A New Financial Deal Signed Between Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG Bank and the New Mining Bank



Marcio Alaor is a Brazilian citizen who is known for his experience in investments undertakings. Alaor has contributed so much to Banco BMG’s bank success. He is a committed and hardworking investor who possesses great teamwork values. Alaor currently serves as the Vice President and an Executive Officer of Banco BMG bank that operates in Brazil.


  1. Marcio Alaor works under Ricardo Guimaraes, who has been the Chief Executive Officer of this bank since 2004. Marcio conducts all special operations of this bank including loans distributions. Marcio has made remarkable developments in the Brazil industries. He once invested in the meat industry and got back a lot of investments.


According to Otempo.com news, Banco BMG recently signed a commercial agreement with Itau bank, which will make a formation of a large firm. According to Marcio Alaor, the banks proceedings will not change. The normal operations of Banco BMG bank will continue as before. Alaor stated that the Itau bank would contribute to the growth of Banco BMG bank.


Alaor depicted that the newly formed bank would majorly focus on payroll loans. The partnership agreement was also confirmed by the Banco BMG president, Ricardo Guimaraes. Ricardo illustrated that the new Company started with a significant cost of one billion U.S Dollars.


According to Executive Alaor, the new Itau bank will manage and control 70% of capital and voting rights, whereas Banco BMG will control 30% share capital and voting rights. This decision was made after a negotiation between the Executives of both sectors.


  1. Alaor said that the partnership will attract more investors and customers into the business venture. He also depicted that the new bank will help generate more investments and expose the bank capabilities to the outside world.


The new bank was referred to as the mining bank will mostly focus on payroll loans and other general services. According to Guimaraes, new investors attracted to the bank operations will generate Banco BMG bank an estimate of 30% shares. Alaor confirmed that Banco BMG bank had already made an investment of 29 billion U.S Dollars.


According to financial analysts, the new bank will take the lead in the stock market, a scenario that will place Banco BMG bank in a better position in the banking system as compared to other banks.


For more information regarding the new agreement signed between Banco BMG and the mining bank, open the following link http://www.otempo.com.br/capa/economia/bmg-se-associa-ao-banco-ita%C3%BA-1.283289.


In conclusion, the new partnership signed between Banco BMG bank and Itau bank will help the Ricardo Guimaraes’ bank open new business ventures and receive recognitions at international level.