Brown Agency: Helping actors & models realize their career ambitions:

The Brown Agency is a full service modeling and talent agency located on 100 Congress Ave in Austin Texas. The Brown Agency has a reputation for finding beautiful models as well as talented actors.

The agency does a great deal of work within the modeling industry as well as TV, film and print advertising. The Brown Agency has worked with a variety of well-known male models such as Carter Wray, Adam Gumula, David Bates and Eric Fellows. The agency was instrumental in launching Colin Harpst’s modeling career.

The Brown Agency also caters to women as well as children. Well known models that the agency has worked with include Amanda Wells, Abba Binns, Doa Jafri, Katie Holiday and many more. A simple modeling assignment can launch a new and very lucrative career for a young female just starting out within the modeling business.

The agency has a specialized development program that can help new models and actors recognize as well as utilize their full potential. Newcomers are taught certain mannerisms, poise, voice recognition and control as well as facial expression techniques. Certain facial expressions can tell an interesting story about an up and coming model/actor.

The Brown Agency also recruits actors for theatrical parts as well as TV commercials. Alan Zaizar was able to secure a career within live theatre due to the efforts of the Brown Agency. Tom Graham found work in TV commercials and stage through the Brown Agency. The agency employs a very specific style when presenting clients to Television and Theatrical agents.

*Informational Web site:

A host of helpful information may be obtained by viewing the company web site at The web site keeps the public informed about up and coming modeling events, runway shows as well as open call auditions. An open call audition gives models and actors another opportunity to become noticed by talent agents.

The Brown Agency keeps the web site updated with recent photos other current events. Head shots and resumes may be submitted directly through the web site. You may send an email to All email messages and inquiries will receive a response within 72 hours.

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