Alaska has gone to pot!

Alaska, which is known to be a conservative leaning state, has most recently joined Colorado and Washington in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Alaskans aged 21 or older may now grow, and carry marijuana, although smoking it in public and selling or buying the product remains illegal.

This rural area will undoubtedly be viewing marijuana plants in local gardens. Six plants are allowed of which three can be flowering. Although marijuana cannot be sold it can be shared or exchanged with other adults of legal age. Harvested marijuana, or pot as it is also referred to, is limited to one ounce for legal possession.

The Justice Department is looking into potentially positive aspects of Alaska’s legalization of marijuana. An article in Reuters discusses the potential drop in drug related crimes including selling to children . Local law enforcement emphasizes the importance of public safety and ticketing those driving under the influence of drugs said Genoso.

Legalizing marijuana is a major victory for recreational users, and if all goes well the State regulators will be drafting rules on the taxation and sales of marijuana. The result would be a new and legitimate source of jobs and income. The success of this new law may lead to business applications to sell marijuana in February 2016.