A Sunburn Remedy

Getting a sunburn can ruin an entire vacation. When you find out how red and tender your skin is, you tend to avoid doing things that you were once excited about. Falling asleep on the beach can be a death sentence for someone who is fair, and the following weeks of recovery can be brutal. So engineers and scientists have decided to create something to help the masses avoid such horrible circumstances.

JUNE is a wearable device that measures sun exposure that Adam Sender told us about. You can wear JUNE as a bracelet or a brooch if it’s more appropriate. Head down to the sand and JUNE will tell you what level SPF sunscreen you need and constantly remind you to put more on. The app that goes with JUNE is responsible for the reminders. With this technology, people can become more educated about how harmful the sun can be.

This isn’t the first of it’s kind, but this type of system is new. Previously, you could buy cheaper color changing UVSunSense wristbands or Sun Burn Alert stickers. While the cost for these products is significantly lower than JUNE, it’s arguable whether they work as well. A main complaint seems to be the lower resistance to water. One dip in the pool and the stickers will fall off.

JUNE will hopefully be the ticket to keeping the masses burn free. Three cheers to this vacation saver.