Agora Financial is Proud to Keep Their Readers

Agora Financial has been working hard to help people invest for their future. Helping them to know the secrets to generating income and protecting wealth strategies. Agora Financial does a completely unbiased and independent research on financial trends and opportunities for investors. They travel the globe to find any financial opportunities before they hit the mainstream.

Agora Financial is proud to keep their readers (over a million) informed of any financial crisis on the horizon. They work hard to get information out before it hits the mainstream. For instance, they were aware of the mortgage crises of 2004 four years prior to when the “bubble burst” in 2008. They also knew about the sudden increase in oil when it jumped from $55/barrel in 2007 to $147/barrel only one year later in 2008. By Agora Financial keeping their readers informed of these financial crisis, they have been able to prepare for any financial downfalls, and not get hit by a sudden loss in income.

Founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner, financial writer and essayist, Agora Financial is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and is a privately held, publishing company. Agora Financial publishes publications that provide financial advice, commentary and market predictions.

The publications that Agora Financial publishes help investors to become aware of any markets that are in danger of failing or about to succeed and make them a lot of money.

The annual Agora Financial Investment Symposium, which started in 1999, is a conference that brings together several financial speakers that discuss upcoming financial trends; as well, the symposium also has panels for debates on financial trends.