Brad Reifler’s Career in Business

Brad Reifler is a businessman who is based in America. He achieved a great deal of fame for starting Pali Capital Inc. He is presently Forefront Capital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Originally hailing from southern California, Brad earned his degree from Bowdoin College. He is also a graduate of a famous prep school based in Los Angeles known as the Harvard School for Boys.

1982 was the year that Brad began a career in business. This was when the Reifler Trading Corporation first opened. The primary business it was involved in was global derivative execution. Refco, Incorporated purchased the company 18 years later. 1992 was the year Brad went on to start Reifler Capital Management. Commodity pools were advised by this company. Different commodities and foreign exchange strategies were what this company did on a daily basis. For five years, Brad held the position of Refco’s Institutional Sales Desk Manager. He left this job in the year 2000. While doing this job, Brad worked with the sales of global derivatives. Another one of his responsibilities was helping rich people to invest their money effectively.

During Brad’s tenure as the CEO of Pali Capital, he was incredibly successful. The firm was bought by the Euram Group in 2001. Six years later, Brad was appointed to the position of chairman. The annual revenue of the company rose dramatically all the way to $200 million. The number of employees surged to more than 250. Because of the enormous amount of cash that was flowing into the company, they decided to open offices all around the globe. In 2008, Reifler quit working for Pali Capitol. The following year, Brad started working at Forefront Capitol as their CEO. The company has a global client base. It continues to grow every year under Brad’s outstanding leadership.