Building Better Immune Systems One Day Care at a Time.

Sending children to day care can often cause parents a large amount of stress. If germ exposure was a big item on the list of things to worry about, parents can now cross it out. A new study conducted by researchers in the Netherlands and published in the Journal of Pediatrics has found that being around sickness in the day care has benefits. You can see some of the benefits described here.
The Researchers followed a large group of children over the first six years of their lives and looked at how often doctors diagnosed acute gastroenteritis. They found that 1,344 out of the total 2,220 children they studied attended day care during the first year of life. While having children in day care as an infant increased their risk of having the dreaded stomach bug in the first year of life, they discovered it then had a protective effect after that. A study released in 2014 found the same pattern in ear and respiratory infections.
During that first year of day care as one germ after another finds its way through the front door, parents may feel overwhelmed. Dr. Timothy Shope, an associate professor of pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh encourages parents to remember that “they’re making an investment for the future, their child is less likely to be ill going into kindergarten when other children raised with less contact are more likely to be ill”