Sleep Training Your Baby

The sleep training is a behavioral technique to train a baby that is six months or older and has trouble falling or staying asleep through the night. Through this training, the baby learns how to comfort itself and how to fall back to sleep when it wakes up. This behavior technique is harmless, and many studies have proven that it does not cause emotional or behavioral problems for the baby. However, some parents have a hard time using this technique because they feel guilty about letting their baby cry for a specified amount of interval time.
The two basic techniques used in sleep training are graduated extinction and bedtime fading. In graduated extinction, the baby is allowed to cry for short intervals for several nights. Letting the baby cry seems to bother parents the most because crying is the only way a baby can let the parent know if something else is wrong besides not wanting to fall asleep. With bedtime fading, the parents delay bedtime until the baby falls asleep. Both techniques are safe to use, and either method will work to help the baby fall asleep.
Some parents chose not to use either sleep training technique and decide to wait for their baby to outgrow the night time awakenings. Eventually, babies do outgrow this, and it’s safe to do as long as it does not disturb the rest of the family members in the household that need a good night’s sleep.