Brad Reifler And The New Investment Landscape

Investments of any kind always involve a risk, whether you’re looking to venture into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex, ETFs, or money-market accounts and investors that venture into these funds do so because these funds are not federally-insured like a regular bank account. For most people, venturing out into the big investment world has long been an arena reserved for most large businesses and individuals in the six-figure income base, and average middle class people have usually stayed away from this field, although people do purchase smaller funds from designated brokers. But with an emerging company Forefront Capital, this has begun to change.

Reuters also wrote that Forefront Capital was started by Brad Reifler in 2009 and has grown into a thriving investment firm over the course of 5 years. He began his first investment and trading firm back in the 1980s as Reifler Trading Company, a firm that specialized in discretionary management and futures. After the profit maximized, it was bought by Refco Inc. and Reifler became a recognized hedge fund professional. He also founded the brokerage firm Pali Capital and built in a research program to aid the traders on where the markets were excelling. On the aftermath of Pali Capital, Forefront was founded.

At first Reifler’s firm only looked accredited investors as its client base, but when Reifler’s father-in-law came into retirement age and was looking to place his money in a high-yield fund. The problem was, none of the current funds that his father-in-law was looking into allowed investments from people in the risk category that he was placed in, so Reifler decided to start up a fund that allowed for lower income middle class investors. This Trust fund allows minumum investments of $2,500 and it can be added to or withdrawn from at the end of quarterly periods, and also does not charge any fees until 8% is made on returns. Reifler sees non-accredited investors as a base that cannot be ignored and by bringing together the 99% with the 1%, the playing field creates more opportunity for both groups.