Bernardo Chua Makes Takes His Vision to a Global Audience

There is a lot of admiration for businessmen like amateur photographer and CEO Bernardo Chua in the business world today. He is someone that has a vision for what he wanted to do with his company OrganoGold. This is what has allowed him to set his sites on a global audience. He has become someone that is well known for discovering a company that has been able to provide a lot of great products to a growing consumer base.

He started with coffee, and people caught on to the mushroom for the OrganoGold products that play a part in alternative healing. Bernardo saw the growth that was happening with this new style of coffee and he decided to produce a plethora of different products that were linked to the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom. This was risky, especially to a growing fan base of American consumers. People in Asia where aware of the Ganoderma lucidum and the healing that is associated with this, but many American consumers of coffee and tea did not know about this mushroom. It was a bold risk that Bernardo Chua took to enlighten the world on products with ingredients that were difference from anything else on the market.

It was a challenging task because Chua has to present the product in two different ways. He had to emphasize the Ganoderma lucidum ingredient as something that would prove to be a helpful product to consumers. Chua also had to advertise the products from OrganoGold as products that would be delectable as well. It would be hard to sell coffee and tea that was associated with good health if it did not taste good. There are far too many coffee companies out there for consumers to choose a bland beverage. Luckily, Bernardo Chua had the foresight to offer rich coffee with coffee beans that were Organic. These coffee beans would prove to be delectable ingredients that would make people perk up and speak about the OrganoGold brand in a very positive manner. This was all part of the charm of the marketing process that Bernardo Chua put into place.

He has become someone that is able to thrive in the business world because he knows how to position himself and his company. He started with coffee, transitioned into tea and now he has generalized health care products. This was a smart move because he started with healthy ingredients and expanded the product line beyond beverages. People were already familiar with the Ganoderma mushroom because it was part of the core product line. Chua found a way to extend the success of the company by endeavors into a whole new product line. This was a wise idea that has allowed his company to grow. Keep up on Bernardo’s career on Facebook.