Blending Profession And Philanthropy

In Brazil, bank BMG is in the list of leading banks because of its focus on developing various strategies that can be able to maximize on the available opportunities in the market. The bank thrives on profitability obtained through the loans they offer and by reaching out to many customers as possible. BMG is a family business whose control falls under the Pentagna Guimaraes family. In the 1980s, BMG financed heavy and light vehicles, making the bank to grow to be a leader in the finance market. The company began issuing payroll loans to its target markets in 1998 that became one of its core practices.

BMG unified its business with Itau Unibanco SA in 2014 who they had been in an association agreement from 2012. The unification was of significant importance to BMG as it was able to concentrate on developing products such as BMG Empresas, Payroll Credit Card, and used vehicle financing. Under the leadership of able executives such as Director Marcio Alaor, the bank has established a significant market share presence. Marcio Alaor is the Vice President of BMG who helped the bank to rise to the top in the area of providing pay roll bank loans. The Vice President of BMG has managed to maintain a conservative profile, but still focuses increasing profits for the bank.

Director Marcio’s generosity and philanthropic activities have led him to be a very valuable member of his community. Marcio Alaor uses his wealth and influence as the Vice President of BMG to help in improving small scale farming within the San Antonio community. Marcio’s contribution in improving the state of farming in San Antonio Hill led him to be the recipient of an inauguration award at the 33rd annual Farming Exhibition in San Antonio. Part of the reasons that influenced him to receive this award was because of his efforts in planning and financing of development farming projects.

Essentially, Marcio’s passion is to assist locals to develop their areas through farming through his profession, which has made him win the souls of political figures. His time at BMG has been fruitful as the company has been able to make impact in the local communities through their unique products. Director Marcio Alaor blends his profession with philanthropic activities very well as they complement one another in making him be a remarkable business leader. Clearly, Marcio is likely to make more impact at BMG and his local community going by what he has been able to achieve so far.