An Hour of TV a Day is Too Much for Young Children?

Mathieson says that young children today love to watch TV and movies. Young children love to play on their parents’ tablets and smartphones. Young children enjoy all of the screen time that they are allowed to have. Can all of this screen time be leading to problems for the children? Could too much screen time be damaging to a child’s physical health?

New research suggests that spending an hour or more in front of a TV could increase the risk of obesity in young children. This study makes it seem as if simply watching an hour of TV will cause a young child to pack on the pounds. Could it be, though, that the children who spend more than an hour in front of the TV are spending much more than that hour? Could it be that there are children out there who spend an hour in front of the TV and then spend twice that much time running around, children who are not at risk? One hour of TV alone is not going to cause a child to become obese, it is how they live the rest of their life that really makes a difference.