Stock-Based Loans and Equities First Holdings: Two Different Names People Mistake for Each Other

I refuse to follow the train of thought that classifies people mistaking stock-base loans for Equities First Holdings as unintelligent and forgetful. Anyone could fall into the trap. Equities First Holdings has done so well with its stock-based loans that it is only apt to appreciate the company by mistaking any of the two names for the other. That is one of the highest levels of appreciation. It simple connotes that the company stands taller than any of its competitors.

This accolade is well deserved for a company that has rescued many business persons and organizations from the brink of extinction. Great business ideas that could have been buried have been watered to maturity with stock-based loans. Left to conventional lenders, these ideas would be as good as dead by now because there will be no capital to actualized them. Outrageous collateral demands by banks and other conventional lenders would definitely have scuttled these ideas.With stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings, all that is needed to access much needed quick capitals is some stocks or shares in any functional company. You do not need to sweat over how to get collateral for loans. That way, you can turn your dreams into realities, which in turn will be a blessing to the nation providing gainful employment to the jobless.

Also, the fixed, affordable and negligible interest rates on stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings keep creating fans for the company. Many companies have folded up because they could not keep up with the huge interest on loans offer by conventional lenders. After paying these exorbitant interests, these companies are left with little or nothing to run their businesses and pay their staff.The management of Equities First Holdings counts it an honor when clients mistake the company’s name for stock-based loans. EFH is determined to ensure this pleasant trend continue by going the extra mile for its esteem clients both now and in the future.

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Why Stock-Based Loans Are Taking Prominence in the Capital Market

Over the years, global lending firms have been rising rapidly thus contributing towards the development and establishment of many business entities. This has necessitated the development and emergence of many investment and equity firms that have specialized in offering financial support to startup businesses. Equities First Holdings is a world leading equity lender that has been playing a major role in ensuring investors access soft loans at reduced rates.

The company has also invested in stock-based loans to try and help the general public to access funding since the lending institutions and the banks have been increasing their interest rate. This has affected the market negatively prompting other key players like Equities First Holdings to come in and invest in the financial industry. They provide flexible lending rates to the investors who intend to invest in small and medium business entities. They have been termed as the alternative financial lenders to people who intend to get money faster and who have limited access to commercial lending institutions.

The stock-based loans are very flexible on the borrower as they provide a fixed interest rate regardless of the prevailing market conditions. The loans are not affected in anyway during the marketing variation that is always experienced by people during the repayment period. At this time, other loans will vary in the repayment interest which is dictated by the market condition while the stock-based loans will still perform normally. This has led to an influx of people seeking to invest in Equities First Holdings rise gradually over the past few years. Stock-based loans have been attracting more investors compared to margin loans. The margin loans are considered harsh as they required individuals to pre-qualify before being given one and comes with high interest rate of between 10and 15 percent. They have tough rules regarding the collateral to consider.


BMG in Brazil Remains Focused on Growth

A Clear Focus
BMG has a clear and solid focus. It strives to focus on the growth of the overall loan portfolio. This is to be accomplished in a sustainable way. This will ensure high and attractive levels of profitability. This focus will enable the continuity of the business. This will be accomplished through the means of the quality of its customer portfolio and by the means of responsible credit. Marcio Alaor is the vice president of BMG since the year 1977. He is a member of the board of directors also. He has been highly instrumental in ensuring that a clear focus has been in place. This has led BMG to become a top and trusted bank in Brazil.

Earned a Solid Reputation
BMG has earned a solid reputation and does have a long history of providing exceptional expertise in every area of its operation. Their reputation does enable them to stand apart within this market. They stand out and have competitive advantages. Their reputation does incorporate the following:
* over 80 years of performance within the financial market
* a leader in the overall Brazilian credit market
* a strong brand recognition
* the development of an entrepreneurial and pioneering culture that includes the development of its own systems and platforms
* a conservative risk profile that incorporates a very conservative and strict credit policy and is revised and updated often to ensure that it is current with market conditions
* the ability to adjust quickly and the ability to remain flexible to the market conditions that are in constant change
BMG has indeed earned a solid reputation for being trustworthy and current in every aspect. Marcio Alaor has been instrumental in ensuring a solid reputation that provides expertise and experience to every client.

Professionalize its Management
BMG has developed clear and solid corporate governance practices. This has been done for the purpose of professionalizing its management. Ensuring close relationships with investors has been essential. This enables quick and effective service for clients. These practices contribute to the sustainability of this business.

