Brian Bonar: Finances, Software, and More

Brian Bonar is a business executive who has extensive experience in the fields of technology and finance. He has become a leader in his industry. Before Bonar was the chairman of the board of Dalrada Financial Corporation (his current position), he held a number of other positions to earn the support and loyalty of his colleagues.

Firstly, Bonar spent an impressive 17 years with the UK branch of the technology giant IBM. After gaining crucial knowledge of the daily operations of this well-known corporation, Bonar moved on to an opportunity in the U.S. It was with QMS – a technology company focusing on printer and ink in Huntsville, Alabama. He was executive director, in charge of the engineering arm.

Later, while still located in Alabama, he was hired at Rastek, a company specializing in printer controllers. In 1990 he moved to Silicon Valley to pursue larger opportunities in the technology space, due to silicon becoming a vital factor of the innovation in the startup world.

He joined Adaptec and lead their sales team to high numbers as the worldwide manager of sales.

Then, he moved on to Bezier systems, a company that makes laser printer technology. He was promoted to become the vice president of sales and marketing there. This position lead him to his current role as the director (and chairman) of Dalrada, a financial company. Bonar has held these roles for over 20 years, since 1995. But he didn’t always reign at the top of the company.

Just like his previous career endeavors, he had to work hard to earn his right to lead his company. In fact, he started out as the director of sales in the technology department.

Then, he was promoted the vice president role in 1994. After that, he became the president and chief operating officer (COO) of the entire company. And to top it off, he was named chief operating officer (CEO) in 1998 due to consistent, high performance.

And recently, Brian Bonar showed his talent for finding alternative investment vehicles outside of the traditional models found in finance. He opened up two restaurants.

Both are located in San Diego, California. The first is Bellamy’s which he has since allowed his stepdaughter to manage. The second is called Bandy Canyon. The significance of Bandy Canyon is that his head chef now has the power to create whatever menu he desires.

When asked how he feels about the change, the chef said that Bonar was “loyal” and allowed a lot of “freedom” to him in the role.

Bonar indeed leads his peers in the financial world. He has a strong career in technology to fall back on as well.

But perhaps most interesting is his ability to see opportunities in various capacities, such as his new restaurants that he seems very passionate about.

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