The Real Scandal Behind The Lime Crime Brand

As, the dull neutral colors became a thing of the past, more women began to crave bold rich colors that would transcend the normal cosmetic options. Lime Crime is formed with a first of its kind base with an unconventional way of comprising a color scheme. They are based with a super-foil texture that goes on moist and dries to a perfect finish for your eyelids and lips. LC has one of the largest eyeshadow and lipstick collections in the industry. Best of all, their cosmetics are readily available and can easily be shipped to your door.


LC has expanded their color options to a wonderful new line of lipstick hues and a popular hair dye. Their 2.5 million Instagram customers have been raving over their new Scandal line that offers a intricate purple-violet hue lipstick that compliments any mood, hairstyle, or outfit. They offer the same LEAP Bunny approved, hypoallergenic cosmetics that their customers are use too. You can rest assured that you will have the same cosmetics that are still safe for all skin types. You’re encouraged to win over that blind date or take the perfect selfie with completely 100% waterproof cosmetics by Lime Crime.


Their hair dye products are being branded under the Unicorn name and provide ammonia, bleach free contents. You can get the same vibrant colors that will leave you feeling unapologetic your choice. LC provides hair dye for a temporary or permanent hair dye solution for young professionals and trendsetters. Choose from over thirteen colors and a full 700 ml jar that offers one touch up or two retouches. You can also utilize their YouTube channel to discover new ways to mix and match Lime Crime products. The founder and creator of LC, marketing analyst and technology expert, Doe Deere, empowers girls and guys around the world to be who they are without the threat of worrying about their naysayers. She also encourages others to find out what their good at and diligently perfect their craft to be successful because that is the leading drive behind her thriving cosmetics.