Amazing PodcastOne Features that are Set to Improve Your Listening Experience

PodcastOne, the leading podcast network distribution, is seeking to improve its listeners experience in a huge way if the recent news by its founder is anything to go by. Norman Pattiz late last month introduced the 360-degree video recording feature and other interactive social functions to this app. Ideally, PodcastOne users will benefit from this addition as it will ease their communications and interactions with the program hosts and other listeners. Here are some of the recent features that PodcastOne users can get to enjoy the from the app that is readily available on its website, Google Play store, and Apple’s App Store.


Numerous Features

The revolutionized PodcastOne app now comes with a number of amazing features that allow users to watch and listen to a wide variety of shows. Not only this, users can freely share their views on the different topics being aired out. To attract more listeners to the podcast, Norman Pattiz has also integrated a reward system into the app that allows users accumulate points and redeem them for bonus features and services.


Virtual Reality

The introduction of virtual reality feature by Norman Pattiz can arguably be termed as a stroke of genius. Through this, the podcast network has been able to produce high-quality videos both in 360-degrees format and in virtual reality. To help actualize this dream, PodcatOne partnered with Mandt VR, a California based firm reputable for creating videos in different formats including virtual reality, mixed, and augmented reality formats. So far, these two companies have been able to create more than 1,000 videos with the video footage being available almost immediately after production.


Despite running different businesses, the two companies have been able to make this partnership work by Mandt VR setting up their equipment in all PodcastOne recording studios. These equipment are further linked up with mobile equipment that enables the hosts to record their content even when they are far away from their workstations.


About Norman Pattiz

Mr. Norman Pattiz is one of the most celebrated individuals when it comes to the broadcast industry. Norman is both a profession and a business executive as he has helped create policies and companies that have led to the growth of the broadcast industry in an imaginable speed. Currently, Pattiz is the founder and CEO of PodcastOne a leading podcast provider of both content and advertisement needs ( He is also the founder of Westwood One the leading network supplier of entertainment, sport, News and talk show in America.