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Ricardo Guimarães BMG

Ricardo Guimarães was born in 1951 at a town called Belo Horizonte. According to wikipedia, he is Flávio Guimarães Pentagna son and grandson of Antônio Mourão Guimarães, the prime founders of BMG conglomerate bank.
Banco BMG consolidated was a financial institution of the BMG Group, based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The Bank is the main business of the BMG Group having its consignment lending operation as its main focus and a pioneer in its niche market. Banco BMG also operates in vehicle financing through Banco Schahin in personal loans and CDC, through Banco GE operations aimed at suppliers of large companies, investment for individuals and companies as explained in blog.dino.
Earlier in 1980, Ricardo Guimarães began working in the family business as a mere office assistant and eventually, in 1988, he graduated in business administration from UNA, Brazil according to He received the town hall to honors degree on April 1990.
In the year 2011, Ricardo Guimarães became the businessman and chairman of BMG, succeeding Léo Bourgeois de Castro to lead the family business. The ceremony to his crown as the next chairman was honored by the president of the house, Léo Bourgeois de Castro who went on to front the work of his colleague. During the ceremony, Léo Bourgeois de Castro cited the great work done by Ricardo Guimarães at Clube Atlético Mineiro from 2001 to 2006 as the president. The parliamentarian expressed his confidence and satisfaction with Ricardo’s passion acknowledging that in 2004, he was awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit. This is explained in
Ricardo Guimarães was a successful businessman who achieved brand loyalty and ethics, in addition to supporting the fond of all sports (national sports, Basketball, athletes, tennis and volleyball). He also manage to initiate, develop and sponsor direct investments associated with all walks of people. In fact, in 2010, Ricardo Guimarães created the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund in football athletics. In the same year of its creation, Ricardo Guimarães invested more than R $ 20 million to buy the economic rights of several athletes who were at work in eight clubs.
Ricardo Guimarães was committed to the development of sports and his work was viewed as the seal of commitment and citizenship. He was the example of the society. He had withheld and continued the tradition started by his grandfather front as he made Belo Horizonte their professional and family roots.
In the year 2012, Ricardo Guimarães mediated an agreement between BMG and Banco Itaú Unibanco SA for the supply, marketing and distribution of payroll loans in Brazil, resulting to the formation of a joint venture code named, Banco Itaú BMG Payroll SA. Later in 2013, the two institution signed a business utilization agreement that concentrated payroll loan operation in the joint venture. This investment was very huge for the company as it allowed it to own a total and voting capital of 40%.

BMG Bank of Brazil

BMG Bank of Brazil has been around since 1930 and stated as a commercial bank which offered products for individuals and institutions. In 1973, BMG changes from being a bank for retail establishments to become a wholesale bank. BMG continues to be a whole sale bank through the mid 1990’s, Over the years BMG has grown to expand its products and services.

BMG has a competitive advantage over other banks due to their long and pioneering history. BMG has solid expertise in all aspects and they benefit from a number of competitive advantages to make BMG stand out in the market. Tradition, conservative risk profile, solid corporate governance practices, strong brand recognition, high adaptive capacity and the culture of pioneering and entrepreneurial. By deliberately choosing to develop strong corporate governance practices has allowed BMG to attract more investments and also contribute to the sustainability of its business.

With a full team of professional management, including Marcio Alaor, BMG adopted a high level corporate governance practices relying on a board of directors. Throughout history, BMG Bank has continuously worked with high quality credit portfolios. Thanks to a conservative credit policy, this is possible. Additionally, each credit decision is seen through a credit committee structure, which collectively is designed to meet BMG’s demand for intelligent, efficient, and responsible credit decisions.

BMG Bank is a that keeps its main focus on growing it’s loan portfolio in a sustainable way, which will ensure many attractive levels of profitability thus enabling the continuity of it’s business. And with BMG Bank’s focus on high quality portfolio and conservative credit policy, the senior credit team will ensure a very detailed and technical analysis based on intelligence within the industry. All decisions are taken in a joint forum with allows for a strict ability to control and monitor the bank. With the ability to diversify BMG’s funding and seeking long term sustainability requires BMG to invest into a fixed income platform aimed at individuals and companies working with smaller than average ticket. Consequently this gives lower liquidity risk for the bank. Funding structures as substantial as this is comprised of deposits, financial notes, external funding and securitization.

BMG utilizes an efficient corporate structure and management which has a main focus on controlling costs. The bank uses a scalable network of sales and software systems to enable interaction process which will optimizes communication with all the sales networks. Additional the bank aims to create high performance teams. High performance teams with individual talents only if they are able to create a winning team. People working for BMG Bank enjoy working and serving it’s customers. They even have a highly valued competent manner and work efficiently to overcome daily obstacles.

