Bullying Has Long Term Effects that Surpass Abuse

Children who suffer abuse at the hands of an adult will have various struggles and issue to deal with after they are grown, The repercussions of physical, emotional or sexual abuse from childhood are very real and often haunt an adult throughout their lifetime. But it’s nothing compared to the repercussions which occur from bullying some children are forced to endure from their peers.

A recent study shows that children who were bullied are four times more likely to suffer from mental disorders when they become an adult than those who were abused by a parent or other adult.

Amen Clinic even reports that bullying is a serious public health problem and 60% of those who were bullied as a child will have mental health problems in adulthood. Children who are bullied grow up to become depressed teens and adults. They have to cope with anxiety disorders, out-of-control emotions and often harm themselves either through cutting, suicide or both.

Abuse and mis-treatment of children in the home by the adults in the child’s life has long been recognized as wrong and harmful to the child for years after the abuse stops. A closer look needs to be taken of bullying, according to the study findings, and make it a priority to stop bullying which has long term effects that surpass abuse.