Amazing Facts on Bridget Scarr

One of the key quotes by Bridget Scarr, the Executive Producer of Colibri Studios is that sometimes amazing things can happen in a very short span of time. Bridget has been at Colibri Studios based in London, United Kingdom since March 2016 till to date. She is an all-in-one package given her vast experience. She is a talented singer, songwriter and all in all, oversees the daily operations of Colibri Studios.

Her extensive experience has a backing of her BA degree from Rhodes University where she familiarized herself in various sectors. If her skills are anything to go by, they are why she is an excellent producer. From production to creating content, to film production, and much more, she is talented.

Colibri Studios where Bridget spends the better part of the day is involved in content development. Their vast in-depth research together with unique strategies is what enables them to come up with content. Bridget says that it is through Colibri that her creativity is put to the test. She can exercise her talent all under one place due to the firm’s flexibility of content.

How does she start off her day? Meditation: this is probably one of the most relaxing activities that keep your state of mind balanced emotionally. After the meditation, she takes breakfast with her family: husband and son. The family unity is among the things that keep her going as the family is an active pillar towards one’s productivity at work.

Interestingly, once she gets to the office, she works for a straight three hours where she concentrates on coming up with new ideas. After the three hours, she goes back home where she shares lunch with her family on a daily basis. She believes that this particular time gives her a chance to spend more time with her family.

After lunch, she heads back to the office where she can either read a book or make follow-ups mostly on email on sales agents or co-producers. One of the most informative advice she gives is that her ideas are actualized most especially when there is an inspiration. Bridget says that having the right team of people for an individual project is what determines its success rate.

She firmly believes that technology is something to watch out for. Her focus is on virtual reality which she says that it incorporates interaction to create a broad range of possibilities. Bridget Scarr believes that with virtual reality, it has a way of awakening mixed reactions especially when one knows how to use it.

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