Adam Sender, a Man Ahead of His Time

Before reaching 45 years of age, Adam Sender was already a the peak of at least two international careers and working on his third with the same innocuous cunning. His first career in the world market was that of finance, as a fund originator. Sender found that successful industry making very profitable, but it lacked the inspiration he admittedly desires in a profession or vocation.

Art Discoveries
As he began losing the incentive for major financial market shaking, Sender began exploring the art world more deeply than he had earlier. He found gratification in pursuing not just one art stream, such as cubism, abstract,interpretive, impressionist or any other. Instead he found great appreciation for one artist in a singular field and then another in yet a totally separate creation in the art world.

Financial Bastions to Art Galleries
When interviewed about his non-traditional approach to collecting art, Sender stated he did not set out to collect art. He just bought what he liked by artists he felt were at the rising point of their talent but not yet at their artistic peak. Once cannot miss the concept t hat Sender uses art collection in much the same vein as calculating the success probability of stocks and funds.

The collection is also united by a number of fascinating trends that reach across artist, decade and medium:

Conceptual Art,
Female Artists,
African American Artists

With much the same obsession as a detective, Sender zeroed in on some artists before they received recognition making them sought-after, plus actually discovered bodies of work that had yet to be appreciated. Adam Sender does admit to personal favorites within the art world which he bought and treasures for his own inner gratification and pleasure.

Sotheby’s auction has been releasing portions of Sender’s art collection over the span of this past calendar year. It is the first time some of the artists have been viewed in this country, and the auction establishment expects a record breaking participation over these 18 months of the art world patrons viewing this significant piece of Adam sender’s art collection.


The unique auction by a man who collects arts, never selling it, incurs speculation that perhaps Sender’s inspiration need is waning again, and the world awaits his next move, which will most certainly constitute another amazingly lucrative career.