Marcio Alaor BMG

When it comes to banks, one of the keys to making them very successful is management. For BMG Bank, one of the top managers is Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor. With Marcio Alaor as vice president and director, BMG bank has continued its tradition of being among the top banks in Brazil and all of Latin America. What makes BMG bank among the top banks is the many services it provides to both individuals and businesses. Services such as credit cards, deposits, investments, loans and insurance enable people to get a number of things to help make managing their finances easier and more efficient. By banking with BMG, individuals and businesses will have the opportunities they need to meet al of their financial needs.

For private individuals one of the most beneficial services offered is credit cards. These are cards that have a credit line or certain amount they can use in order to make purchases. With credit cards, individuals will get short term financing that enables them to pay for things that they don’t have cash for. They are best used for emergencies when an individual needs to pay for something at a moments notice. Credit cards can also be used to finance purchases more conveniently and then be paid back at a later time. Therefore credit cards are one of the top services available to individuals from BMG Bank.

Another service that is quite important to individuals is investments. With investment services, individuals can get assistance from an advisor as well as have the opportunity to put their money in stocks, bonds and other funds to help finance their retirement. The investment services provide individuals with the opportunity they need in order to prepare for their future. With investment services, an individual can have their money either grow and also provide income at the same time. As a result they will have a way to provide themselves with both short term and long term financial security.

The other services offered by BMG bank that are quite valuable are loans and deposits. With loans people can finance things such as homes and vehicle. They will be able to get funds given to them by the bank and then pay it back over a period of time at affordable rates. The deposits allow people to put their money in accounts to more safely and efficiently store their money for future use.

Santo Antonio De Monte Honors Marcio Alaor With A Food Court

Marcio Alaor, a native of Santo Antonio do Monte and one of the top executives in the Brazilian financial sector was honored with a food court. The fete was undertaken at a colorful exhibition between 21st and 24th August 2014. The tribute from the Santo Antonio do Monte community was befitting because of the many activities that Marcio supports and the services that he has offered to the county. The food court, which was formally a warehouse, was named Marcio Alaor Araujo.
He has made great contributions in supporting of a number of initiatives within the city particularly at the Exhibition Park and in the rural sector. He continues to support different projects in his native land irrespective of the distance. The local people, politicians and local officials graced the event.
Due to the importance of the occasion, the local politicians and local officials were given a brief moment to make their speeches. They emphasized on how important the support of Marcio Alaor has improved the image of the city. They were all grateful that Marcio had not forgotten his native homeland besides lauding the enormous contributions he has made towards improving the city. Every leader praised the top executive and commended the event noting the important role it will play towards enhancing the city’s growth.
Luis Antonio Resende was the first to speak. He took the opportunity to thank Marcio Alaor on behalf of the exhibition center workers. Resende stressed on how Marcio rendered his help without asking for political favors when the city was in need. The other official that thanked Marcio was the president of the Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian. Octavian said that the union was committed to helping the farmers of San Antonio do Monte. He noted that the support provided by Marcio to the farmers had greatly helped them achieve their objectives. Wilmar Son, the mayor, said that the creation of the food court serves as a reminder and motivation for the local people to keep on working hard in order to achieve their goals.
When his time came, Marcio Alaor started by giving a short biography of his life. He said he was grateful to receive the honors while still alive. Marcio noted that the privilege of receiving the accolade while still breathing and seeing his homeland grow were factors that make life interesting for him. While concluding his speech, the vice president of BMG bank said that he loved the city of San Antonio do Monte and will maintain contact with the populace of the city. Marcio noted that the affection that he seen from the people of the city makes him feel proud of his homeland. The transformative leader continues to exhibit exemplary leadership styles in his undertakings.

The Huge Potential In Consigned Credit As Expounded By Ricardo Guimaraes Of BMG

The Banco de Minas Gervais has attributed its growth to a number of factors such as the population growth, the economic growth and the favorable business environment in Brazil. There was a twenty five percent increase in the credit exploratory of the gross domestic product. The credit exploratory percentage stood at 22% in 2004. Currently, this figure has risen to 47%. During a recent interview with world view, Ricardo Guimaraes revealed that the BMG’s consigned credit market had amassed $6 billion making up 20 % of the total share in Brazil. He serves as the president of the BMG. He has been rendering his services in his position since 2004. Growing up and learning the business from his family has enabled him to register gradual growth of BMG.
In 2010, the consigned credit market was $ 85 billion, which constituted 60 % of the bank’s personal credit. The significant increase in the consigned credit market has made a visible impact on the country’s economy and BMG’s. In 2004, the consigned credit market had around $2.4 billion and by December of 2010, this amount had steadily grown to $14.5 billion. According to statistics, the consigned credit market in BMG records a steady growth year after year. This has been achieved courtesy of BMG’s credit committee that utilized viable credit policies.
The people of Brazil have enjoyed the services of the bank for over eighty years. Ricardo Guimaraes is a member of the Pentagna Guimaraes family and just like his predecessors; he continues to keep the family legacy alive by improving the image, success and services of BMG. The bank is highly rated within the credit market. The institution is considered a leader in credit markets all over Brazil. The bank is in competition with 60 other banks. Irrespective of the intense competition, BMG has still managed to own a larger market share of about 80%.
BMG has 3000 sale points and 50,000 agents in every municipality. This enables them to meet the demands of their 5 million customers. In its client base are top corporations. These are among the factors that have pushed BMG to enjoy an outstanding consigned credit market thus making it the preferred bank in the region. The bank continues to offer innovative services and products geared at enhancing the consumer experience. To this end, half of the Brazil market has been exploited. The bank has higher propensity for growth and development given that half of the population remains unexploited. These unexploited markets have the power to improve Brazil’s economy.

