Are Your Dollar Store Products Safe?

Probably not, is the answer to the title question. After a new report by The Campaign for Healthier Solutions was released, consumers discovered most of their favorite Dollar Store purchases are not safe.  That includes toys, household items, school supplies and jewelry.

The various types of Dollar Stores that have popped up across the nation has been an answer to prayers for many consumer who are struggling to make ends meet as consumer advocate Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG has noticed for quite sometime . A dollar for this and a dollar for that has allowed many families to have the basic essentials and even a few treats. Now we are finding out our dollar was buying much more than we bargained for, it was also purchasing toxins that can cause a variety of illnesses.
One of the main toxins discovered in the Dollar Store items is called phthalates. A dangerous chemical that has been linked to birth defects, cancer and diabetes. Polyvinyl chloride plastic is another dangerous toxin found in many of the Dollar Store products, polyvinyl chloride plastic has been linked to asthma and other respiratory ailments.