About US Money Reserve

Most people do not realize that the the vast majority of currency worldwide is what is known as “fiat” currency. This means that instead of being backed by precious metals or other tangible goods it is backed simply by what a government decides. This allows the government to control the money supply and to value or devalue your hard earned cash at will. During the major economic crisis of 2008 this dramatically affected millions of people worldwide.

Investments plummeted and many people lost their homes and savings due to the actions of large governmental institutions and big banks. The only people to come out of that devastating crisis were high level government officials and bankers. Except of course individual investors who were smart enough to invest in precious metals like silver and gold.

Prior to the revoking of the gold standard all United States currency could be exchanged for it’s value in gold. After President Nixon removed the United States from the gold standard our money basically went into the hands of the government. Luckily smart investors still have the ability to invest in gold and other precious metals.

US Money Reserve is one of the premier dealers and buyers of precious metals. Since time immemorial gold has been valued due to it’s scarcity and use in things like manufacturing and jewelry. It is a great hedge against the market because typically when markets go down gold goes up. If you have a store of gold it cannot simply disappear like stocks, bonds or other securities.

Purchasing gold from a reputable dealer is also very important. US Reserve has built a stellar reputation in the gold community by their honest dealings and long term relationships with their clients. They offer close to spot prices that help to maximize your investment growth. Many people simply like to hold their savings in their hand and know that they are out of the control of the central government. Gold and other precious metals have skyrocketed in value over the past years and the fact that it is so scarce means that this trend will most likely continue.

When choosing where to purchase and hold gold you must do your due diligence just like any other investment. US Money Reserve is a well respected and trusted company who have happily served thousands of customers. If you are in the market to invest in gold or other precious metals they are a fantastic choice.