The Tradition Of BMG Bank In Brazil

One of the largest and most successful banks in Brazil is a bank called BMG Bank. This bank is run by Marcio Alaor who has played a major role in developing the bank in order to meet its full potential. What BMG bank is is a privately owned financial institution that has funded not only people, but also businesses and infrastructure to be built. The family that owns this private is a well respected family called the Pentagna Guimarães family. This family has a long history with being in the financial business that can be traced back to the 1930s.

BMG bank, in the 1990s, specialized in consumer financing that lead the market in investing in both light and heavy vehicles. However, after 1998, and onto present day, BMG Bank now focuses on payroll loans to individuals and institutions. In 2014, BMG bank formed a partnership with Itaú Unibanco S.A. due to Marcio Alaor’s strong involvement in the matter.

What makes BMG bank special is the fact that BMG bank is the best bank in Brazil to ask for credit. This is due to the fact that BMG bank offers the best advice for both individuals as well as corporations. These top solutions include: Payroll Credit Card, BMG Empresas, used vehicles financing as well as through home equity loans.

BMG bank has been labeled as one of the top financial institutes in Brazil due not only the sales that the company had made but also through excellent customer service that is provided through this bank.

Recently, BMG bank has transformed itself by beginning to use high-level corporate practices that are optimal for governance. These practices include depending on a Board of Directors that include a Chairman, Committees, A Code of Ethics, an Anti-Money Laundering Program, any many other brand new initiatives.

What makes BMG bank special is the fact that this financial institute works with high quality credit portfolios. This form of credit loaning also ties into the fact that this institution is a talent-based institution. This means that only those with the right aptitude and nothing else, are able to become involved in the bank.

Thanks to leader, Marcio, Alaor, BMG Bank is an old institution that continues to thrive and that will thrive far into the future. Many of the new initiatives such as adding governance policies are what will improve this 80 year institution to continue to modernize, yet keep its traditions.

BMG Bank Is A Leader In The Consigned Credit Market

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães thinks the consigned credit market in Brazil is a growing market. More than R$130 billion in consigned credit loans are initiated by more than 60 banks in Brazil every year, and according to Ricardo Guimarães, BMG holds more than R$23 billion of those consigned credit loans.
The consigned credit loan business has put BMG in the number two position in terms of profit in Brazil, and Guimarães thinks the bank could outperformed the state-owned Banco do Brazil in the future if the demand for consignment loans continues. BMG currently has 18 percent of the consignment credit market, and if Mr. Guimarães has his way that percentage will increase next year.
Consignment credit in Brazil is popular because the interest rates on those loans are lower than other loans, and most banks will not loan money without collateral due to the economic situation in Brazil. Other banks are trying to break into the consignment credit market by offering several perks that can help Brazilians deal with inflation and the recent currency devaluation. But Guimarães and his family are pros when it comes to making consignment credit loans.

BMG bank recently acquired Banco Schahin and GE Money Brazil, and President Guimarães also formed a partnership with Icatu Seguros. BMG Director Alaor and President Guimarães are diversifying to head off the competition in consignment loans. BMG bank is now offering credit cards as well as conventional auto loans to individuals, but those loans are subject to higher interest rates.
Foreigners ask why BMG Bank is so special given the fact that it is a relatively small bank in Brazil when it is compared to the state-owned banks. The main reason for BMG’s appeal is the Guimarães family. A member of the Guimarães has been in charge of the bank for the last 80 years. Another reason for BMG’s success is marketing. Ricardo Guimarães knows Brazilians love football, so the bank is involved with Brazilian football. Bank employees wear football jersey on certain banking days, and BMG supports football financially.
In spite of the economic collapse in Brazil, and a government that is going through a major political crisis, BMG Bank and Ricardo Guimarães are weathering the internal storm just the way the bank has always done in tough times. Thanks to consignment credit and other bank services, BMG bank will continue to stand tall in the Brazilian banking industry, according to Guimarães.