The experience of Cassio Audio in the music industry

Cassio Audi gained interest in music when he was a teenager in the mid-1980’s. Audi decided to form a Viper rock band with his friends. At that time, Cassio was passionate about the music field.

The band got inspiration from other strong existing music bands by then such as British metal band.

Casio mainly participated in playing drums in the band. Although Casio had never been in the music school before, he still played the drums smartly. Besides, Audi composed songs for the group.

Audi with his bandmates launched their first album entitled Soldiers of the sunrise that earned them popularity very fast. Read more about Cassio Audi at The Metal Archives.

Audi gained fame as the best drum player. Other music bands could hire Audi while they needed to release their album. In the process, Audi earned himself popularity as well as good money.

Audi significantly contributed to the success of the launching of their albums. Thus, they received praises from other bands from their high skills in releasing their outstanding albums.

It is through the forming of the band that Audi realized his talent in drum playing. Although English was their second language, the group managed to launch several smart albums of pop and rock songs. Read this article at

Audi and his band went different places in Brazil to perform and advertise their music capability. After that, they moved to other continents like Europe to sell out their band’s albums.

The commitment and determination of Cassio and his bandmates gave them success in the Brazil rock music Industry.

Audi also acquired teamwork skills from his participation in the music band. These skills include proper communication with other bandmates, sharing of ideas on how to meet their music goals, as well as people management skills.

Though Audi later left the music career, he remains a legend in the rock music industry.