Bernie Sanders Draws Huge Crowds

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is running for president as a progressive Democrat, and he recently drew a crowd of around 10,000 people at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin. Sanders is trailing behind Democratic leader Hillary Clinton in all of the polls, and it’s astounding that he can draw a crowd this big.

Madison is a progressive stronghold, so it was a good place for Sanders to hold a rally. Many voters in Madison share Sanders’ views on labor unions, taxation of corporations and the environment. Also, Democratic voters in Madison are frustrated since they were unable to get rid of Republican governor Scott Walker in the recall election of 2012. Since Madison is a university town and also a state capital, there are many government and union jobs in the city. People with these jobs tend to be Democratic.

It seems to that there is definitely more of a buzz around Sanders’ campaign than around Clinton’s. To me, it’s bringing back memories of how Barack Obama stole Clinton’s momentum in the 2007 Democratic campaign. Clinton is well thought of and her name is recognized everywhere, but she’s also widely perceived as being old and out of touch. It will be interesting to see how things progress in this campaign.