Purina: The Best of The Best

When walking through the pet store there are so many brands of pet food to choose from. We went looking for the best of the best with the most natural ingredients for our puppy. As pet owners we would not want to have given our puppy a product with toxic ingredients that could harm our animal. The best option we found was the Purina pet food. Not only is it a great company for pet food, you can tell by looking at Purina news that they actually care about the animals they are serving their product to.

I have found that the Purina company truly cares not only about the animals and customers who will be purchasing their product, they care about animals all over the world. Purina has donated over 80 tons of pet food to the animals in Florida that were affected by the Hurricane. Not only does Purina care so much about the animals, and their owners who are buying their product they care so much about the people who work at their company.

To me one of the most important things about a company is how they treat their workers. You see so many news articles these days about companies who are not treating their workers the best possible way and these companies have people walking out on them to picket.The workers are picketing for better wages, higher quality work environment, and so much more. With Purina you will never find that happening. If you don’t believe me on the great quality of Purina just look up the Malcom Balbridge Quality Award. Purina won the award in 2010 and have only been getting better with their since then. If you had to choose any dog food, treats or product you should truly choose Purina. They are the best of the best and truly care about animals, people, and giving the best quality product they can to make people and animals happy.

The Amazing and Powerful New Beneful Ads

For many years, Beneful has been known as the leader in the pet food industry. They have been providing animal owners with a premium and healthy choice of pet food that stands up above the rest. Beneful has been known as well for their effective ads that move and inspire pet owners all over the world. The latest ad campaign Beneful has rolled out is that of pride. Pet owners all around the world are proud to feed their pets Beneful. These high-quality video ads show Beneful employees feeding their dogs Beneful dog food. These ads are centered around the fact that these employees really do stand behind what they produce.

This “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign is a very powerful message to deliver pet owners all over the world. Digital and print advertising is also a large part of this campaign. The message needs to get out that these products are fully endorsed by the wonderful individuals who are employed at the Atlanta processing plant. This is a great way to share with individuals all over the United States that Beneful is willing to take the extra step in order to ensure that their dog food is safe and healthy for every dog.

You can read the press release from Beneful here.

Enjoy Life Together with Beneful

Introduced in 2001 by Nestle Purina Petcare, Beneful is a brand of wet and dry dog food and treats. Beneful has always aimed to be the basis for nutrition, with its name meaning “full of goodness”.

With one of the strictest quality control procedures in the industry, Purina’s Beneful highly prioritizes the quality of its food. They work very closely with the FDA to always ensure that their ingredients don’t just meet regulations, but exceed them. Using only wholesome and high quality ingredients, Beneful knows the exact specifics of every raw ingredient from the time they are produced to the time they are being sold on shelves. Even the vendors from which Beneful purchases these ingredients must be up to their high standards for safety, manufacturing, and sanitation practices.

Concerned or confused dog owners can always read Beneful’s frequently asked questions on their official website, where Beneful goes into detail about what is in their food, what they test for and why, and why you should continue to feel completely confident. You can also check them out on Twitter. Being pet owners too, they truly strive to maintain the best options for our pets, taking every concern seriously and encouraging readers to contact them if they should need any help. Plus, after being reassured of their safety, consumers can read tips and tricks for raising their dogs.

In addition to adhering to top notch safety standards, Beneful listens to its community. Among their numerous different options for our canine friends, many vegetarian dog owners were thrilled when in 2005, a vegetarian option was made available, using soy instead of meat. They even began hosting annual competitions where participants could win sponsored dog park renovations, or “dog dream parks”.

Even further, Beneful offers fun ideas and several guides for dog owners, from games to play and finding dog parks to potty training and tips for keeping our pups healthy.