics Search Partners in 2001, Keith Mann previously served as Managing Director of Dynamics Associates.

Dynamics Search Partners helps executives with hedge funds and other opportunities for investing. Keith Mann is presently the CEO of DSP and thus responsible for the everyday management of the company.

Mann has been in this line of work for more than 15 years and started his career serving as Manager of the Alternative Investment Division at Dynamics Associates. In his job with Dynamics Search Partners Mann helped to recruit for worldwide financial service businesses.

 Over 15 Years of Experience Helping to Staff Companies

Mann’s experience has made him an expert in the line of hedge fund payments, as well as their staffing and hiring strategies. During the years Mann has helped to identify markets that are experiencing rapid growth, and he has also worked in the area of the private equity industry.

Mann helps his many clients by helping them to hire staffing in the areas of investments, marketing and internal strategies. He has worked with companies all over the world, including the US, Europe and Asia.

 Involved with Charities, Schools and Police Force

Mann has also helped to raise funds for various organizations like the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York, which has a goal of closing the achievement gap that affects millions of low income pupils and helps them prepare for and graduate from college. For instance, in an event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in 2015, he helped to raise more than $22,000 for this group to be used for student testing.

He has also given his support to the New York Police Department, as his uncle is a Staten Island detective. He has spoken out against attacks on police officers and has done things like sent the whole precinct lunch to show that support. As he said, the officer should be thanked for keeping people safe. He is concerned about rising violence and says that people should help the police instead of criticizing them.

Another group he has helped to collect monies for is the Hope and Heroes, for which he helped to raise $8,000 in 2008, and the Dynamics Search Partners also donated $10,000 to Uncommon Schools in 2013.

All in all, Mann has been instrumental in helping to recruit and fill over 2,000 customer mandates and helped these places to expand their operations and grow their brand.