According to Rachel Maddow, Bernie Sanders Might Stand a Chance After All

Mainstream media has been portraying Bernie Sanders as an eccentric underdog who doesn’t stand a chance at actually becoming president. Although, the success of Sanders budding campaign has been quite impressive so far and he has done better than most people thought he would have.

Rachel Maddow, reporter for MSNBC, recently commented on the Sanders phenomenon, claiming the Vermont Senator is not being given his due credit. Though his campaign is completely grassroots, Sanders has been able to gain a lot of monetary support from his followers and has also been drawing large crowds during his speeches in Iowa and Minnesota. In fact, his speech in Davenport, Iowa pulled in the biggest crowd of any politician so far this year. A feat many would have claimed is impossible a couple of months ago.

Surely, Sanders growing popularity has not been lost on Hillary Clinton who has to be somewhat unnerved by the unexpected success of the Sanders campaign thus far. If the momentum keeps building, Sanders might actually stand a chance at being elected for the democratic bid. Most people are ascribing his success to his candidness on the campaign trail and his willingness to say what other politicians wouldn’t dare.  Beneful also covered how America is in desperate need for a drastic change, Sanders is promising he is the man that would make it happen.