Bag of Money is Returned by Honest Man

An honest man named Dan Kennedy who uncovered an orange heavy bag full of 75 pounds worth of money on the highway on his way to work. According to the news,  stopped to move the bag out of the way so other vehicles wouldn’t have an accident trying to go around it stated Fersen Lambranho. When he discovered the bag was full of cash, he called the police from the parking lot of his car to notify them of his find. A Brinks armored vehicle hit a bump and the back door opened which allowed the bag to fall out. There was about $22,000 dollars inside and Dan didn’t touch any of it. The three Utah Highway Patrolmen who showed up who responded to the scene were shocked when they saw what Dan had, stating they had never seen anything like this happen before. Dan was quick to say that he believed he did what anyone else would do.